Professional electric screwdriver: electric or cordless. which one is better?

The older generation remembers the days when any kind of construction work required a lot of physical effort, whether at home or in industrial. All connections were made by hand, with a hammer and nails, or a screwdriver with disposable screws. Nowadays, the construction tool greatly facilitates the construction process or household work. One of the most popular is an electric screwdriver. There are many kinds of screwdrivers for all kinds of uses. In this article we will try to find out which cordless electric screwdriver is best suited to your requirements and financial capabilities.

Types of screwdrivers from different manufacturers

What is a cordless screwdriver better than a cordless power tool

Corded and cordless screwdriver performs the same functions. drilling, screwing and unscrewing various fasteners (depending on the characteristics and attachments). However, cordless power tools have several undeniable advantages over corded models, namely:

  • Autonomy. This is a major advantage and advantage that makes it possible to use the tool in places without permanent and free access to mains electricity.
  • Compact and easy to use, thanks to the absence of wires.
  • Safe in use, because of the absence of direct contact of the equipment with AC power lines and voltages (carelessness in the work with a screwdriver is not taken into account).
  • Wide speed range. Softer operating modes mean there is no need to worry about stripping the screws being driven in.


Measured in newton metres (Nm). Indicates force with which the machine will act on the screws to be driven. This factor determines the diameter and length of the screws that the electric screwdriver can handle.

For example, with a value of up to 30 Nm, it can drive a screw into wood to a depth of up to 70 mm. For longer workpieces, a torque of 40 Nm must be applied, or a hole must be drilled first.

This is the main characteristic of a screwdriver and is always indicated. In addition, reliable manufacturers in the descriptions indicate the maximum allowable diameter of fasteners for specific materials.

Enclosure shape

In order to choose the right power screwdriver, you should pay attention to the shape of the tool. The shape of the housing affects the capabilities of the machine. Differences in appearance:

  • Body in the form of a gun. This shape is more often made of plastic and is a budget version. Such a machine has no gearbox inside, and the motor shaft is connected directly to the chuck. The smoothness of movement and power will determine the quality of the work done. In addition, the tool will heat up, and it is not recommended that it be used continuously for long periods of time. The motor should be allowed to rest.
  • T-shape. This design has an off-centered handle. It is believed that while working with such a screwdriver there is less strain on the hand of the craftsman. However, the special features of each individual model must be taken into account. You can’t tell which screwdriver is the best without taking it in your hand.
  • Classic shape. The convex body is mainly found in professional-grade models, because they feature torque transmission via a gearbox. Because of the large weight of such models. 1.5-2 kg. it is convenient to support the tool by the body.

Chuck types

When selecting the right unit, you need to consider the nuances of operation. Depending on the intended use, these chucks are used:

  • Quick-action chuck. A common variant in which the bits are held in place by clamping them using jaws. Tightening is carried out with the help of threaded sleeves. Bits and drill bit are held tightly in this case.
  • Chuck with magnetic holder. This variant is characterized by the simplicity of design due to the absence of moving parts. The bits can be removed from the hexagonal chuck with little effort, and replaced with replacements. Among the disadvantages is the presence of play between the bit and the chuck. The special drill bits with a hexagonal base and a retaining ring that are designed for easy extraction of the drill from the hole are available for wrenches with a chuck like this.

Regardless of the type of chuck, you can always buy adapters to facilitate the work.

FAQ. answers to common screwdriver questions

Let’s answer the most common questions about the work of mains screwdrivers.

How long should the wire be at the mains screwdriver?

It is worth saying that the longer the power cord, the better. 2-3 m is fully sufficient, but for safety it is recommended to have an extension cord nearby.

How long will a mains screwdriver last??

A quality mains electric screwdriver will last for many years. over, the design does not provide for a battery that loses its capacity over time. Some elements of the tool, for example, a fastener chuck, also become unusable over time, but it is usually possible to replace them and increase the life of the product.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, cordless

How professional cordless screwdrivers differ from household screwdrivers?

There is no general criterion. However, professional models are designed to do more work in more demanding conditions than ordinary home. Professional tools have an increased wear resistance, they can operate all day long without interruption. They are also more powerful and have more adjustment positions so you can adjust them more accurately. Household tools are designed for occasional work, have a more affordable price, ease of operation and light weight. The cost of a professional model is correspondingly much higher.

Which electric screwdriver is better for home. cordless or corded?

As mentioned above, for the work at home will be suitable and cordless tool. if, for example, you need to screw a shelf and make holes in the child’s handicraft. For more demanding jobs, the mains equivalent will be more advantageous. Modern devices are equipped with a long mains cable, so that even the work on the mains will be convenient. In addition, when performing any activities with the device you do not need to be distracted by changing the battery and putting the dead battery on charge. In this regard, in this issue should be guided directly from the objectives of the electric tool and the preferences of the buyer.

Criteria for choosing a network electric screwdriver

Before you buy a network electric screwdriver, the user must decide for what specific purposes he will use it. To understand this allows a competent assessment of the following its main technical characteristics:

The basic, performance-indicating characteristic. The higher the value, the longer screws can be driven. For example, 300-watt models give you the ability to screw in hardware up to 70 mm, including through thin sheet metal, as well as drill through wood 10-15 cm thick.

1.5-2 times more powerful analogues are able not only to screw in hardware of maximum length, but also to perform drilling of relatively thick metal plates. However, with the increase in motor power inevitably increases the weight of the device and comfort in its operation. In addition, the power consumption increases.

Correctly choose an electric mains electric screwdriver for the home also allows you to take into account the torque. This is the second most important characteristic that affects the overall performance of the device. Set by 3 factors. drive power, gearbox type, and spindle speed.

The higher the value, the longer the metal parts can be driven with the gun. For example, to install a 60-70 mm screw is enough model for 30 Nm, and for a metal part of 100 mm you will need a device for 40-50 Nm. Some screwdrivers have a special regulator for setting the right torque. if you need to work with screws of different lengths.

The reverse function allows you to switch the rotation of the clamping head from forward to reverse direction, and vice versa. Such necessity often arises during dismantling of constructions, when it is necessary to unscrew the long screwed metalware.

Otherwise, the user would need to use a screwdriver, which is long, time-consuming and unproductive. You can also change bits more quickly with a reversing mechanism.

In addition to the absolute value of the rotational speed of the tool, the ability to increase and decrease them is not of the least importance for the choice of an electric mains screwdriver. You have the freedom to choose the speed that best suits the application. Thus, for screwing screws of small lengths, the minimum number of revolutions is required, for large ones, medium, and for drilling materials, the maximum number of revolutions is required.

If the gun does not involve changing the speed, then for a particular type of operation must be selected model with the required value of the parameter. For example, for tightening metal screws, the units with rotation speed of 1000-1300 rpm are suitable., and for drilling. 2000-3000 rpm.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, cordless

The geometry and dimensions must match the use and application of the electric screwdriver. For example, to work in hard-to-reach places such as the ceiling, roof, etc a light, compact device will do, even if it loses in some parameters to more equipped models. On the contrary, to work in the workshop in the same position, bigger and heavier analogues, but having greater functionality, can be used.

In order to determine which electric electric screwdriver is best suited to the specific conditions of use, the following varieties of this part must be considered

  • Key. Tool change is carried out with the help of a special key. This significantly increases the strength and reliability of the bit or drill, and makes it possible to work in harsher conditions, but takes a lot of effort and time.
  • Quick-clamp. Fixing the tool is done in a single operation, which greatly facilitates the operation of the device. However, this type of device can only be used for work in light conditions.
  • For bits. This variety allows only bits, not drills, to be installed. The mount is characterized by reliability, but limited in application.

In everyday life, the first two variants are equally effective.

The modern electric screwdriver can be used for much more than just screwing screws. In addition, it can function as a drill and also as a torch. Some models are equipped with an extra battery for stand-alone use.

Electric screwdriver must have the necessary set of functions to perform the planned operations Source

Comparison of cordless and cordless models

Compared to cordless models, cordless models have the following several advantages

  • Power stability. Household-powered devices exhibit stable performance. On the contrary, with the battery-driven models, it gradually decreases as the battery runs out.
  • Capable of screwing long metal parts. Most cordless models are designed to work with screws not exceeding 70 mm. At the same time, the best network screwdrivers according to this indicator are quite able to cope with tools of maximum length, provided that the value of torque from 40 Nm.
  • Operation at minus temperatures. The networked models have only general limitations for operation in freezing temperatures, and their lithium-ion battery counterparts do not have any such limitations at all.
  • Run time. Network-powered models are able to work as long as their technical resource allows. Batteries run down quickly and show optimal performance not longer than 1-1.5 hours.
  • Weight and dimensions. The cordless unit is as light and compact as possible, but the cordless unit is even heavier and more cumbersome because of the battery module.
  • Working outdoors. With a 220 V cordless electric screwdriver you can work outside at any time of year, as long as the power cable is long enough. The battery-powered models have this feature only in warm seasons.
  • Cost. The average price of mains models is lower than that of cordless models.

The battery-powered screwdriver is characterized by mobility and independence of energy, the mains-powered. is characterized by lightness, compactness, more power and less cost, as well as the ability to work in the cold.

Recommendation! For household use, the screwdriver with a key chuck mechanism would be better suited, and for professional or private workshops. with a quick-clamping mechanism.

What is the best cordless electric screwdriver??

The capabilities of a particular model depend largely on the battery. In order to choose the right battery for your tool, you need to know the battery first. Types of rechargeable batteries:

Nickel-cadmium. Cheap batteries with memory effect and short life-span. Quickly lose capacity, can withstand up to 300 charging cycles. Installed in budget power tools.

Nickel-metal hydride. Industrial grade batteries. Used in power tools and home appliances. Can be charged up to 1000 charging cycles. Resistant to rough handling and cold temperatures.

Lithium-ion. Combine quality and reliability. They have high capacity and voltages. Virtually no memory effect and no self-discharge. Can be charged up to 3000 times. Sensitive to low temperatures, making them prone to rapid loss of charge in cold conditions. Used in household and professional tools.

which, electric, screwdriver, better, cordless

Capacities of cordless screwdrivers are affected by their voltage. Usually this figure is between 1.2 and 36 V.

Tool capabilities depending on the voltage:

  • 2 V. normal screwdriver with battery,
  • 3-6 V. minor household works,
  • 10-18V. work with wood, metal, plastic,
  • 18-20 V. impact electric screwdriver,
  • 30-36 V. a professional class tool.

For home everyday work, the WCD-12 Li is enough. For masters to work with hard materials, it is better to take an impact electric screwdriver CHD-S20LiB from TM Worcraft.

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