What is a trimmer for grass and how to choose it

Today, almost every country or suburban area has a lawn or lawn with grass. It can be a small or large area. A lawn is a great place to relax and can also serve as a playground, soccer field, etc. д. But in order to keep it in order, it requires a lot of effort and time. Nowadays, there is a wide range of garden tools of all kinds, which help to properly maintain the site. It can be and common lawnmowers, they are used on large areas, and many other tools.

Not so long ago, manufacturers began to offer such a tool as a trimmer for grass. We can say that this tool refers to a kind of lawnmower and is a variant of the modern mechanized grass trimmer, it is very often called an electric grass trimmer. This design was invented in 1972. Due to its practicality and ease of use, it has quickly gained popularity among many owners of country houses and summer cottages.

grass trimmer consists of a long boom, which is attached to the engine, the cutting occurs at the expense of the working head. Grass trimmer cuts the grass thanks to a special line. The trimmer line spins strongly, forming a string and cutting the grass very quickly and cleanly at high speed. On the site, where planted a lot of bushes and trees, lawnmower can not help much, and the trimmer for the grass perfectly copes with hard to reach places thanks to its compactness, maneuverability and lightness. It is a practical and functional garden tool that is indispensable for keeping lawns tidy.

Correct. grass trimmer or lawnmower?

The word “grass trimmer” came to us with lawns from England. At its root is the English word “to trim”. to tidy up, trim. You may also hear several other variations:

which, grass, trimmer, better

In order not to get confused by the names, you need to understand exactly what all these words mean. Although the grass trimmer allows you to quickly cut the grass, the principle of operation is not like a scythe. Nevertheless, “lawnmower” is synonymous with “garden trimmer for grass. Sometimes you can hear the opinion that “brushcutter” should be called exclusively trimmers for grass with a gasoline engine. That’s not quite right. the meaning of “lawnmower” is exactly the same as “trimmer”. As for the prefixes “petrol-” and “electric-“, they mean the belonging of a garden tool to a certain type. About these types we will talk further.

STEP Choose by engine power, design, configuration

On what engine capacity trimmer for grass depends on its power characteristics. The more powerful the tool, the easier and faster it can cut through tough vegetation. For trimmers with high power, it is possible to install a variety of cutting accessories. At the expense of this, the functionality of the tool increases to a large extent. This is therefore a decisive factor in the choice of equipment.

It is worth considering that the price of more productive equipment is always higher. When choosing, you need to commensurate your needs with the size of the budget that will be needed to buy a mechanized grass mower.

Conditionally divide the engines into 3 groups according to their power characteristics.


For multi-purpose and semi-professional models

For a professional tool, for working on large areas

Type of outboard belt

Even if the work front is not too large, working with a trimmer, especially a gasoline-powered one, the operator experiences a sensitive physical load. Arms, shoulders, spine, and the whole body get tired from the weight of the tool, the need to control the position of the cutting surface to get a neat lawn. On areas with difficult terrain and in places where there are various objects, it is more difficult to mow the grass.

To make the mower’s work easier, reduce stress, and prevent quick fatigue, grass trimmers come equipped with suspension straps. Tool that weighs more than 8 kg: can’t do without a hanger strap. The simplest belt does not distribute the load evenly over the two shoulders, so it is not always comfortable. When buying a professional grass trimmer, it is better to buy it complete with an “unloader”. Backpack-type belt.

The grass trimmer kit may include one of 3 types of suspension straps:

  • Single: the simplest and cheapest, worn on one shoulder, it can ease the work of the mower, but is not designed to support a heavy tool, not adapted to intensive work for a long time.
  • Double belt: sits on both shoulders, evenly distributes the weight and is good for heavy equipment.
  • Sack with belt: even more advanced. The optimum distribution of the load to the mower body is provided, the back is relieved completely and vibration is not transferred to the hand.к. damping is compensated for by soft elements.

Boom: straight or curved?

Grass trimmers are equipped with a curved or straight boom. In the first there is no shaft as such, instead there is a metal cable that connects the motor to the gear. As a rule, a low-power motor is installed in these models, so their performance is not high, respectively, and the potential is lower. Example of a Makita UR 3501 curved-boom grass trimmer

There is an opinion that the tool with a bent shaft is more maneuverable, which is important, for example, when mowing grass near beds, between seedbeds, when working in uneven terrain. However, at the other end of the scale. less power and reliability of the flexible cord, compared to the rigid shaft.

Grass trimmers complete with a straight shaft are more reliable, because the rigid shaft is stronger and more stable than a cable. With this tool, you can not only mow delicate grass with a trimmer head. By installing a steel cutting disc on the boom (not relevant for all models), the tool is used to remove dead wood, weeds with coarse stems, woody growth, to trim bushes. The practical grass trimmer with a straight shaft is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Curved and straight boom. First. more convenient, the second. more reliable than

Boom: collapsible or not?

The mechanized grasshopper can be equipped with one type of boom:

Models with a non-collapsible (one-piece) boom are recognized as the most practical. Robust shaft with no extra connecting points allows the grass trimmer to be fitted with a high-power motor, a steel blade for removing large weeds and other demanding jobs.

The tool with a collapsible bar is more convenient to store and transport. The handle takes less space when folded. However, split shaft is not able, by virtue of design features, to provide the same reliability as a solid. The boom connector is a weak point, just like any other tool.

The grass trimmer with a telescopic shaft provides conditions for adjusting the tool to the operator’s height, which is convenient if it is used by people of different builds. Most electric models are equipped with a telescopic handle, and their selection is limited.

Choice of cutting tool (line for trimmer or knife)?)

Typical configuration of the grass trimmer includes a standard head with a cutting line (cord). The more powerful the tool, the more diverse the attachments you can put on it. Nozzles differ from each other not only by size, but also by manufacturing materials.

The table shows the available equipment depending on the engine power of the grass trimmer.


Grass wire up to 2.4mm, 2-blade and 3-blade blades

which, grass, trimmer, better

Steel blade, metallized lines for trimmer with a cross section of up to 3-4 mm, saw blades, cultivator attachments, etc.д. (for some models)

Grass trimmer selection

There are gasoline models (e.g. STIHL FS 55). Husqvarna 128R ) and electric grass trimmers (for example, STIGA SGT 1000 J).

The STIHL STIHL Grass Trimmer is a grass trimmer. and the first thing you need to do is to find out what you’re looking for. If your plans include making hay for the pets or fighting weeds in front of the house, then you definitely need a professional gasoline grass trimmer. But for each grass trimmer you need to choose the right cutting head. It’s best suited to the kind of stand you’re going to work on. If there are a lot of shrubs, fruit trees and rocks. you will need a cutting line for the trimmer, because when processing is extremely necessary to treat trees with care and do not break the metal knives. The shape and size of the blades are chosen according to the terrain to be treated.

Electric grass trimmers come in two types. with bottom-mounted motor and with top-mounted motor. Bottom-mounted grass trimmers are designed for regularly mowed lawns that are softer than normal grass. They have a shorter operating time, t.е. it needs to rest more often. Most importantly, these grass trimmers cannot be used to cut wet grass. top-mounted grass trimmers are more expensive, more powerful, and not afraid of wet grass. Thicker line for the trimmer, you can mow thick, tall grass.

Grass trimmers with an electric motor are almost silent, start with a simple push of a button, and do not pollute the environment. However, they are more difficult to cut thick weed stems and even dense grass. Its motor also needs a power supply that is often connected by a long power cord, restricting the mower’s freedom of action and threatening to hit the blade. Trimmers with built-in battery do not need constant communication with the outside world, but they can cut the grass for 20-30 minutes per day at most. All other time will be spent recharging their low-powered, heavy and very capricious in operation and storage batteries.

Gasoline grass trimmers are noisy and take much more time to service, in addition, their work is accompanied by a fairly high level of vibration. But this is nothing compared to its performance. Gasoline grass trimmer with disc and bobbin in one package. The most suitable tool for taking care of your garden, if you visit it relatively rarely. With a disk, you can already rush on the virgin soil and cut grass for the pets.

There are grass trimmers with curved and straight shaft. grass trimmer with a straight shaft is also called a shrub trimmer, as it can be used not only for mowing grass, but also for cultivating bushes.

Grass trimmers come with a D. with a figure handle (e.g. STIHL FS 38) and with a T. With a curved handle (like the Husqvarna 128R).

D. The curved handle is useful if you have short workloads but need a lot of maneuverability, such as when trimming shrubs, trees, paths, and hedges. A trimmer line is best suited for this application.

Т. The curved handle is easy to handle in an open space, and the movement you make will be similar to that of a scythe. These grass trimmers are designed to do a lot of work in large open spaces.

A number of manufacturers, such as MTD, produce grass trimmers with a connector that can be used to connect various attachments. So you get a scythe that can be turned into a cultivator, snow blower, lopper, or shrub trimmer. The ability to connect nozzles is not the only advantage that the connector provides. The battery-powered trimmers are easy to clean and fit in the trunk of any car.

When choosing a grass trimmer, you should pay attention not only to the price, but also to the ergonomics of its design and ease of operation, otherwise the care of the lawn can turn into hard labor. The balance of the mower, its ability to maintain balance during work, despite the vibration, and other factors significantly affect the quality of mowing. The more handy the handles or handlebars of the grass trimmer, the more manageable and safe it is. Mounting straps significantly reduce the load on the hands in the process of work, long enough detachable boom allows you to increase the coverage area, if necessary, without problems to transport the machine in the trunk of the car.

What a cordless grass trimmer is good for

Cordless grass trimmer for mowing the grass works neatly, carefully. It’s great for trimming and leveling out the most awkward places. By choosing a model with a powerful battery, you can install a knife instead of a fishing line and trim bushes, cut tough weeds.

The clear advantages of this gardening equipment include:

  • No need for a power cord or outlet while you’re working. It only needs a socket to charge the battery. So you can mow wherever you want, not just near the house. That’s compared to its mains-powered counterpart. And compared to a petrol mower, the hassle is reduced to “zero” altogether. No need for a gasoline canister, no need for refueling, no need for complicated gasoline engine startup.
  • Great maneuverability. Mow curbs with amazing precision, go around tree trunks without damaging them, duck under benches, and carefully trim grass in tight places. Maneuvering left and right, bending and turning with this tool is easy and simple.
  • Safe operation at the highest level. No flammable gasoline tank. No connection to the power grid, which means that you won’t get a shock even in the wet grass. The cable does not get tangled, it is impossible to cut it, because there is no power cord.
  • Environmentally friendly. No carbon dioxide emissions or air pollution. Unnecessary brush can be removed even indoors.
  • easy care. Electric motor does not need oil, filters, maintenance. The main thing. Remember to charge the battery on time.

Gas vs Battery Powered String Trimmers for a Lawn Care Business

The cordless grass trimmer is simple and reliable. It is self-contained in operation, and there is no hassle with the motor. It is clearly the best option for small lawns. Their location, terrain and structure are not important. With a powerful battery (or better yet. with two batteries) you can also tackle medium-sized areas. A very large area to mow with a cordless trimmer is not recommended. Still, its power is lower than that of its gasoline counterparts, it is not designed for long mowing.

Types of trimmers

First of all, grass trimmers are classified by the power source that is used to power this device.

Gasoline grass trimmers are powered by a two-stroke (rarely four-stroke) internal combustion engine. Such an engine is similar to those installed on mopeds and light motorcycles. It is for this reason, the gasoline grass trimmer got a second name. “lawnmower” (in particular for the sound it makes when working).

Gasoline trimmer for grass. this is a serious tool, capable of processing very extensive areas. Such devices use engines with a capacity of 20 to 60 cc. The power of them reaches four horsepower, so lawn trimmers are actively used for professional activities. They are purchased by public utilities. for urban lawn care, gardeners and landscape design masters. as a professional tool, the owners of small private farms that keep animals. for making hay, as well as those who have a large enough garden plot to trimmer electric grass to handle it failed, but not big enough to get a lawn mower.

  • large power range, allowing you to work with the densest, dense grass and even small branches. This makes gasoline grass trimmers suitable not only for mowing lawns, but also for working with shrubs;
  • the ability to use metal blades. As well as power, this makes the gasoline grass trimmer a more versatile tool;
  • autonomy. lawnmower is not tied to a power outlet (unlike an electric grass trimmer);
  • long periods of non-stop operation. On one fill, the grass trimmer can run for up to two hours.
  • high noise level. The crackling of the motorcycle engine in the vicinity is very fatiguing, so if you have to work long hours with a gasoline trimmer, it would not hurt to get earplugs;
  • exhaust fumes. The internal combustion engine works that way, and there’s nothing you can do about it;
  • maintenance. Actually, any device requires maintenance, but a battery trimmer especially. You will have to regularly wash the tank, monitor the oil level (for trimmers with a four-stroke engine) and gasoline (yes, and gasoline too, it is better to keep the tank full, because when pumping out the rest of the fuel in the engine gets all the sediment that is at the bottom, and this is not very useful for the piston system);
  • High price compared to electric trimmers.

The basic element of an electric grass trimmer, its “heart” is the electric motor. Due to the fact that these motors have a rather high weight to power ratio, a portable electric device can not be too powerful. Therefore, electric grass trimmers have their niche: their task is to handle relatively small areas with not very lush vegetation. According to the method of power supply, electric grass trimmers are divided into:

Grass trimmers that are powered tend to be more powerful than battery-powered trimmers. You can mow quite thick grass, they can cope even with small branches. Working with an electric trimmer in a large space is uncomfortable, as it involves the use of a long wire.

Cordless grass trimmers do not usually have much power. This is easily explained, because the electric motor in the trimmer performs quite energy-intensive work. Cordless grass trimmers do not usually have powerful motors, so they can run for as long as possible without recharging. And in this case, the charge is rarely enough for more than half an hour of continuous operation. The only advantage of battery trimmers over cordless trimmers is autonomy. Most often they are purchased in order to care for a small lawn near the house, or in addition to a powerful lawnmower for the treatment of hard-to-reach areas. But if the grass on your site is too dense, if there are often tough weeds or young woody shoots, it is better to get a network electric trimmer or gasoline.

  • environmental friendliness. This is also true, of course, for cordless trimmers. Unlike gasoline, electric grass trimmers do not produce harmful emissions, and you do not have to breathe them;
  • silence. Electric grass trimmers, unlike gasoline trimmers, are pretty quiet;
  • ready to work. This is especially true of corded trimmers, which are always ready for use. They do not need to be fueled, no need to prepare the oil and gasoline mixture. Plugged in and ready to go;
  • easy engine start: just press the button.
  • Limited radius of movement of the operator. This is true for mains-powered trimmers. To increase the distance you have to resort to the use of extension cords;
  • cord interferes with operation. Dragging the cable around not only limits your mobility but also hampers trimming: You might trip over the cable accidentally or the cutting attachment might trip over it.

This type of trimmer stands somewhat apart. If you have not decided yet, buy an electric or gasoline trimmer for grass, which is better. pay attention to this option. Multitrimmers can be both electric and gasoline-powered. The main distinguishing feature of this tool is versatility: the device is equipped with a whole set of attachments, which fundamentally change its functionality.

    The most common attachments include:

  • Trimmer spool with a fishing line (spool);
  • metal blade;
  • shrubbery cutter;
  • chainsaw.

rotating speed

RPM is almost always directly related to engine power. In a more powerful and productive technique, the number of revolutions of the cutting equipment is usually higher.

Generally speaking, the rotation speed is not the most important parameter, if the quality of the cut is not of particular importance. Higher speed models (from 5,000 rpm) make for more efficient and tidier cutting of dense grass. Much depends on the type and quality of the cutting attachment.

For example, some STIHL grass trimmers with 1800 watts only have a blade speed of 2800 rpm. At the same time, it is quite an expensive design, to the effectiveness of which it is difficult to pick on.

Technical features

trimmer for grass is a long rod, on which the engine, cutting nodes, devices for fixing when working with it. Note that the motor (electric trimmers) can be in the bottom of the grass trimmer (this reduces the power, but the cost of such a tool will be cheaper). If, on the other hand, the engine is on top of the grass trimmer, these are powerful enough models to tackle any task. As a cutting element, low-power grass trimmers are equipped with a cord (fishing line), which are designed only for harvesting grass and weeds. Powerful tools use steel blades or plastic blades. That’s why their range of applications is much wider (they can handle rough stems and shrubs).

On a relatively light and inexpensive trimmers as support during work, serves as a belt that is attached to the shoulder. When working for a long time with powerful and heavier models, there is a convenient and reliable mounting system in the form of a backpack with a belt.

The Makita online store wishes you a pleasant holiday at your dacha, as well as enjoyment and satisfaction with a great Makita grass trimmer.

Why you should buy a Makita lawn trimmer?

Electric grass trimmer. a new word in garden technology. A regular lawn trimmer is used when you need to cut the grass on a fairly flat lawn. And if your site is uneven or terraced? In such a case, you will be helped by Makita electric trimmer, which you can buy on our website.

Makita grass trimmer and its varieties

By motor drive, grass trimmers can be electric, battery-powered and gasoline-powered. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Makita battery-powered grass trimmer. This tool is attractive, first of all, by its mobility. No power cord allows you to use it in a significant distance from home. This Makita grass trimmer has low-noise operation, which is also a plus. Safety while working with it allows you to work in wet weather and mow wet grass. The only, but a significant disadvantage is a higher price (because of the battery) and the need for its periodic recharging, which does not allow for prolonged work.

The Makita electric grass trimmer is a more affordable model. This type of grass trimmer is different:

But the range of use is limited by the length of the power cord. As a rule, this grass trimmer can be used in the area near the house. Buy a Makita electric grass trimmer will not be difficult. You need only go to our online store and make a purchase in the comfort of your home.

Makita gasoline grass trimmer is very popular among our customers.The gasoline grass trimmer is different in that it is indispensable when working on large areas overgrown with grass. Possesses:

The disadvantages of this trimmer for grass is that it makes a lot of noise when working (it disturbs the rest of the surrounding people). Work with the gasoline engine is accompanied by the presence of combustion products in the atmosphere, which causes inconvenience when using the trimmer. Due to the fact that the grass trimmer works on gasoline, (the cost of which is constantly growing), the operation of such a tool will be quite expensive.

Our store also carries a Makita chain saw in its assortment.

You are familiar with the information on certain types of garden equipment, depending on your capabilities and requirements, choose and order any trimmer for grass on our website maklta.com.ua. Buy a grass trimmer Makita you can always in our online store.

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