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Planning grinding grinders (vibrational)

These cars have a mass of 1 to 3 kg, equipped with a rectangular sole with a clamping mechanism along the edges, which fixes grinding paper. There are models with the ability to fix the equipment to the sole with Velcro.

The sole makes reciprocating movements in the ring orbit, due to this, grinding or polishing is carried out. The power of the electric motor of this tool is from 150 to 600 watts. There are two types of soles: standard. 100 x 200 mm, and miniature options with a base of about 100 x 100 mm.

It is simple to make a choice here: mini.Grinding machines are suitable for narrow places, they are easier and more maneuverable standard.

Designed for delicate processing of large flat surfaces. Occupy an intermediate place in the purity of processing parts between the strip and eccentric. With the help of a flat.Grinding machine, the finish grinding of different surfaces is carried out: wood, plastic, stone.

Advantages: the ability to grinding and polishing internal angles, the availability of consumables and the moderate cost of the grinder itself.

Disadvantages: high noise relative to orbital.

Planning grinding (vibration) machines

If we take into account the cleanliness of the processing of parts, then the flat.Grinding devices occupy an intermediate position between the strip and orbital. With their help, finish grinding of flat surfaces made of a wide variety of materials is carried out. Plastic, wood, stone, metal Due to the relatively large working plane, PSM is suitable for working with a serious square. The secret of the popularity of vibrational grinder lies in their moderate value, the availability of equipment elements, as well as in the absence of dead processing zones (flat sole easily processes angles).

The main working body of a flat-grinding machine is a plate that with a small amplitude makes frequent reciprocating movements. The motor in such machines is located vertically, which makes it possible to translate the rotational movements of the shaft with the help of the “eccentric-converting” in the progressive movements of the platform.

Most vibrational grinders can traditionally boast of a power with a capacity of 150-300 watts, they are quite maneuverable, moderately easy and compact. A similar level of power plant is almost always enough. However, such a unanimity of manufacturers would be at least strange. There are models with a capacity of up to 600 W (Makita 9046). They, of course, are heavier and larger, but they can work at low speeds without overheating for a long time.

which, grinding, machine, choose

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Makita 9046

The most important indicator of PSHM is the amplitude of the sole stroke. In different models it may vary, although it is invariably relatively low. On average, the platform makes movements 1-3 mm in class, in more mobile models, 5-6 mm numbers (Festool RS 100) can appear. A large amplitude helps to polish the surface faster, but such processing will be more rough at the same time.

Another nuance is the frequency of the walking of the sole. At high speed, the machine quickly removes a relatively thicker layer, and at a lower frequency it is easier to achieve accurate finish grinding. Some manufacturers make the frequency of traffic of a variable platform, exceeding the mark of 20,000 moves per minute (Bosch GSS 280 AE L-BOXX), which allows you to adapt to the processing of various types of materials, to the features of specific surfaces.

Bosch GSS 280 Ave

When choosing a vibration grinder, individual attention must be paid to the platform. With its dimensions, everything is quite simple, there are two options: a kind of “standard” and “mini” models. A stove area about 100 mm 2 (Makita BO4557, Sparky MP 250). Kids are well suited for narrow, clamped places. Obviously, the sole should be of high quality, perfectly flat, with clumsy geometric shapes. Budget machines are equipped with a platform of steel or high.Strength plastic, and more expensive analogues are equipped with alloy sites of alloys with aluminum or magnesium (Festool RS 100). A good sole has an accurate balancing, which is easily determined by a small degree of vibration when working without load (idle). It is important what the overlay is made of, the most suitable option is a porous polymer, it is better than rubber, “holds” the plane.

Makita BO4557

Vibration grinding devices with a deltoid platform are distinguished in a separate class, the people call them “iron” (Hitachi SV12SH, Makita BO4565). Due to miniature sizes and good “cross-country” they are used to process objects with small details and complex surfaces, such as furniture, carpentry, elements of stairs, car body. Their triangular platforms are rotary. You can continue to work unevenly “eaten” with a petal petal (Festool Deltex DX 93E) or removable (with a quick installation of another type of site. For concave/convex surfaces, for structuring, polishing, grunts).


Festool Deltex DX 93E

The emery can be attached to the site in different ways. It is more convenient when the paper is fixed on Velcro, but a special equipment is relatively expensive. The option with spring.Loaded clamps is somewhat more complicated, but you can use inexpensive grinding paper, chopped with your own hand (it is worth only in the right places to make holes for dust remote).

The fight against fine dust, which is inevitably formed during the work of a grinder, sets many tasks before the developers. They have to work hard to protect all mechanisms. In this case, special sealing of the motor, protected bearings and switches, an impenetrable housing, a system of channels with forced dust and dustyness are used. So that the dust is removed from the working area and does not saturate the air, it is directed into a bag or filter bag, in most cases a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the pipe-this is the most effective protection method.

Eccentric (orbital) grinding machines

This type of grinder is designed for high.Quality processing. Delicate grinding and even polishing. This is their element, although the performance of such devices can be no less impressive than vibrational machines. They will cope with any material, most often Eshm you will meet with wooden affairs, car malear. In work with specialized, voluminous, curved objects, eccentric grinders have no equal, with the planes they also have no problems. The only thing where such a machine saves is in the corners and small recesses. The “plate” simply will not get there.

As well as flat.Grinding units, the “orbitals” have an eccentric and a counterweight by which the round grinding plate performs not only the movement around its axis, but also in the “orbit” with a small amplitude. Interestingly, the axial movement usually occurs by inertia, and in some models, it is forced (through a gear transmission. Kress 900 MPS). Such a complex movement of the working canvas, coupled with the highest speed of rotation, just allows you to get the surface of excellent quality, without recesses, waves and scratches.

From 200 to 900 watts. So much consumes motors of modern Ashm. Those that are more powerful, of course, will be more productive, they will easily pull the sole larger, up to 150 mm in diameter (for example, 400-vat bosch Gex 125–150 Ave or Interskol ASHM-150/600E).

Bosch Gex 125–150 Ave

which, grinding, machine, choose

By speed of progressive movement, orbital machines also have differences. If we talk about rotation, then this indicator can be from 4 to 14 thousand turns of an eccentric per minute for models with adjustment (Metabo SXE 425), and about 12000 for models without such. If we talk about the concept of “oscillation”. Then these numbers will be half as much. In fact, everything is simple, the higher the speed, the rude the processing will be, but the faster you can do the work.

Metabo SXE 425

The eccentric of orbital machines may not have the same “scope”-from 2 to 7 mm (Festool WTS 150/7 E-Plus). This is called the amplitude of the oscillation. The smaller it is, the less vibration the device generates, the more compact the plate walks, the smaller the area we process, but the cleaner the grinding. In some Ashm, the operator can establish a certain amplitude, affecting the performance and subtlety of grinding.

Compared to its counterparts (lshm and PSM), “orbitals” are usually well stuffed with electronics. We have already talked about the installation of speed and amplitude, in addition to this, the professional tool is supplied with a system of automatic frequency maintenance (Bosch Gex 150 Turbo) so that it does not fall under load. This is a constant electronics. Some models have an electrodynamic brake (AEG EX150ed K), which after disconnecting the “Start” button instantly stops the work plate, preventing damage to the workpiece and reducing the possibility of injuries. For powerful professional machines, a starter limiter (Makita BO6040) can be provided, which smoothly accelerates the tool, preventing the starting jerk and protecting the network from short.Term but increased loads at times.

Makita BO6040

We include very pleasant options to include a removable network cable, adjustable or removable front handle, fixing the starter, functional removal of dust.

Be sure to pay attention to the type of grinding sole. Firstly, if you need a particularly delicate processing, do not chase a large plate, it, by the way, has a dead zone more, and amplitude about 5-7 mm. The plate made of metal has stability, high strength and perfectly removes heat. Elastic plate cooles well with convex surfaces. All of them have a Velcro for fixing the emery and openings for the suction of dust. These holes for individual manufacturers can be different in size, quantity and location, on this basis you need to select a suitable equipment.

Among the most popular strip models, the following can be distinguished:

  • Bosch PBS 75 AE. Used for grinding lines and structures from a beam.
  • Metabo BAE 75. A device with a capacity of 1 kW, used to polish a dense tree.
  • Makita 9403. A grinder with a wide ribbon that allows you to treat floors, walls and large wooden products.

Important! Ribbon models create a lot of dust during operation and therefore it is necessary to use them in special rooms reserved for grinding wood.

Choose a grinder

To make a choice, you need to clearly understand the purpose of each type of grinding machine. At first glance, the principle of operation of grinding machines is the same. Grinding the surface of the material using abrasive equipment. In each specific task, one type of grinder will prove itself brilliantly, and the other will not give the expected result. For example, eccentric machines are not available for the treatment of internal corners, and vibrational grinders are within the power of this. We will analyze the types of grinding machines and determine the scope of each of them.

Eccentric slices are considered the most effective and universal tool for polishing and grinding surfaces. In industrial production and in private use, they show the best result in the quality of surface processing.

Polishing and grinding are possible thanks to the combination of rotational and eccentric movements of the sole. The sole rotates in orbit and at the same time scrolls around its axis. Such a complex movement of an abrasive allows you to effortlessly grind with a minimum number of disadvantages.

A machine weighing from 1 to 3 kg, equipped with a round sole with Velcro, to which an abrasive circle is attached on a felt basis. Soles are two sizes. Diameter: 125 and 150 mm. 125 mm soles are easier, designed for a smaller area and for more delicate work than grinder with a sole of 150 mm. Electric motors consume from 200 to 900 watts. Greater power provides greater performance. When installing equipment, it is important that the holes on the sole of the grinder coincide with the holes of the abrasive circle, otherwise the process of dusting will be difficult.

They are used for rough or delicate grinding on large surfaces, for interlayer processing of materials and coatings, for polishing, processing large surfaces along and across the fibers. Often, machines of this type are used in carpentry and machine gunners. With the help of Ashm, volumetric, profile and curved surfaces are processed. Working with an eccentric grinder, it is unlikely to spoil the workpiece: make grouts, burn the material or overdo it with a depth of grinding. The level of noise and vibration is less than other types of grinding machines.

The disadvantages are obvious: eccentric machines are not suitable for processing internal corners and recesses. Small performance in comparison with tape grinder.

Deltavoid vibration grinders

The peculiarity of this tool is a compact light case. The mass of the tool up to 1 kg; Delterine grinding sole, due to which these machines are called “iron”. Electric motor power up to 300 watts.

Grinding in hard.To.Reach places is carried out due to the fact that the triangular sole makes quick fluctuations with a small amplitude. Equipment (grinders) for this tool is not sold everywhere and it costs more expensive sketches on a paper basis or grinding circles.

Source of power

Energy to the working element can come from compressed air, batteries or an industrial network of alternating current.

Pneumatic (air)

The pneumatic tool is popular in the enterprises of the car service, since there is always a compressed air network, fed by a common powerful compressor with a large receiver.

The pneumatic drive is compact and power, which cannot be said about the sources of compressed air.

For the desired performance, they should be expensive and bulky, as well as supplied with additional devices for draining compressed air and supplying lubrication to the tool.

At the same time they work very noisy. The use of pneumatic grinder in an amateur garage is difficult to justify with something.

Nutrition from the network

The most common energy source for private use. Some inconvenience can create a power cord, but this is not critical. But such a technique is reliable, allows you to use additional functions, provides good power and costs inexpensively.


The direction of autonomous power supply of power tools is rapidly developing due to the appearance of light and powerful accumulators of significant capacity. There is a future for such an instrument, already now it is widely used by professionals.

But while mobile devices are expensive and need frequent charging. The latter does not cause inconvenience for lovers, they always have time to replenish energy. Therefore, you can save using a less capacious battery, which greatly affects the price of the tool.

TOP 10 of the best eccentric grinding machines for wood

In a review of the best models of eccentric grinders, budget and expensive units can be noted. The rating is represented by durable and convenient tools designed to process even and convex surfaces.

Einhell PXC TE-RS

The battery grinding machine maintains high maximum speed, the diameter of the nozzle is 125 mm. The circle moves with an amplitude of 2 mm, which provides slow, but high.Quality surface treatment.

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