Spit, braid for grass! Choosing the best lawn mower: Independent investigation

Well.Groomed cottage is primarily a well.Groomed lawn. Of course, you can take a manual braid and mow all the grass is cleanly, but without a special dexterity for this adventure, you should not even take. Time and effort, even with an experienced mower, will require a decent. Fortunately, we live in a period of progress, when many manufacturers offer convenient, mobile and effective lawn mowers that do not require special skills. You just need to choose the right.

Rating of characteristics
one Elitech EC 1000n The best budget lawn mower 5 399 p
2 Makita PLM4628N The best gasoline model 26 623 p
3 Bosch ARM 37 The best electric model 8 680 p
4 GreenWorks G40LM45K4 The best battery model 12 990 p
5 Husqvarna 540 Novolette The best mechanical model 36 990 p

The purpose and principle of operation of the lawn mower

The lawn mower uses the rotation of the engine to transmit kinetic energy to the cutting part of the tool. Bevel is carried out using fishing line, disks or knives.

The case consists of a 2 or 4-clock engine, a bar, inside which a shaft passes. Thanks to this device, rotation is transmitted to a knife or coil with a fishing line. A similar device acts in a car device where the engine is connected to the cardan and with its help makes the wheel rotate.

A gasoline braid for grass is made in two basic modifications. Household and professional models are offered. Each type of motorcycles has features, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Household lawn mower. Equipped with a low.Power two.Stroke engine. Differs in the absence of smooth start and anti.Vibration system, limited in the number of operations performed. Household models are not intended for prolonged operation, they are enough to dig grass near the house or put in order a personal plot, the area of ​​which is not more than 5-10 acres. Is inexpensive, from 1,500 UAH.
  • Industrial lawn mower. An apparatus with a high.Quality assembly of the case and a straight bar. Prolonged work is allowed without a break. The engine is 4-stroke. The motor “feels” well even after the mowing for 6-8 hours. Suitable for professional hay harvesting. After replacing the cutting part to the disk, you can cut off a small shrub. The main drawback: the high cost and fuel consumption.

Gasoline trimmer for grass

The gasoline trimmer for grass has several advantages:- mobility (it can be used, anywhere, even near the house, even in the field);- high power;- refueling at any time;- high performance.

Gasoline trimmers for grass are not much more than electric, so the price cannot be some special criterion when choosing. The weight of the device depends on how spacious the gas tank is. Distinguish between trimmers for grass with a tank volume: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters. The larger the volume, the greater the weight of the trimmer for the grass.

There are two types of gasoline trimmers: two.Stroke and four.Stroke. In the first type, gasoline diluted with special oil is poured into the tank. The second. Oil and fuel are filled separately. At the same time, the power of the four.Stroke trimmer for the grass is several times greater, and the noise effect of work is less.

How To Choose A Lawn Mower. DIY At Bunnings

If the model is provided, then in addition to the fishing line on the gasoline trimmer for the grass, you can also put the nozzle-rot, which is designed to cut small trees and large shrubs. The only minus of gasoline models in the method of turning them on. It is required to pull a special cord-prayer, which requires some physical efforts.

Definitely say which model is better, gasoline or electric, you can’t. It is worth remembering that for the bevel of grass in large and densely planted areas it is more advisable to purchase powerful gasoline trimmers for grass, and light electrical models will also cope with a bevel of lawn or monotonous grass in small areas.

Denzel TE-1400 (96612)

In the device you can install bushresis/brushwood. It is equipped with a folding with a handle adjustable height. Handle shape-T-shaped. In the set: knife, fishing line for trimmer, shoulder belt.


In technical documents, the power of the cobs is indicated in watts or in horsepower. If you are more convenient for you some specific system, then it is easy to translate from one to another. The proportion here is this: 1.36 horsepower for one kW.

A gasoline braid for grass with a power close to kilowatts will fully cope with small volumes of work. It is also suitable for lawns without weeds. But in order to manage with a plot clogged in this way, you need to select a more powerful device. You will have enough indicator up to one and a half kilowatts. Professional braids for grass can approach the mark of three kilowatts, and even surpass it.

Cutting element

A gasoline braid for grass can use a knife or a special fishing line for a trimmer as such an element.

They differ in that the first is intended for hard grass, weeds, and even for processing shrubs, and the second exclusively for the lawn. The knife can be made both of metal and from plastic, as well as equipped with a different number of cutting surfaces. The fishing line for the trimmer is usually used metal, and is made with a diameter of two to three millimeters.

Some models can be equipped immediately by all cutting elements. This is convenient, because it allows you to select it under today’s conditions, which can change significantly from the goal to the goal.

A variety of advanced, but very expensive models are wheeled models of gasoline lawn mowers. They are equipped with a classic engine that makes the cutting blades rotate. But in order to move them around the territory, the owner will need to push them manually. This reduces the consumed fuel volume, simplifies the wheelbase and the method of use. Experts selected the best models from this category, where the price corresponds to quality and functionality.

Makita PLM4120N

In many respects, declared by the Japanese manufacturer, the Makita gasoline lawn mower is included in the list of viewing leaders. With a fairly wide mowing of 41 cm, it does not weigh so much. 26.8 kg. The power of the American production engine produces up to 2.7 horsepower. In addition to a 50.Liter grass collector, a mulching option is provided, after which the vegetation is crushed and scattered around the territory as a fertilizer. For work, 5 degrees of haircut height were installed. From 2.5 to 7 cm.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Reliable manufacturer;
  • Mulching;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Fast launch.

The strengths of Makita are a strong case, Japanese quality, ergonomics of the structure, the presence of useful functions. Users value quick start, low noise, the ability to buy equipment in the company’s online store at a low price. The weak side is considered a rather weak engine, which is supplied by the manufacturer without oil. So, before the first use, the device needs maintenance.

Husqvarna LC 140

The garden tool is characterized by great opportunities, ease in assembly and operation. It can be used not only in the garden, but also on lawns, park zones, different lawns. The engine produces power up to 1800 watts, which is equivalent to 2.4 horsepower forces. A container is installed behind the housing to collect mowed raw materials from soft but strong fabric with a volume of 50 liters. It is possible to change the height of the haircut from 2.5 to 7.5 cm in 10 provisions, while the width is invariably 40 cm. The case is made of steel, despite this, the weight is 24.5 kg. For refueling, a tank is installed with a capacity of 0.8 l.

  • Light start;
  • Simplicity of service;
  • Well.Known manufacturer;
  • 10 provisions of mowing to choose from;
  • Reliable manufacturer.

The reviews say that such a lawn mower will cope with a plot of about 12 acres with an area. The Bridge and Stratton engine easily starts up, gives out a good power indicator, coping with vegetation up to 40 cm high. The weak side is considered that there is no mulching of grass here. Some buyers in negative qualities indicated a large uncomfortable box.

Champion LM5127BS

The Russian brand has developed a manual lawn mower, which is small in size and good maneuverability. The capture width reaches 50 cm, the engine 2.1 liters.With. Copes well with the function of rotation of the knives. The technique works in two modes: mulching and ejecting grass to the side. Plants are crushed very well, quickly processed into fertilizers.

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The height of the mowing of five ranges are adjustable by the switches that are located on each wheel. The handle with anti.Vibration lining reduces physical activity, allows you to control the equipment on difficult areas in the planning. The handle folds, simplifying the transportation in the trunk of a car or storage in utility rooms.

Summer residents and owners of suburban cottages note a very easy start of the engine: pensioners, women, adolescents cope with this task. Mowing architecture is stable, which facilitates work on uneven areas.


The opinion that a powerful and productive lawn mower should be large, refutes the DDE LM 51 model. A motor with a capacity of 3,000 watts or 4 horsepower is installed inside, which will be enough for processing 2000 m². The case is made of high.Quality steel, which guarantees a long service life. Mowing height can be controlled in the range 3-7.5 cm, the width is 51 cm. For refueling there is a 1 liter tank. There is no grass collector here, but there is a side emission of mulched vegetation. The weight of the structure is 26 kg, the wheels are made of plastic.

  • Compactness;
  • Productive motor;
  • Wide range of operating modes;
  • Steel building;
  • Fast start;
  • Easy move.

For a plot of 12 acres DDE LM 51 is perfect. Small, non.Bulky goods are valued for several reasons. A quick engineering, good cross.Country ability, reliable building. The minus is that the wheels are made of plastic, and after mowing the grass is scattered around the site, requiring additional cleaning of the territory.

Huter GLM-4.0g

The German company launched a high grass mower with a powerful engine. Lack of a grass collector, an effective side emission and a motor of 4 liters.With. With a small size of equipment, a model is made relevant for summer residents and owners of houses who do not like to often cut the lawn. The four.Stroke power unit has the upper location of the cylinders, which simplifies the maintenance.

Weight does not exceed 24 kg, which simplifies manual movement. Control is carried out on the handle, the accessories are reliable and convenient. A novice landscape designer will be able to deal with work modes.

Users like the design of the model: the capture width is greater than the dimensions of the case. This allows you to efficiently remove vegetation along fences and borders. Shows good results on the virgin lands and running areas, but does not cope with sharp hard bushes.

Chips on the choice

Each lawn mower, regardless of the class, owns advantages such as power and autonomous work. The cause of such advantages is a gasoline drive. It can have various indicators of the volume and power of the engine, as well as a different structure (for two tacts or four). Two.Stroke engines are slightly weaker, have a smaller motorcycle resource and give blue smoke with the smell of burning oil. But they are simple and economical, refuel with a mixture of gasoline and oil. The four.Stroke engine type is always more powerful, more resilient and environmentally friendly, and has a smaller noise level. Because of what, and its price is higher. The device and strength of the gasoline engine will determine all other technical characteristics of motorcycles. The width of the capture, the ability to cut with a knife and saw the disk, duration and frequency of work, and even the recommended area of ​​the site.

Since professional trimmers for grass for grass have the highest working indicators, often buyers, deciding how to choose a braid for processing the site, opt for such models. This is a typical mistake of inexperienced users. Indicators of the prof-class are undeniably good for mowing various vegetation. They are effective and productive, but they pull money expenses. Professional models are more, and more fuel requires when working. And, if the plot for mowing is small, or, in general, we are dealing with a lawn of 5-6 acres, which is very rare, then why do you need the power and strength of a professional? They will simply be used, even when running high grass. It is better to save and buy an excellent house of household class, especially since these tools are not inferior in quality and reliability if you choose a good manufacturer.

How to Choose the Right Fuel for Your Mower

To help you figure out which braids to buy for homework, and which one for regular professional Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we compiled a rating of the best gasoline cos. In the top of the best you will see a clear division of motorcycle into classes, which will undoubtedly help in the correctness of the purchase.

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How much gasoline braid for grass is better than electric and why

Great advantage of motorcycles in comparison with electrical. The autonomy of the work, that is, can be mowed everywhere and everywhere, there is no strict binding to the place of inclusion. This makes it possible to produce mowing far from home, in the field, forest, in large territories. The gasoline mowing technique is very hardy, has a long resource. Its benzomotor is designed for frequent and strong loads, it does not overheat enough to take breaks every 10-15 minutes, as required. But still, if the lawn mower does not apply to the professional class, we must also not forget to take breaks between tanks. If we talk about cutting equipment, then almost all gasoline braids for grass make it possible to cut weeds with a knife and cut a young wooden shoots with a disk. What can not be said about electric counterparts. Even with the same power of the engine, the quality of the mowing, speed and the result will be much more effective when compared with the electrocos.

All of the above advantages of the motorcycle are explained by one. The presence of a gasoline engine. It provides power and mobility, and also has a fairly wide range of technical characteristics, design features.

The main difference between gasoline cos. In the type of engine:

Which engine is better for motorcycles, with which type of motor is easier and more comfortable to work, which is more economical and profitable, you will learn from this article. I will talk about the features of the design, work and operation of a two.Stroke and four.Stroke engine in detail, which will make it possible to make the right choice of the type of engine for its home or cottage.

Lists of the best

After you learned about the main parameters of popular models of self.Propelled lawn mowers operating on gasoline, I propose to identify the best quality and price ratio. To do this, define the categories:

Best self.Propelled gasoline lawn mower for configuration

In this nomination, you can determine the lawn mower with a four.Tantact gasoline engine from the Korean manufacturer Daewoo. Professional engine 165 V-seres with a capacity of 6.0 liters.With., 92 gasoline. The manufacturer gives him a guarantee up to 3 years. The inlet and exhaust valves system OHV are located above the cylinder.

The design moves on three wheels. The rear ones have a larger diameter of 28 cm, and the front rotary (20.3 cm). They are wide and have a tread that minimally shakes the lawn. The height of the cut is adjusted in centrally only to the back. In front of the wheel must be changed by manually. Thanks to this design, the self.Propelled model has a zero radius of turn and it is easy to maneuver. Thus, places near trees, houses and fences are available to the lawn mower, where a four.Haired unit cannot pass.

The hull is steel impact.Resistant. Hardened aerodynamic knife 50 cm wide. Grass is ejected to the side or into a soft bag with a volume of 70 liters with an indicator of filling. The fabric is made of a kapron thread, characterized by strength. This solution allows you to exclude the formation of an air cork, and the contents are also filled more densely. There is also a grinding function.

At the end of the work of self.Propelled gasoline lawn mower, it can be washed inside by simply connecting the garden hose with water. Judging by the reviews of consumers, this option does not allow to completely wash the device, but still facilitates care. And also most consumers talk about the high quality of Daewoo equipment and ease of working with it. Despite its weight in 35 kg, it is very easy to manage a gasoline lawn mower and even a fragile woman will cope with it.

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Best self.Propelled gasoline lawn mower at a price

In this nomination, you can determine the gasoline lawn line L 4310S from the Korean manufacturer Hyundai. The model is designed to process sites with uneven surfaces and an area of ​​up to 1000 kV.M. The four.Tantact engine ICV 140 from Hyundai, which has a power of 3.5 liters.With.

The width of the capture of the knife is 42 cm. The height is adjustable using a lever located near the rear right wheel. Standard range from 2.5 to 7.5 cm. A four.Headed knife with protection from hitting hard obstacles. Therefore, he is not afraid of stones or left things that come across during work.

Small grass enters a soft bag, the volume of which is 45 liters. With the help of a grass collector, you can make mulching, that is, evenly scatter the crushed grass along the site to prevent drying or reducing the excretion of weeds and the nutrition of the soil.

The weight of the unit is 27 kg, which allows it to manage even women. The wheels are small: the front. 15.24 cm, the rear. 17.78 cm. They are wide and practically do not leave traces on the lawn.

The model is designed to work in large areas and it is acquired not only by summer residents who have several hundred parts, but also by the owners of sanatoriums, recreation centers and enterprises.

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