Как заменить втулку переднего редуктора Can-Am BRP Outlander 1000 XMR 2013

Slagsleutel Hans 1 ″ 88111

‘N Kragtige Hulpmiddel Vir Diens Van Swaar Toerusting in’ N Produksie-MGewing. DIE Dubbelhamermeganisme Bied Grother Impak, En Die Verlengde Spil is Gerieflik Op Moeilik Bereikbare Plekke Te werk.

DIE TABEL ILLUSTRER DIE TeGniese Data Van Die Produk:

Parameter Waarde
Lugtoevoer-Aanwysers Druk 6.2 bar
Verbruik 0.43 m ³
Wringkrag, Maks. 3388 NM
Kop Vierkantige Grootte 1 DUIM
Lug Inlaat 1/2 “
Kompressorlyn Deursnee 3/4 “
Spilspoed 3500 OPM
Gewig 16.8 KG

Slagsleutel Hans 1 ″ 88116

Die Hoë Wringkrag MAAK HIREDIE WERKTUIG GESKIK VIR HERSTELWERK AAN Swaar Voertuie, Vragmotors en Landboumasjinerie. DIE GEHEEL-METAAL Behuising Dien as’ N Hitte Sink En Bied TerselfDertyd BeskerMing Teen Vernietigende Invloede.


Parameter Waarde
Lugtoevoer-Aanwysers Druk 6.2 bar
Verbruik 0.255 m ³
Wringkrag, Maks. 2712 nm
Lugslang Pasmat Grootte 12 “
Sok Chuck Format one “
Minimum pneumatiese Lyn Deursnee 3/4 “
As Rotasiespoed 5000 OPM
Produk Gewig 9.17 KG

Pneumatiese Slagsleutel Hans 1/2 ″ 84116

Die HOXPOEDWERKTUIG IS GESKIK VIR Gebruik in Motorwerkswinkels En Diensentrums. Klein Grootte En Ligte Gewig Maak Hierdie Model Gewild.

DIE TABEL SOM DIE BELANGRIKSTE TeGNiese Kenmerke Op Wat Die Pneumatiese Moersleutel 84116 Hans Het:

How to choose a gycover for tire fitting

Choosing an effective tool for unscrewing the wheelset, first of all, you should decide on the dimensions of cars on which it will be used. Passenger cars have enough shock gaykwert with a torque of 200 Newton per meter, SUVs need a little more-300-400 Nm, and trucks are suitable for a tool with minimum 600 nm.

Few people often want to repair their gaykort, and on the basis of this, everyone is trying to choose a more reliable and persistent tool for damage. The leaders in this industry are pneumatic and manual gaybortes. Followed by network and battery. The quality of the device largely depends on the manufacturer. Cheap Chinese pneumonskover can break faster than battery makita or aeg. It is better to familiarize yourself with the reviews and the history of the brand in advance than to constantly repair a bad tool.

The independence of the tool from connecting to a network or compressors is a certain plus, but if the scope is limited to 10-20 meters, then stationary models will be a more suitable option. For active work in a garage or automatic cushion, pneumatic and network nuts are ideal, as they do not require a constant replacement of the battery. It will be best to take on a long road, battery or more reliable, but less fast “meat grinder”.

Determining which gaykovert to choose for tire fitting, we all sooner or later come to the issue of the price of this device. If we consider a pneumatic tool with a storage margin for passenger tire fitting, the average price tag of all models is 6500. A compressor suitable for this tool costs an average of 10,000. Total, a working tool with a hose and a lubricator, will stand at 18-20 thousand. A decent figure, but the reliability of the tool and the efficiency of work, compensate for this drawback. A network tool, for the same goals, will cost much cheaper in 5-6 tons.P, and battery in 7-8. The manual gaykovert will not be considered here, since it is more suitable for massive connections, and on cars instead you can use a regular cylinder key easily.

In a car service where the mobility of the instrument does not play a serious role, the best option would be a pneumatic gaykoVert. For domestic conditions in the absence of a compressor, the optimal choice will be a network or battery. On long distances, drivers of heavy equipment, come in handy manual or a good battery gaykoVERT.

AMAZING DEVICE for EVERY HOME. Applying paint just got easier!

Yaki Gaikovert is painful than vibrati for car seres that tire fitting?

The painting gaykort for car seres is a pneumatic gaykowert with a temporal circle moment (600-1600 nm) TA KILKISTYA OBERTIV not more than 6000 on Khvvin. Takiy iztrument zho zhel with the users with the settings of the Vitrimati Intensivna.

Gaykovert battery: which one to choose

The next rather popular and convenient tool is a gaykowert with a battery battery. A big advantage of battery guituates is that they are acting freedom of action. Using a battery tool, you will no longer be tied to an electric outlet. If you need exactly a battery gaykover, which one is best to choose, we will tell you now.

For example, as you could already guess, one of the most important details in battery tools is the battery. Therefore, choosing a tool of this type, you need to choose a powerful battery and it is advisable to immediately buy a spare. So that the battery does not waste time for the time of recharging, but instantly start work again.

What are the gaykortes?

Gaikovert compared to electric screwdriver is more thundering and does not have a cartridge. He has a special rod at the end, on which the warden head is attached. The power of the gaycorte attached to the object is many times superior to the power of an electric screwdriver. With the help of the first, you can solve any “problems”.

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