What engine is on a lawn mower

An electric lawn mower is not the simplest equipment, and if it is not acquired by a specialist (that is, not an electrician), then he is unlikely to ask the question of what type the engine is installed in it. The problem becomes urgent only when the engine begins to “junk”. Accordingly, it requires attention. He can:

In any of these cases, the user begins to engage in the repair or replacement of the engine, and then, finally, he finds out what kind of electric motor is for his technology. In order to save you from such unpleasant moments, we have selected advice which electric motor to choose, taking into account your capabilities and needs.

Which lawmaker al-ko to choose?

If you need to choose a high-quality lawn mower, the question of how much mechanical, battery, gasoline or electric lawners AL-KO are not priority. Much more important are AL-KO lawn mowers as type and its power, type of movement, mowing width and time for processing the entire site. And which equipment to choose if the site is problematic, drying out soil?

Electric, battery, gasoline lawn mowers Al-ko what is better

For the question of which law mower to buy, the main factors are:

  • Land area. The larger the site, the more powerful the AL-CO lawn mower model should be used. The largest areas use AL-KO gasoline gas mowing.
  • Length of the site. A strongly elongated section applies restrictions on the type of lawn mower-only wireless gasoline or battery lawn bore Al-ko can be used.
  • The specifics of the site. Plain areas are processed with mowers with a central, lever type of adjustment of the height of the cut of grass. The hilly area of ​​the site is better processed by a lawn mower with an independent adjustment of the height of the cut of grass installed on each wheel separately.
  • External obstacles on the site. A land plot with a small number of trees growing on it, obstacles in the form of benches, fences, low hanging shrubs are best treated with a manual trimmer or motorcycle. If the site is very large, it is more convenient to work on a rider, sitting in a driver’s seat. Ryders and mini-tractors are a higher class and cost motor vehicle than a gasoline or electric gas mowing Al-ko.

Al-ko lawn mower who manufacturer

Aloza Kobert Group, Germany is a company that produces AL-KO lawn mower, where other devices for haircuts and processing of lawns and shrubs are also produced:

The AL-KO brand is already over 85 years old, the production of the German brand is located in 16 countries, and there are production capacities in Ukraine. The Solo Austrian brand has recently absorbed, and now the TM AL-KO lineup has been replenished with the Solo by Al-Ko technique, which includes analogues of lawn mowers, boards, motorcycle, as well as a higher class of equipment for lawn nosya-garden tractors and riders Solo by al-ko.

which, engine, better, lawn

What are the AL-Ko lawn mowers refuel

As already known, German lawmakers Al-ko differ in the method of energy to start:

To obtain energy in each type of lawn mower, the physical strength and rotation of the drum with knives in mechanical, batteries-ion batteries in battery, electricity from the 220 V network in an electric, fuel mixture of oil with oil in a gasoline gas mall, respectively, respectively.

A mechanical mower is a technique for a small house area. As well as the battery model, which is designed for not the longest period of use, before choosing AL-KO gasoline lawners or how to choose the proper electric gas mowing AL-KO, it is important to understand the main pros and cons of gasoline gas mowers.

The advantages of motorized equipment for a mowing that operating from the fuel mixture of gasoline with butter include the large size of the processed area of ​​the site. In addition, in gasoline law mmores. The widest strip of the spinal processed over one pass, which allows you to quickly and efficiently process large sections of the area. The shortcomings of benzotechnics for mowing are its high noise level and harmful exhausts in the atmosphere from the internal combustion of gasoline. In addition, gas technicics should periodically undergo planned maintenance in the service center.

As for the AL-KO electric lawn mower, the undeniable advantages of network equipment for the mowing should be attributed:

  • Maneuverability and ease of management
  • Lack of a planned service
  • Absolute environmental safety
  • Low noise and lack of vibrations.

The dependence of the AL-KO electric gas-beam on the length of the network cord imposes restrictions on the distance that the AL-KO network gas mowl is able to leave the electric outlet. Therefore, network models for mowing are used for medium sections with low length.

What does self-propelled lawn mower al-ko mean

The non-self-propelled AL-KO lawn mower moves around the site due to the fact that the operator pushes it behind, while the AL-KO self-propelled lawn mower has one or more speeds, and the operator does not need to push it, but you just need to follow the lawn mower moving due to energy distributed between the cutting system and wheels. Which is better to buy an AL-KO lawn mowing self-propelled or non-self-propelled one, you must also choose depending on the size of the site. The advantages of non.Self.Propelled lawn mowers include their small weight and compact dimensions. But, the larger the plot, the more difficult it will be to process it with a non.Self.Propelled model, since the operator will quickly get tired of walking around a large site and pushing the lawn mower.

What does the power of the AL-Ko lawn mower affect

How to choose the power of a lawn mower depends on the type of vegetation in your site. If you have to not only mow grass, but also cut the thick stems of weeds and the young shoot of shoots and ground roots of shrubs and trees, then it is advisable to take care of the purchase of AL-CO gas mowers with a powerful engine.

What is AL-KO lawn mowers?

Part of the lawn mower where its cutting system is located is called the deck. Traditional materials used for the manufacture of deck are:

The stronger the deck, the longer the life of the entire lawn mower. But, since, declining refers to little wear equipment, sometimes it is worth choosing a more budget version of the lawn mower with a plastic deco. German lawmakers AL-KO have self-cleaning metal decks.

What is mulching in the AL-Ko lawn mower

Optionally, many models of AL-KO lawn mowers are equipped with a mulching mode, which is performed due to the presence of a special plug in the basic configuration. The mulching mode allows the use of cutting out grass as mulch. A layer of natural fertilizer, which moisturize the ground for growing crops, for which it is important to ensure the outrage of the soil.

Storage of braids

Store lawn mowers in a closed and dry room. Moisture, snow. All this is unacceptable for technology. It is necessary to ensure that children or animals do not fit the lawn mower. Only a dry and a clean lawn mower is sent for storage.

Before mowing grass, you need to check that there are no bricks, metal or glass on it. Otherwise, a knife may break, and the engine is jammed. Replacing a knife is not a problem, but replacing the motor is not cheap pleasure.

It is best to work with a lawn mower when the grass is dry and it should not be rained on the street. If the lawn mower is electric, then you can get a shock. If a gasoline lawn mower, then when water enters the filter, the device will fail.

A little theory

Before solving the problem, which lawmaker to choose to work on your lawn, you should know that the electric motor has two types of the lawn mower:

  • Synchronous. This is a motor in which the rotor and magnetic field rotate at the same speed. Synchronously. Even if the rotor receives a strong load when working, the frequency of its rotation does not decrease. The engine continues to operate at stable speeds. To achieve this result, use sliding contacts. Therefore, the synchronous motor is more complex in design, and therefore more expensive in cost.
  • Asynchronous. The engine in which the rotor speed does not coincide with the frequency of the magnetic field revolutions. The stator and the rotor are separated by an air gap, there are no contact rings. It is simple in structure, which means that making it is not as difficult and expensive as synchronous.

Which engine of the lawn mower is better, you can’t definitely answer. Both of the engine type have their advantages and disadvantages.

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For those who do not want to delve deeply at the wisdom of electromechanics, we will explain quite simply. Each engine has two key elements: stator (immovable, with windings) and rotor (movable). Current from the electric network is supplied to the stator. A magnetic field arises in its winding, which rotates. Thanks to him, the rotor begins to rotate. And already rotor revolutions are transferred to the shaft of the device.

In our case, on a vertical shaft on which a cutting lawn mower is installed. It turns out that the operation of the knife directly depends on the engine speed. Stable turns. The knife rotates as stably and powerful. Weak revolutions of the rotor. The knife begins to weaken too, delays the grass. He simply “has no strength” quickly and efficiently cut off the vegetation. If you very briefly determine which is better the lawn mower, then let’s say this:

But all this is slightly exaggerated, and in no way means that the asynchronous engine is worse. Asynchronous motor is the easiest and cheapest of all previously invented. It does not require complicated maintenance, he does not heat up much, he does not have rubbing contacts. And its reliability within normal limits, if the manufacturer has high.Quality and installed protective systems.

Criteria for choosing a motor type

Which engine for a lawn mower to choose? The answer to this question lies in the needs of the landlord. If you need to process a large area, then a machine will cope with work, the power plant of which is gasoline. Such a mower mobile and maneuverable, has high performance. The disadvantages of the model include:

  • High noise;
  • Large mass of the car;
  • Environmental pollution by exhaust gases;
  • High price;
  • Dependence on high.Quality gasoline and oil.

which, engine, better, lawn

If the plot is small, a trimmer for grass or an electric lawn mower will be able to ennoble it. She practically does not make noise, environmentally friendly and simple in circulation. Among the minuses:

Interesting! If the choice stopped at the electric motor, then the question arises about the type of engine. Lawn mowers with an asynchronous engine are cheaper than synchronics, but in terms of power they are inferior to synchronous engines. In such devices, the design practically does not heat up, it is easy to serve it. In the modern market, the most common lawmakers with an asynchronous engine and direct drive are.

Engine replacement

Over time, the power plant may fail. This begins with a decrease in the number of revolutions and work not at full capacity. A faulty machine can stall at any time and after a long time do not start.

The reasons for the repair or replacement of the engine are diverse. For example, improper storage in winter, they did not clean the car, left in a cold, cheese room. Another technique will fail if an accident occurred during work: the car ran into a large object, and the internal parts were deformed. In addition, the engine can burn if you work with it for too long, while mowing an uneven area with garbage, stones.

Important! The electric motor is most often junk due to a cliff of wires or oxidation of contacts. Internal combustion engines do not replace without much need. The owner must first check fuel, oil, spark plug, fasteners, pistons

which, engine, better, lawn

If the problem is the malfunction of the engine, then it must be replaced

The owner must first check fuel, oil, spark plug, fasteners, pistons. If the problem is the malfunction of the engine, then it must be replaced

Internal combustion engines do not replace without much need. The owner must first check fuel, oil, spark plug, fasteners, pistons. If the problem is the malfunction of the engine, then it must be replaced.

Experts cope with the replacement of the engine quickly. First, the old engine is carefully removed. A new one is placed in its place. Establish it taking into account the complete coincidence according to the parameters of the mower.

To understand the types and types of the engine of the lawn mower is best before buying equipment. In this case, the owner of the country house will be able to choose the device, given his preferences and needs.

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Robotized models move independently and have a built.In obstacle sensor. They are not burdened with wires, from the advantages you can still note multisonality and ease of operation. Ideal for people who monitor their time and use modern technologies. Mowers are designed for mowing tall grass and uneven areas. Before choosing a lawn mower. A robot for a summer residence, you should contact this collection.

Caimanambrogiol15 Deluxe

Small lawn mower from a French manufacturer. Has quite compact dimensions and low weight. Ideal for a small area for lawns. The battery is powerful (2.5AC. 25.9V), resistant to overheads, there is a fast charging function. Can be connected to Bluetooth.


Robotized lawn mower with an electric engine and recommended mowing area up to 1000 m 2. Its mowing width is 20 cm, and the height reaches 20-60 mm, there is a central system for adjusting the height of the mowing. The noise level of such a model reaches 62 dB. Its weight is only 9 kg, and the total dimensions are 43x60x27 cm. The average charging time is 90 minutes, and the maximum steepness of the rise of 0 40%. The four-wheeled device is equipped with a LI-Ion type battery with a voltage of 18.5 V.

Bosch Indego 350

Fully automated robot with an intelligent control system. The model has wide functionality, remote control from a smartphone or tablet using a free application. The lawn mower is able to determine the dimensions of the area and the operating time, which will make a more convenient cycle of work. Data will be entered into the calendar. The technique easily connects to Wi-Fi or mobile network. Of the additional functions, Logicut should be noted, thanks to which the most just route is calculated.

  • Lock;
  • Obstacle determination sensor;
  • Additional functions;
  • Long warranty;
  • Automated system for recharging.

Gardena Sileno City 250

The model is well suited for small areas, recommended area 0 500 m 2. Suitable for caring for flower beds, flower beds, a bevel of grass in narrow places with limited cross.Country ability. Speasing width is only 16 cm, the height has a range of 20-50 mm. Such a robot works from the battery 2.1 a/h with a voltage of 18 watts. The model has simple control, a special intellectual system develops a mowing plan on your own, and you can choose the time of work yourself. At a low charge level, the device itself will begin the way to the charger.

Al-ko Robolinho 100

A miniature lawn mowing-robot has a fully automated system of mowing lawn. The device is easily adjusted, the user with your own hands selects the desired mode of operation, which is suitable for its lawn. The device is equipped with an obstacle sensor that will prevent excess clashes and breakdowns (an excellent lawn mower for cutting an uneven area), and also has moisture protection, which allows you to mow grass even during the rain. Inside the lawn mower there is a grass grinder, which further acts as a fertilizer for the roots of the lawn. The device is very powerful, can mow grass of sufficient height.

which, engine, better, lawn

  • Little weight;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Many additional functions;
  • Long service life;
  • There is a function of protecting against theft.

The manufacturer has established the production of four.Stroke engines for lawn mowers. There is an inertial brake. Shaft 80 mm long and with a diameter of 25 mm. Belongs to the category of practical and reliable. Purpose. Equipping semi.Professional equipment and devices used in the personal economy. The fuel is unpretentious. Valve freezing is rare. Power. 6.5 l/s. With a vertical shaft. Equipped with a liter tank. The Ready Start system allows you to quickly and effortlessly start. It works quietly, the timbre is even. Working volume. 190 cubic meters.Cm. Weight. 10.9 kg. Oil Carter with a volume of 0.6 liters. Belongs to the category of top. It is produced by an American company.

You can purchase products at a price of 26590.

  • Reliability;
  • Repair capacity;
  • Not capricious to gasoline;
  • Productivity;
  • Any oil is suitable;
  • Warranty from the manufacturer;
  • Value for money.

Vertical. Four stroke. Works on gasoline. The engine is one.Cylinder with the upper valves. Power. 4.4 kW. The fuel tank is designed for 1.2 liters. Car deterogened oils are used. The oil is to be replaced every six months. Installed on the lawnmands of both household and semi.Professional class. Rarely fails. He performs work efficiently.

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