How to cut metal from 0.3 to 3 mm?

Manual metal scissors are necessary for cutting metal sheets with a thickness of 0.3 to 2. 3 mm. In its design, such a tool belongs to the hinge-lobster and has two levers, sponges and hinges.In the meantime, they have their own specification.

Such scissors have an overhead hinge, which has excessive strength, because the working element in them of the blades experiencing significant loads are not so reliable. And the maximum force on the hinge has a limit, if you do not use scissors with a denser metal. In addition, the part of the load, which in other types of hinge-lobe instrument passes on the hinge, assigns a densely adjacent to each other on a large area of ​​the blade.

Secondly, the handles of such scissors are either straight or straight with a bend in one of the sides. This is due to the fact that two hands are used in working with the tool.

Thirdly, the average load on such a tool is greater than on another metal-cutting tool. Therefore, it is better to use multi.Link hinges that reduce the strength required to cut the material. In addition, not only the fatigue of the master decreases, but also increases the accuracy of cutting. Therefore, options with a multi.Link hinge begin to be more popular than standard models with a simple hinge.

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Each model of scissors in its design is used for a particular type of cutting. Consider the main types of cutting:

  • Corner trimming;
  • Cutting the recesses;
  • Cutting of burrs;
  • Left cut;
  • Right cut;
  • Direct passage;
  • Left cut of the hole;
  • Right cut of the hole.

The first three groups do not provide special requirements for the form of blades. They can successfully be performed by any scissors, both straight and designed for the right or for left cut, anyway. Cutting holes and a straight passage cut must require handles raised above the blades, and when performing the right or left cut, such pens, if not an absolute need, significantly facilitate the work.

The high resistance of the blades is achieved not only by breeding and heat treatment, but also by using relatively large sharpening angles. Sometimes a notch is applied to the cutting edge, the task of which. Prevent the blades to the side. At each point of cutting, an increase in force occurs gradually. First, the notch crashes into the sheet and, as it were, fixes it, and only then the main cut of the cut, which is always asymmetric, but the notch no longer lets the blade slip to the side.

Return springs, as in most other varieties of hinge-lobe tools, greatly facilitate the work, but only if you work with one hand. When working with two hands, there is no need for them. For this reason, they mainly equip options with multi.Link hinges and the smallest size classic. The classic uses an ordinary spiral spring. In multi.Link models, a spring with antennae is more often used.

The choice of tools

Each manufacturer shares the tool he does into several classes. Usually, these are domestic and professional models. The former is taken for home needs, performing small and short work. The second group includes a more hardy tool. He can work without stopping for a longer time. It may provide special protection against mechanical, thermal or shock effects. Such models may apply to a larger warranty period.

Note! Some brands distinguish between home and professional colors in color. For example, the professional tool of the company “Bosh” is painted blue, household. In green.

However, among all brands, the difference between professional and household tools is somewhat lost. An adequate choice should be made based on the circle of tasks to be solved, as well as some additional functionality of the tool.

We advise you to choose a corner grinder, based on the parameters:

One.Frequency of use. If you buy a tool for one.Time tasks, you can get by with a simple corner grinder, which will work for several hours a year. Cutting a water supply or profile pipe, cutting old nails, cutting small pieces of tin. A model of up to 800–1000 watts with a spindle with these tasks developing speeds of up to 10,000 rpm will fully cope with these tasks. Such corner grinder cost cheaper. For construction or professional installation, you need to take more powerful, professional devices.

Power. You might think that the greater the engine power, the faster the angular grinder will cut. This is not a very accurate definition. The same engine power can give as 11,000 rpm and 6000 rpm. It all depends on the type of problem being solved. The thickness and composition of the metal or alloy. Corner grinder with a powerful engine is quite overall. They should not be taken to work with thin metal. Large corner grinder shows themselves well on thick blanks, channels, rental. These are devices with engines from 2 kW and above. If you are going to cut thin metal or tap, profile pipes, then there is enough model for 1-2 kW.

Network angular grinder Interskol Corner grinder-230/2100 m 60.One.2.00. Photos all tools.RU

Mobility. There are three options for the performance of a corner grinder: with a cord (network), battery, and pneumatic. The latter is used mainly at large construction sites. Network corner grinders are taken for home, construction, or indoor installation. It is convenient to use them when working near a socket. When the working cutting area is nearby. Battery models show themselves well on external installation. For example, when installing a facade, when a person works on forests or crashes. Also, a battery tool is needed at remote objects where there are problems with electricity. However, an angular grinder with a battery, as a rule, is weaker and much more expensive than network analogues.

Revolutions control functions. There are different electronic assistants who help to maintain the frequency of rotation of the disk at the optimal level. This also includes the adjustment of revolutions using a special regulator on the case. Turnover control is needed for the accuracy of cutting to reduce the risk of marriage.

Protection against jamming. Convenient function that will save the construction budget. The automatic mechanism stops the angular grinder when biting the disk. He does not crumble and does not prick. Speaks on consumables are reduced. Necessary option for a large and expensive construction site.

Wheel of speed adjustments on the Hitachi G15VA angular grinder. Photos all tools.RU

Operator protection. Additional functions that protect a person from injuries: blocking the starting when randomly pressing the key is a special fuse; The brake of the engine, which almost instantly stops the electric motor, as soon as the corner grinder is turned off; Protection against re.Starting. Prevents the rapid launch of the corner grinder, if the light is disconnected during operation, then electricity is sharply given.

Of course, you need to build up not only from the functionality of the corner grinder, but also from the budget. The most balanced solutions are always somewhere in the middle. Let’s try to choose the most common models that are suitable for performing a particular task.

Advice! If there are problems with electricity at the facility: light disappears, no voltage, constant jumps on the network. You should take a model with the functions “smooth start” and “protection against overload”.


Let’s see a number of models that are suitable for cutting metal. Consider the entire tool based on a user assessment of models in Yandex. Market. All and samples correspond to market data for May 2021.

One.In home. Household devices that are enough to solve small problems for cutting metal. These include: Zubble angular grinder-P125-850, Makita M9511. Bosch PWS 850-125. These samples have approximately the same functionality. Connection. By wire.

For installation outside the house. Battery devices that are similar in functionality with previous models, only they work from the battery: Bosch GWS 180-Li BL, Makita DGA504RME, METABO WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quickk.

Battery.Free grinding machine Makita DGA504RF. Photos all tools.RU

which, corner, grinder, better

High.Powered from 1.8 to 2 kW. Such tools are suitable for construction or installation. They can cut non-weed sheets of iron, cut the pipes: Bosch GWS 19-125cie, Makita GA7050, Ryobi Eag2000rs. Each model has its own options and additional functionality. The smallest size of the cutting disk on Bosh is a max of 125 mm. The largest disk can be put on Ryobi. Max 230 mm.

For professional construction and installation. This group includes an angular grinder, the power of which exceeds the mark of 2 kW. These are devices with a large diameter of the cutting disk: Bosch GWS 22-230 JH Professional, Makita GA9020SF, METABO W 2200-230.

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After buying a corner grinder, you should also think about a cutting circle. After all, this is the main consumable that will be required in large quantities when it comes to a large construction site.

How to choose the right disks

There are designations in the circle that will help you choose the right circle.

When choosing discs, you need to know why they will be used, pay attention to their diameter and thickness. These are the main parameters of the disks.

The smallest diameter is 125 mm, and the maximum, of the public, 250 millimeters. In professional grinder, discs can be larger diameter.

The thickness of the cut part and the maximum cut depth depend on the diameter of the disk.

If it is planned to cut only metal, you need to purchase a detachment disk. It has the smallest thickness from 1 to 1.2 mm, for industrial Bulgarians. Up to 2.5 mm. This will facilitate physical activity on an angular grinder and a working. The cut is neat.

If a figured thread on thin metal is planned, then it is made by the disk of the smallest diameter or an old, almost worked out disk.

Many people believe that for cutting metal you need to use a diamond disk. This is a completely wrong opinion. The diamond disk in the metal will simply get bogged down and will be unsuitable for further work.

Experts argue that there are no special difficulties in cutting metal with a corner grinder even in beginners.

Is an angular grinder suitable for working with wood

The only operations with a wood rock that can be done with an angular grinding machine (angular grinder) without fear is grinding and peeling, and then using special nozzles. It will certainly be possible to saw wood breed, but it is strictly prohibited! There are a lot of shocking photos in the web, indicating what the introduction of corner grinder leads to a cutting tool for wood.

The main reasons that can be brought against the use of an angular grinding grinding.

  • The design of this apparatus is not created for sawing wood rock.
  • Since woody rock has a viscous and soft structure, the saw disk can jam in it. As a result, an angular grinder often pulls out of the hands, and it flies in an unpredictable direction (in the leg, hand, in the tummy, etc.D.), causing a person the deepest wounds or amputation of the fingers. Even cases of fatal ending are attested.
  • When cutting a tree, the saw disk is very rapidly heated, which is why it begins to lose hard. With the smallest distort or excess pressing, it can fly up. Since the spindle revolution angular grinder is huge, the fragments of the tool are scattered at the speed of shrapnel and deeply enter the skin of a person. Juzer is lucky if the fragments fly not in the head or eyes.
  • Despite the whole danger of using saw discs with teeth, some angular grinding dicks ignore this fact and continue to install circular discs with large teeth or improved by carbide attacks. If, when cutting wood, a hard knot or the rest of the nail comes in it, then the tooth or the attack is broken off, clings to the subsequent saw tooth and throws out with the speed of the bullet. The consequences are only worth guessing.
  • Ignoring all warnings, users of the Bulgarians install a larger diaper circular on the apparatus than a protective casing. This is the worst use of corner grinder.

Based on the foregoing, it is possible to cut a tree with corner grinders only on your own horror and risk, and then, if it is a single or infrequent operation.

If you have to cut the tree everywhere, it is better to purchase a special machine for these purposes, or use an electrician. In the latter case, the corner grinder can be used as a drive and make a circular from it, fixing the device aggressively on the bed.

Wood disks for corner grinding

The angle.Grinder is used to work with hard materials and is not a special inventory for woodworking. But you can use it for this purpose, although you will have to observe some conditions. It is not recommended to use the standard equipment, t.To. It is dangerous.

The industry produces a number of specialized wood discs recommended for angular grinding:

  • The cuts of a special shape and expanders located on the cutting part have detachment, which allow you to prevent the instrument jamming.
  • Chain discs are intended for modeling, milling and cleaning wood. They are a high.Alive steel disk, on the outer edge of which a chain from a chainsaw is installed.
  • Special petal petals are designed to align irregularities and cleaning. Such a nozzle consists of several layers of sandpaper laid radially one on the other so that they block each other.
  • The disc disk is used for black wooden processing, for example, in the construction of a log house. This nozzle replaces Plotnitsky ax.
  • Wood mills allow for coarse milling work.
  • End discs are used to align the end surface.
  • Grinding disk for wood with interchangeable sandpaper circles of various granularity.

How to cut metal using a corner grinder

There is a worldview that the very concept of “corner grinding” came into our use as this instrument was brought from Bulgaria for the first time. Partly this is true. But developed and began to produce it in Germany. He came to us for the first time from Bulgaria, where he began to be released in the seventies. Corner grinder. The correct title of the tool.

When working with a corner grinder in an inaluditated manner, you must observe safety precautions, and specifically: wear glasses, gloves, helmets and a protective apron.

It is unrealistic to now imagine the work of builders, repairmen, mechanics, locksmiths without corner grinder. With its help, you can cut various materials, including metal: reinforcement, rod, water pipes, corner, profile.

The acquired cuts can be polished, polished, sharpened. A large selection of interchangeable nozzles makes this tool invaluable and universal.

At the same time, it is the most traumatic tool.

For cutting metal, a corner grinder will be needed:

What is the best way to cut a laminate?

A neat cut along the edge of the laminate can be obtained using a circular saw with a metal disk. Working with a circular saw is more difficult than with an electrician, so it requires some skills. If you have them, then you can cut the laminate quickly, exactly, almost without chips.

Homemade masters usually cut metal using either a locksmith knife or roofing scissors. Metal cutting manually using a mechanical hacksaw is quite time.Consuming and prolonged process. Scissors can cut metal sheets much faster.

Which disk is better to cut concrete?

For cutting concrete, diamond circles are used, their main dimensions: the outer diameter of the disks, within 100. 600 mm; Thickness, within 0.4. 3.5 mm; The diameter of the landing hole is more than 15 mm, the diameter of 22.23 mm is considered optimal.

For cutting ceramic tiles, those that have diamond spraying are forbidden to use the discs used to work on metal, since you will only damage the tiles. Even if you succeed with the help of such a circle to carry out a cut, it will be uneven and poor.Quality.

How to choose the right corner grinder for cutting metal

How clean the cutting of the metal of the corner grinding will be depends on the performance of the machine and the convenience of its use. When choosing a tool, take into account the power and diameter of the cutting circle.

Photo: corner grinder “bison” with a capacity of 800 watts

which, corner, grinder, better

To work with metal blanks, we recommend choosing a model under a 125 mm with a capacity of 800–1000 watts with a spindle, developing a speed of 10,000 rpm.

Photo: Corner grinder Einhell BT-Ag for 1000 watts

Also pay attention to the ergonomics of the machine. The tool should comfortably lie in the hand. It is desirable that the handles are made of rubberized plastic or rubber. They extinguate vibrations and reduce sliding. It is desirable to presence on the handles of the recesses for the fingers.

Recommendations of specialists for some types of work

Next, we will tell you how to work with an angle grinding machine with various metal products.

Sharpening of the chain of the chainsaw

Photo 2: Sharpening the chain of the chain of a corner grinder

The chain is pulled on the arrow of the chainsaw. For work, use a sharpening disk 2.5 mm thick. It should be noted the first tooth that you will process. With competent actions, you can update the chain 4–7 times before it finally fails.

which, corner, grinder, better

Cutting pipes

Start cutting thick metal with a corner grinder is better from the edges. If you start from the middle part, the disk can jam and bend. In the process of processing, make an effort on the lower part of the cutting tool, which ensures the efficiency of the saw.

Cutting moldings

Photo 4: cutting corners of corner grind

For the sawing of the metal corners, you can use wovered wheels or a small.Diameter tool. It is important to remember that the work is phased: at first they cut one part of the molding, then the second.

Sharpening of a circle of circular saw

Photo 5: sharpening a circle of circular saw with corner grinders

Start by fixing the angle grinding machine with clamps, leaving access to the rotating part of the tool. Then bring the saw disk to the sharpened circle without applying much effort. The circle should go through the product on the tangent. When working, follow the observance of the sharpening plane.

Polishing is a comprehensive operation to finish the workpiece. With its help, minor defects are eliminated in the form of scuffs, chips and scratches. The surface acquires a noble shine, and the product. The presentation.

Frases with interchangeable plates are an composite metal.Cutting tool containing removable working components fixed on the case. Products are used to form grooves, inclined surfaces and ledges. With its help, holes are prepared, complex technological cuts are created.

Milling grooves and ledges involves the performing of complex operations for simultaneously processing several surfaces. Actions are carried out using specialized mills, ensure the preparation of technological protrusions and openings for the subsequent connection of parts.

Cutting of cutters. A comprehensive phenomenon that occurs as a result of the operation of the tool. Due to wear, the severity of the cutting edges decreases, the weight, geometry and mechanical stability of the product changes.

Calculation of cutting modes is carried out with mechanized and manual metal processing. Based on the results of the calculations, the equipment is selected, the optimal method of work and the size of production costs are determined.

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