STIHL FS 250 model

A trimmer for grass, designed to mow dense herbal from the areas of the middle area. Up to 50 acres. Benzin two.Stroke engine with a capacity of 2.1 liters.With. The lawn mower is equipped with two handles on a horizontal bracket in the form of a bicycle steering wheel. The trimmer fishing line and nozzle with a steel knife in.

  • Relatively high power for a small.Sized motor.
  • Reliability. The lawn mower is trouble.Free with any intensity of use. Does not fail in hot weather.
  • Undermisability to fuel quality. A gasoline mixture can be prepared on the basis of both synthetic and mineral oil.
  • Light starting determines the weak wear of the starting group during operation.
  • The presence of a belt for carrying motorcycles on the shoulder. With the help of this accessory, the convenience of work is ensured, which is especially valuable for prolonged pumping of grass from significant areas.
  • Low cost for trimmers of this class.

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  • Increased fuel consumption, which significantly increases when tall grass with thick stems.
  • Heavyweight. The mass of the product is a little more than 6 kg, which causes quick fatigue during operation.
  • Noisiness. With prolonged work, you should use headphones.
  • Long length does not allow transporting a trimmer for grass in a small passenger car.

Conclusion. A trimmer for herbs for mowing not only lawn grass and most weeds, but also young shrubs. Does not require complicated maintenance, is easy to store. A good version of technology for novice entrepreneurs providing landscape design services.

Model Echo SRM-330S

Lawn mower to perform a large amount of work in a short period of time. The power of the gasoline engine is 2 liters.With. The design provides for the possibility of installing a device for cutting branches and knots. Anti.Vibrational system provides the comfort of the mowing.

  • Light starting accelerates the sealing of the site. Due to this moment, the spark plugs are last longer.
  • A small consumption of gasoline allows you to mow grass for a long time without adding fuel.
  • A well.Thought.Out equipment that includes a minimum set of tools for setting up braids for grass and changing fishing line, safety glasses, a disk knife.
  • Low noise level.
  • A stitched shoulder belt with soft inserts provides a comfortable mowing.

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  • Unknown gasoline filling. To perform all the necessary actions, the device must be put on an elevation.
  • Too small a fishing coil.
  • The rapid wear of the fishing line in the head, and the inability to replace them. You need to buy the whole head entirely.
  • High cost even taking into account semi.Professional characteristics.

Conclusion. Small.Sized productive lawn mower for the processing of advanced land plots. The disc knife easily cuts small branches. The technique perfectly shows itself when cleaning significant areas with an area of ​​up to 50 acres from a powerful grass stand and weeded shrubby shoots. Suitable for buyers with average income. Professionals will appreciate the good maintainability of this trimmer for grass.

Model Husqvarna 143r-II

Inexpensive semi.Professional trimmer for grass with a gasoline two.Stroke engine with a capacity of 2 liters.With. The width of the mowing sector is 0.4 meters. It is equipped with fishing line, nozzle and shoulder belt. It is possible to install a device for cutting shrub branches.

  • Universality. This motorcycle can be used both for mowing weed grass, weeds, and haircuts of lawns. Both sowing and rolled.
  • Reliability and durability. The device operates flawlessly over a long period of time, without needing maintenance and even minor repairs.
  • A large volume of fuel container allows you to process significant areas without a break for refueling.
  • The thoughtful design of the head. Thanks to this, the grass is not wound on the shaft, but freely falls to the ground. Therefore, the mowing of the grass is performed without stops and loss of time to clean the head.
  • Small mass. Manipulations with this trimmer do not cause fatigue in the process of long.Term work in areas of large area.

How to choose a cutting tool.

Low.Power and inexpensive devices can only work with fishing line, which is also called the cord. But more expensive devices intended not only for grass are equipped with a bar with steel blades and a special milling cutter.

Lines for a trimmer

It can be of different diameters: from 1.2 to 4 millimeters. You need to use only the one that is intended for your tool, and this should be indicated in the instructions. If you take a fishing line for a trimmer of greater thickness or less, wear of the bushings will double, and it is difficult to replace them.

Types of fishing line for trimmers, characteristics and description

Many consider the cross.Section of the fishing line as an ordinary pattern, however, this is not so. A pattern in the form of a sprocket or polygon. This is rather a memorable designation for the purpose. So, the following types of cross section are common:

  • Circle is universal, suitable for both grass, and for dry stems of burdock;
  • Square. Better for thick stems and possessed plants;
  • Asterisk is the softest and perfect for the lawn so that it will quickly recover.

A variety of types of cutting forests will help you choose the one that is suitable for haltering the lawn in your garden.

Knives and blades

Surely you noticed that some models of trimmers are sold at all without nozzle for the cord. Such trimmers for grass are designed for non.Working work, for example, when you occasionally touches the site in the country. In this case, a fishing line for a trimmer is not suitable because it will be confused in high grass. For this problem, the best solution will be a steel, well.Sharpened knife. In order to cut the dry branches of a raspberry or a stabbed weeds, it is best to take a nozzle with plastic blades.

But knives are not a reason to refuse the cord, since they are poorly suitable for a bugrous area or territory under a fence where glass or stone may turn out to be. A protective casing is installed in the trimmers, but a solid item can still fly out from under it in contact with metal.

It depends on the number of blades with blades on the knife whether the trimmer will cope for grass with thick stems and thick grass. However, this option is too small crushing grass, so it is not suitable for hay harvesting.

Types of garden trimmers

To date, the three main types of garden trimmers are equally in demand. Depending on the goal and volume of work, users praise or scold each of them. However, all types of garden trimmers are perfectly applicable in the household.

The constructive similarity of various trimmers provides high.Quality work:

  • A long (sometimes adjustable in height) rod helps to operate with a tool with a flat back without leaning;
  • The holder handle provides convenient work;
  • Engine (located at the bottom or at the top of the bar). The performance of the trimmer for the grass depends on its type and power;
  • Metal knives or cutting fishing line for a trimmer, wound on a coil, are located under a protective casing that minimizes the risk of injury to the operator.

Consider the features, advantages and disadvantages of three types of garden trimmers.

  • Electric trimmers for grass: work directly from the network and require wires and carry. If the site is very large, such a trimmer for grass may be ineffective. Well suits older people for mowing in a small personal plot. Characterized by slight weight, maneuverability, environmental friendliness.

As the disadvantages of electric garden trimmers, it should be noted limited by the wire, carrying; requirements for electrical safety, overheating of the engine during prolonged operation.

  • Battery: these models do not require connecting directly to the network, and work from a pre.Charged own battery. Characterized by low power, but excellent mobility.

Cons of batteries: low power, high cost, need for regular charging. The battery also adds to the weight of the tool.

The first two types we examined in detail in a separate material: “The best garden electric trimmers for grass”.

Let us dwell on gasoline trimmers, since our material is dedicated to them.

  • Gasoline: for large areas, a garden trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine is ideal. This is the most powerful representative of automated braids. Working with this tool requires strong shoulders and endurance, but the result will be excellent. Among the benzotrimmers should be highlighted:
  • Trimmers for grass with a two.Stroke engine (gasoline oil);
  • With a four.Stroke engine (gasoline).

The following models are included in the rating of trimmers price/quality:

  • Oleo-Mac BCH 40 T;
  • Husqvarna 143r-II;
  • Echo SRM-2655SI;
  • STIHL FS 55;
  • STIHL FS 38;
  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium;
  • EFCO Stark 25;
  • Echo SRM-22GES;
  • Makita EM2500U.

1st place OLEO-MAC BCH 40 T

  • ICE power: 2 l.With.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.86 l
  • Speasing width: 41 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Weight: 8.2 kg

The gasoline trimmer for grass for grass of the middle price class is an ideal combination of performance and efficiency. The unique design provides the reliability and durability of the device.

  • The crankshaft is made of forged steel and made in a three.Component version;
  • Cast chrome cylinder;
  • The gearbox is made in a corrosion.Resistant aluminum case;
  • Transmission material. Stainless steel;
  • Vibro.Resistant bearings are used;
  • Noise reduction due to the use of stainless steel muffler;
  • Shock.Absorbing elements reducing vibration loads;
  • Fuel tank protection;
  • Warranty. 4 years.

which, garden, gasoline, trimmer, grass, better

2 place Husqvarna 143r-II

  • ICE power: 2 l.With.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.94 l
  • Speasing width: 48 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a 3 mm trimmer fishing line
  • Weight: 8 kg

The device is equipped with a powerful engine, with reduced noise. The increased duration of continuous operation is provided by an effective air cooling system. To control, T-shaped (bicycle) is used. Steel forged shaft inside the bar, which makes the braid very reliable. These braids for grass are used even in military units, which indicates reliability. But, it was not without a spoonful of tar. Not very comfortable suspension, the back begins to get tired after 5 acres. Other features:

  • Protected fuel tank for 0.94 liters;
  • Universality due to the possibility of using both fishing line and a metal knife;
  • The bar is made in a non.Devastated version;
  • The rod is made of aluminum alloy and has a low weight;
  • Low vibration is achieved due to the special design of the gearbox;
  • Optimal balance.

3 place Echo SRM-2655SI

Lawn mowed on a straight rod weighing 5.9 kilograms. The power of the 2-clock engine is 1.1 liters.With. Trimmer for grass works with a fishing line with a diameter of 3 mm or a knife. Speasing width is 43 centimeters, and the tank capacity is 650 ml. There is a light start system. A convenient shoulder belt is supplied to the kit. A successful anti.Vibration system.

To work in any position, a braid for grass is equipped with a rotational carburetor.

Review: not the most powerful model, but extremely comfortable and productive. If you install a wide fishing line for a trimmer, there will be no trace of dryness. Users also note that in the end it is not possible to perfectly align the lawn as a lawn mower (but this is not a lawn mower, but a trimmer for grass). Buyers are attracted by a long warranty (5 years), which fully justifies itself. True, to provide such a guarantee, it is required to take place in the official service, promo like cars. The device is not prone to breakdowns.

4th place Stihl fs 55

  • ICE power: 1 liter.With.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.33 l
  • Speasing width: 55 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg

Pay special attention to this model. The German manufacturer includes protective glasses and a universal belt in a complete set. There is a lightweight launch ergostart. The device is equipped with an effective vibration system, as well as:

How To Use A Weed Eater- weed wacker string trimmer proper use

  • A multifunctional handle in which all the elements of the control of the Trimmer are built into;
  • Manual pumping pump;
  • Electronic ignition system;
  • The direct shaft of the drive connected to a two.Stroke engine ensures high efficiency of mowing, the reliability and durability of mechanical elements.

5th place Stihl fs 38

  • ICE power: 0.9 l.With.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.33 l
  • Speasing width: 38 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer, 2 mm
  • Weight: 4.1 kg

The lawn mower is able to not only cut the grass, but also remove hard stems, shrub, branches. The manufacturer has developed several types of heads, each of which is best suited for its type of mowing: Polycut. Perfectly copes with thick stems; Autocut C. Provides maximum convenience of operation; Fixcut. Suitable for simple mowing lawns. The advantages of a trimmer for grass:

  • Control elements are built into an adjustable circular hilt;
  • Instant launch and stable operation of the motor due to the electronic ignition system;
  • Light weight and excellent balancing provide maximum comfort when working.

6th place Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium

  • ICE power: 1 liter.With.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.75 l
  • Speasing width: 23 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Weight: 6.2 kg

Differs from the previous model of high strength and reliability. They are provided due to the nickel-cream coating of the cylinder and the engine piston, as well as an improved lubrication system.

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