Electric wrenches: “Za rulem” experts chose the best one

We found out how easier and more convenient it is to unscrew nuts on wheels. with a budget wrench or a conventional wrench.

There is no sense to buy a professional nutrunner just to use it couple times a year: it is too expensive. So for the test we chose a “budget” company of four tools ranging in price from 2000 to 7900. All wrenches are low voltage: two are cordless and two are powered externally from the car’s onboard power system. These can be used on the road.

The real tightening torque of the wheel fasteners in cars is 100-120 N-m. Sometimes even more torque is needed, for example to tighten the hub nut or unscrew rusted joints. The company purchased has stated torques ranging from 140 to 380 N-m. Let’s find out if these promises are true! And in order not to accidentally break the bolts during the test, we took a more powerful fastener from the GAZelle and under it a massive head of 27. It reduces the strength of the wrenches, but all tools we tested under equal conditions, and therefore the tests with “weighted” are correct.

How to choose an electric wrench

the tool market offers a wide range of electric wrenches for both domestic and professional applications, each of which has unique technical characteristics and features. Proceeding from them you should choose a device for specific tasks.


Each electric nutrunner falls into one of the following categories by type of power:

  • Corded mowers. powered from the electricity grid with power supply from built-in or removable battery.
  • 12-volt. with power supply from DC 12 volt source, such as car cigarette lighter or battery.

The first group surpasses the other two groups in power, but there are powerful models even among cordless variants, and their main advantage is independence from the network. 12-volt wrenches are also called automotive wrenches, because their main purpose is mounting and dismounting of wheel fasteners for automobiles.


  • Household. small, lightweight wrenches, not designed for continuous continuous operation.
  • Professional. designed specifically for continuous operation in harsh conditions. Usually powerful and productive tool.
  • Specialized. designed for specific tasks. An example is the undercarriage models for truck and specialty tire fitting.


The more powerful the motor of an electric impact wrench, the more complicated fasteners it can handle. For example, to remove the wheel of a car, you need a machine with about 350 watts of power. At the same time for truck tire fitting or metal construction assembly you will need a impact wrench with a motor capable of delivering more than 1 kW.


This is probably one of the main factors that should be considered when choosing an electric impact wrench. Excessively high torque can damage fasteners, while too low torque simply will not tighten the nut or bolt to its rated torque. This value ranges from 100 to 300 Nm for domestic models, while the production tool transmits more than 500 Nm of torque to the spindle.

Spindle Speed

A parameter that completely defines the performance of a torque wrench. The faster the spindle rotates, the faster the work gets done. The tool for machine shops and production plants has a spindle speed of 1.5-3.2 thousand. rpm.

Impact tool

Its presence greatly simplifies the unscrewing of overtightened or stuck fasteners. In addition, the impact mechanism allows you to tighten fasteners more effectively. Between impact and hammerless wrench models you should choose the former.

Additional Features

Each of the add-ons increases the cost of the tool, which means that when choosing, you should decide in advance whether you need each specific item in the work. At the same time, additional options make the work easier. Among the add-ons are the most popular:

Impact wrenches are also selected according to their construction. In addition to the classic straight, there are angular models designed to work with fasteners in tight spaces.

The best electric impact wrench

The Makita TW-350 corded impact wrench is an excellent solution for auto body shops. This percussion model has 400 Watt power and is capable of spinning the spindle up to 2,000. rpm. The impact wrench is also equipped with electronic speed control and reverse function. Maximum torque for fastener tightening is 350 Nm. Durability and reliability due to the impact resistant housing with rubberized ergonomic handle, and a metal gearbox with special rubber sealing. Impact mechanism provides 2 000. blows per minute, so that even the most difficult bolts and nuts can be unscrewed.

This electric impact wrench has a friction ring chuck that makes changing accessories quick and easy. Impact wrench and carrying case are included with the product.


  • Type. straight, impact, power tool.
  • Power output of 0.4 kW.
  • Torque. 350 Nm.
  • Speed control. 2 thou. rpm.
  • Impact frequency 2 thous. rpm.
  • Chuck: ½” type, 12.7 mm diameter.
  • Reverse power is available.
  • Speed adjustment is electronic.
  • Weight. 2,9 kg.

The best impact wrench in the pneumatic industry

The Ingersoll RAND 631L is the best performance tool available. It is designed for work in workshops, production halls and car services. This impact wrench handles high-torque connections with ease thanks to its impressive torque and powerful hammer mechanism. Additional handle provides a comfortable grip.

The Ingersoll RAND 631L features a 4-speed power control and can handle fasteners up to M42. Gun type main handle of closed design for ease of operation.

The features

  • 1″ chuck
  • pressure. 6,2 atm.;
  • Torque. 4.3 kNm
  • Air flow. 426 liters per minute;
  • rotating speed of 3,500 rpm; an extraordinarily robust body, but users value the wrench exceptionally well; good air consumption. It has a weight of 16.6 kg, which also contributes to a comfortable work;
  • weight. 16.6 kg.

Pros of

  • long working life;
  • sturdy body;
  • continuous operation capability;
  • high torque;
  • good air consumption.

KP top 10 rating

Makita TW0200 (from 15 thousand. rubles)

Great impact tool. It costs a lot, but users rate the wrench exceptionally high. This machine is great for driving self tapping screws. Unscrews car wheels, can also handle tractor bolts. Even girls can hold it comfortably in their hands. The model also achieves good metal drilling results. even without a hammer function.

Main features

Model with a comfortable grip. The impact wrench weighs a little, which also contributes to a comfortable work. Even the heaviest parts can be tightened with this tool. The tool holder is universal. Also for convenience there is an option of switching off the light, which, for example, is not needed at all during the day, and reducing the amplitude of tightening.

Main features

Pneumatic model is a pistol. Compact and lightweight. Even the most stubborn bolts can be undone with this impact wrench. The tool is distinguished by its power and reliability. Body is made of composite metals. The rubber-coated handle allows for a comfortable grip.

Main features

A model that is sure to please car enthusiasts. The perfect way to unscrew nuts on a car wheel. For tire service, it’s a good choice. Features include reverse rotation and electronic speed control. Develops maximum torque of 500 Nm. Power on the device comes from a battery.

Main features

Strong tool. Able to perform its tasks on the five. The impact wrench is distinguished by its great power. Designed to meet all modern requirements, it is comfortable to hold. Powered by battery. It is detachable. Keeps enough charge for a long time. Users call the model quality and the most useful.

Main features

Expensive angle impactless model. There are less of these on the market today. It runs on a rechargeable battery. Suitable for this impact wrench. The design is made of quality materials. Includes charger, battery and case. The tool does a great job with its functions.

Main characteristics

Pneumatic screwdriver without impact. According to users, it is very convenient to work with. Good torque. Number of revolutions per minute. 8 thousand. The tool is designed for use in car repair shops, construction sites, the production of metal structures, etc. The buyers have not a lot of complaints about it.

Main characteristics

In order to use this tool, you need to plug it in. So, keep in mind. you need a socket nearby! 5 meter long mains cable. Otherwise everything is standard. good power, many revolutions per minute. For garage or car repair. a great option. Users like the convenient button and the direction switch.

Main characteristics

If you compare this model with previous versions, its low price is striking. Yes, it may be inferior in some components. in power, reliability. but that does not mean that this wrench is worse. Characteristics are great. For garage work, the tool is just right. In spite of its “toy” appearance, it tightens nuts well, but is important to use it with care.

Main characteristics

A strong machine that holds its charge for a very long time. It has powerful characteristics. This machine can unscrew even the hardest-to-reach nuts. The price is not the greatest on the market, which is also pleasing to the eye. Buyers also note the worthy and reliable components. The warranty is long. some parts can be replaced if necessary.

Main features

Type of tool impact wrench
Chuck type 1/2 square
Number of speeds 5
Power battery powered
Number of shocks 3200 rpm
Max. idle speed 2300 rpm
Max. torque 400 N-m

Pros and cons

Reviews on electric wrenches

On this page we publish rating and customer reviews of electric wrenches: users who have had the opportunity to assess the pros and cons of a particular model, share with you their own opinion. We hope you will find their Комментарии и мнения владельцев helpful.

As a service center employee I do NOT recommend this model at all. Weaknesses: 1.screws and self-tapping screws securing the gearbox housing are often torn and. Read completely

I borrowed the same one from a guy I know, but it’s a Makita brand (18k)., 350 Newton). to compare, tried to screw in with a Makita and unscrew with a Zubr: no. Read completely

I haven’t found it yet. But the direction of rotation response with the Makita is different. makita upper pressure unscrews, lower pressure screws, but it is not a prince. Read entire

The direction of rotation response with the Makita is different. Makita has an upper screwing pressure, but it is not a principle you get used to. Read in full

Repairing personal cars in your garage. makes work much easier, moreover unscrews complicated screw joints without pulling them off. Twists and turns the nuts on the shafts of shock-absorber struts, when removing/installing and disassembling/assembling, without the additional use of special tools. only due to the rotary impact action! Repair speed increases many times over and everything is very easy. Similarly with hub nuts, damper bolts of non-front-wheel drive VAZ. I highly recommend it. Took it in a carrying case (800rub) for clean storage t.к. No matter how hard you try, there is enough dust in the garage. I like to build something, weld and without the use of grinders does not do, and from them the dross/dust at work!

Purpose and principle of operation

Most models you see on the shelves in stores or on the internet work by impact-rotary or only rotary action. In addition to those performing the main function, there are multifunctional devices. But they do the basic job much better, so it’s better not to experiment, and use the tool for its intended purpose, then the result will be impressive, and reliability of construction at a high level.

  • Pneumatic. Used in large-scale production or car services, where without it you can’t do the job quickly and accurately. The work is animated by a pneumatic power source. There are two types of modifications in total: percussion and hammerless. The difference of the former is that they are important when it is necessary to apply force. In other respects they are similar;
  • Hydraulic. This option carries out its work with the help of a special liquid, most often oil. Also for professional use, but capable of working in colder temperatures than these tools. In addition, such devices show high resistance to contamination. The tools have a huge power of rotation, which reaches 65,000 Newton-meters. For use in factories and car repair.
  • Electric. These are simple models that are produced more for household appliances. Powered by mains or battery. They can also be used when working with machines, but only in a private garage. For mass use, it is better to buy the appropriate equipment, which will be many times more effective and reliable.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: What are pneumatic impact wrenches??

Answer: an air impact wrench is a compressed air powered mechanical socket tool designed to tighten and unscrew any type of fastener. What “impact wrench” means is clear from the answer to the following question.

Question: How does a pneumatic impact wrench work??

Answer: A pneumatic impact wrench does not just provide more power in terms of rotational motion (like an electric drill). Most of the torque is transmitted through the rotating masses inside the impact wrench.

These masses release their energy in the form of impacts that pass through the bit into the bolt. It gives you more power to unscrew or tighten bolts and nuts without hurting your hands.

Question: What type of air compressor is needed?

Answer: To determine this you need to know the recommended PSI and CFM for your air impact wrench. You will need a compressor that exceeds these values by about 1.5 times.

For example, if a wrench needs 5 CFM at 90 PSI, your compressor should provide 7.5 CFM at 135 PSI.

Q: What are PSI and CFM??

Answer: PSI. unit of air pressure, pounds per square inch. CFM is a unit of volume flow rate, cubic feet per minute.

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