Which washing is better than Stihl or Karcher

High pressure washing is a universal technique with which the surfaces are cleaned. It is used for washing transport, facades, tiles and so on. One of the most famous manufacturers of such equipment is considered Kerher and STIHL.

Place Model
one. Karcher K 3, 120 bar Prices Review
2. Karcher K 5 Compact (1.630-750.0), 145 bar Prices Review
3. Karcher K2 Universal Edition, 110 bar Prices Review
4. Karcher K 7 Compact (1.447-050.0), 180 bar Prices Review
5. Karcher K 4 Full Control, 130 bar Prices Review
6. Stihl Re 98, 120 bar Prices Review
7. Stihl Re 128 Plus, 150 bar Prices Review
eight. Stihl Re 163 Plus, 160 bar Prices Review
nine. Stihl Re 120, 140 bar Prices Review
ten. Stihl Re 119, 125 bar Prices Review

Types of section

There are a lot of views of the fishing line, you can not pay attention to the color of attention-as such general standards “color-characteristics” do not. An important factor is the type of cross section of the string, it is chosen depending on the type of grass.

  • Circle. A universal fishing line for a trimmer. Smooth when mowing is characterized by an increased noise level, twisted, on the contrary, mows quieter, but is consumed faster (like any type of twisted fishing line).
  • Square or polygon. Such a fishing line for a trimmer is more effective than round. Sharp corners cut the stems faster and better.
  • Asterisk, ribbed or twisted square. Has maximum efficiency and haircut speed.

It is important to know! It is strictly forbidden to use metal wire, cables or rods instead of fishing line. Such equipment easily cuts leather shoes and is able to seriously injure the operator.

The thickness or diameter of the spinning fishing line

The effectiveness of spinning fishing depends on the diameter of the fishing line, if it is correctly selected for fishing conditions. For catching not large specimens, there are enough fishing line, with a diameter of 0.2-0.25 mm. If the reservoir is purity, and sand is located at the bottom, then the thickness of the fishing line can be reduced. For ultralite rods, there is enough fishing line, 0.12-0.14 mm thick.

The thickness of the fishing line is selected for the weight of the lures: 25 g. 0.27 mm, 37 g. 0.35 mm and 45 g. 0.4 mm.

When choosing a fishing line, the rod test should also be taken into account: the test 1.5-12 g-the diameter of the fishing line is 0.12-0.16 mm, the test 7-30 g-the thickness of the fishing line is 0.25-0.3 mm.

In addition to the thickness of the fishing line, there are several more factors that are also worth paying attention to. Before purchasing a product, you need to get a maximum of information about it.

Monophile fishing line for trimmer

Monophile fishing line for a trimmer (monolescock) is widely popular among fishermen, since with its help you can catch any kind of fish. The main material of its manufacture is nylon.

When choosing, you should pay attention:

  • On the breakdown. It is indicated in kilograms and has a direct dependence on the diameter of the fishing line. For example, fish weighing 1 kg can be pulled out with a monoleser with a thickness of 0.12 mm.
  • Quality. Due to the integrity and smoothness of the fishing line for the trimmer, it serves for a long time. Unstable indicators of the thickness of the fishing line along the entire length lead to unpredictable gaps.
  • For real diameter. You can find manufacturers who do not accurately indicate the diameter of the product, unreasonably overestimating or underestimating.
  • For color. It is better to equip the tackle with a transparent fishing line. But this does not mean at all that other colors may turn out to be the worst: it all depends on the conditions of fishing.

The advantages of monophile fishing line:

  • Does not create much resistance when wiring lures.
  • Not afraid of low temperatures and does not change its structure in contact with water and frost. The only thing that becomes not so flexible.
  • Has a certain rigidity and is suitable for making leashes.
  • It has a certain stretch, which allows you to extinguish the jerks of fish, which can not be said about the wicker. Perfect for the development of spinning fishing principles.
  • Characterized by a certain invisibility in fish water.
  • Perfectly opposes various underwater surprises, such as stones, driftwood or shell.
  • It has excellent gliding, which does not allow you to wear out rings quickly.
  • For a monophile fishing line for a trimmer, more democratic prices.

Lack of monophile fishing line:

  • If you use thin monoles, with a low breakdown, then they are quickly torn.
  • If you operate for a long time under direct sunlight, then it can lose part of its properties.
  • An increased specific stretching has not only a positive, but also a negative effect: it poorly conveys the bite to the tip of the rod. In other words, the tackle is not so sensitive.
  • It has a memory. A fishing line for a trimmer can fix its position: being not on a spray, it leaves it with rings, which is not always convenient during fishing.

What types of trimmer knives are

Initially, we note that metal discs can be used not only on gasoline, but also electric trimmers. The main condition for the use of metal cutting knives on the equipment. In the design of the tool, the transmission mechanism (shaft or gearbox) should be a rigid type.

There are models of trimmers with flexible shafts, the design of gearboxes in which is represented by a steel cable. These are, as a rule, low.Power electrical grass drivers that are not intended for large loads, as well as household lawn mowers. You can’t use metal disks on trimmers with a flexible shaft (only plastic), as this will lead to a rapid failure of the gearbox.

What type of gear ratio is used on the trimmer is indicated in the technical description to the tool. If a trimmer for grass has a curved bar, then a flexible shaft is used in its design. Tools with direct bar can be equipped with rigid and flexible gearboxes, which depends on the power of the trimmer for the grass.

Trimmer knives are classified according to the following signs:

which, line, trimmer, stihl, better

  • Manufacturing material. They are plastic and metal. Plastic knives are less effective than metal, but they do not have a large load on the shaft and the drive mechanism of the tool. Plastic discs are used on electric trimmers and household benzos
  • The design of cutting devices. Steel discs are of two types. Blade and toothed (milling). Plastic knives are produced in the form of blades. Tough devices have a similar design with circular discs, and lobed have large flat knives
  • The number of cutting edges. The number of teeth and knives on the disks differs, which affects the performance of cutting equipment. On gear discs, the amount reaches 80 links, and on blade. From one to four pieces
  • The presence of additional spraying. Steel gears are additionally equipped with winning attacks, which allows you to use a tool for driving grass on mound surfaces. When the disk is contacted with obstacles in the form of earth and stones, the teeth are not deformed and do not dull, which is achieved due to the presence of winning attacks. Experts say that devices with carbide attacks do not serve for long. Attacks wear out quickly, and then the milling cutter is used without winning

Plastic knives for trimmers not only cost cheaper than metal ones, but also do not have high loads on the engine and transmission mechanism. This is especially true when the knife stumbles upon obstacles. The higher the elasticity of the cutting knife, the less likely the deformation of the plastic disks.

What materials are used for the manufacture of the cord

For the manufacture of consumables, various synthetic compounds are used. One of the best options is nylon, the basis of the product contains polypropylene and polyamide.

The main advantages of this material include:

  • Strength. Most of the buyers prefer this option only because of this indicator, but it is impossible to achieve it without proper storage. You can not leave a fishing line for a nylon trimmer in the sun, as well as in a room with negative temperatures. This chemical bond is destroyed, and the cord is almost immediately broken.
  • The second advantage is lightness. The indicator positively affects the maximum speed. This makes it possible to download more and more efficiently.
  • Even if during the cut of the grass the product stumbles on a stone or metal, there will be no serious damage, since the cord is completely resistant to mechanical exposure.
  • The latest advantage that will be decisive for many. Low cost. In addition, a fishing line for a trimmer is sold in many construction stores, so it is easy to find it.

But even in this case, fakes are found, for example, when additional materials or, even worse, cheap polyethylene are present in the composition. The main drawback of such a solution is quick wear that it negatively affects the quality of mowing. In order not to get into such a situation, it is recommended to buy original models, although the cost will be a little more expensive.

If a person is constantly working with vegetation, where thick stems are present, it is better to give preference to Cord 2.6-3.3 mm. Most of such products are made of solid graphite or special steel rods. This solution favorably affects strength and increases the life of the material.

Game changer (oragon mulching blade) stihl fs100 oragon mulching blade

Subtle cords are also sold in stores, where metal particles are present. Thanks to this, the strength indicators increase, which affects the effectiveness of the cut, so a person will be able to quickly clean the site from thickets.

which, line, trimmer, stihl, better

How To Replace A Coil On A Stihl FS Trimmer / Weed Whacker. With Taryl

The shape of the thread

Therefore, choose a fishing line for a trimmer of hair growth not only in thickness, but also in shape: the cord does not cut the stem, but interrupts it. The rotating column many times hit the surface of the stem and, in the end, separates its upper part. For such work, the shape of the cutting edge is an important technical characteristic.

  • The round is the most common because it is universal: you can choose it for mowing both fresh and dry grass. It is considered less noisy, especially spiral. But this option is not important in all cases. The fishing line for the trimmer of the gas trimmer for the grass can be arbitrarily noisy, one way or another, its engine is not heard during the engine operation.
  • Polygonal. From 3 to 6 faces. A sharp cutting edge copes better with rough thick stems. Yes, a 2.4-mm square cord is able to remove raspberries. It should be noted that with higher efficiency, the polygonal cord consumes faster and should be used only for its intended purpose.
  • Curly. Asterisk, ribbed, in the form of a twisted square with recesses, etc. D. Their “specialization” is different, which is desirable to find out in the instructions before the choice. Yes, it is recommended to use a star for mowing fresh grass, because it is less traumatic: the grass does not dry after mowing, as when using a round thread. The photo shows a cord of various shapes.

Production material

Trimmer fishing line is made of nylon. Polyamide or polypropylene. Cheap products may include polyethylene. This significantly reduces resistance to temperature and wear.

Polypropylene wire for a trimmer for grass, which is stored for a long time, can become fragile. It is recommended to soak in water 30 minutes before use.

Particles of aluminum are added to harnesses with a large diameter of 4 mm to increase strength.

Do not use cables and wires in braids: with such speed, wire fragments break through the leather shoes.

Cord reel: characteristics

Actually a trimmer head. This is a special hairpiece rogue for grass. A cord is wound inside it. Usually up to 15 m. The thread of the desired length is pulled out of it with a break or wear. When the fishing line for the trimmer ends, a new thread is inserted into the coil.

By type of cord feeding, the drums are divided into:

  • Manual. To lengthen the string, the device turns off and the fishing line for the trimmer is pulled manually;
  • Semi.Automatic. Activated by your favorite folklore trick: you need to mow your head with earth. When impact, the mounting mechanism is freed and the cord is automatically lengthened;
  • Auto. Here you need to reduce the speed, and then increase it again to the maximum: the coil will supply the thread with an increase in speed.

The trimmer drum for grass is also filled in various ways. With fast charging, you do not need to disassemble the coil, in ordinary cases you need to remove it and wind it manually. The video shows another way to replace the line.

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2.4. Star. This is if there is a desire to store hay. And for grinding. Round.

Curly shavings, to be precise. Round powder around.

Which line is it better for a trimmer?

We will begin acquaintance with the fishing line by studying its properties and the main characteristics. As you know, its strength is determined by the thickness. The thicker it is, the more reliable and the less suitable for fishing, especially spinning gear. It is estimated that an increase in the diameter of the thread by only 0.03 mm reduces the casting range by about 5 % and almost the same amount increases the abrasion of the fishing line itself. This is due to the fact that an increase in the diameter entails an increase in the friction area by three times. In addition, the sailing of the vein increases (both when casting and when wiring), the play of the bait, the clarity of the bite and subsequent hooks worsen. And the fish treats thick fishing lines with great distrust.

Spinningists. Professionals believe that for modern tackle the most acceptable threads with a diameter of 0.18 mm to 0.25 mm are most acceptable. What should be such a thin fishing line for a trimmer to withstand the jerks of the asp, pike or resistance of the catfish? The answer is simple. Durable. The strength implies not only its maximum breakdown, but also wear resistance, the ability to withstand a certain load on the nodes and during stretching, as well as some other specific properties. The totality of all these qualities determines the class of fishing line. True, as such, the classification of threads does not exist. But conditionally, they can be divided into three groups: mono.Fiber, watering and composite. The basis. All forests are synthetic polymer fibers. Kapron or amid. Amid (as they are also called, nylon) fishing lines are more durable than nylon, in addition they are waterproof (practically do not get wet) and are less affected by temperature fluctuations.

But all their advantages fade against the background of one drawback: they very poorly “hold” nodes. Even the most gentle knot reduces the strength of amid (nylon) forests by 50 %. Nylon (silon, deaderon, peral, amylan-the essence of the same) by 15-20 % weaker than nylon. They also get wet, increasing their weight by 20 %, their strength is reduced by 10-20 %. But the nodes “hold” excellent. The same sparing node reduces the strength of the nylon fishing line by only one tenth. So it turns out: what kind of fishing line for the trimmer is not taken, nylon or nylon, there is no difference.

Almost no, because the nylon when drying (he almost does not get wet) does not deform, does not give shrinkage, which means that the reel drum does not spoil. Does not need frequent rewinding. True, there is a way to increase the strength of the node. To do this, you need to connect the fishing line for the trimmer to the woolen thread and tie the knot with it, and then cut off the excess ends of the thread. Of course, the knot will become more noticeable, and this manipulation is not fast. And, as you know, there is always not enough time for the bandage or hook. In addition, amide fishing lines are more expensive than the Kapronovs. Everything that was said about mono-cone veins, consisting of a single thread of vague length, but a given diameter.

There are also polyvolonomal fishing lines. They appeared almost simultaneously with monovolonomous and are cords woven from many subtle nylon or amide fibers. Wicker fishing lines are able to withstand colossal loads for rupture. Modern braids with a diameter of 0.08 mm are eating at a load of 3-4 kg! And they are also elastic, do not lose strength with prolonged stay in water, on the nodes weaken only by 3-5 %. But for spinning, they, unfortunately, are not very suitable, since their thin fibers are easily abrupt, burst, so very quickly a wicker cord spoils. The cost of a wicker cord is 5-10 times higher than the cost of an ordinary fishing line of the same diameter. Therefore, the braids are used mainly for equipping fishing rods. Both the consumption is less, and there are almost no friction.

The most modern and most suitable for spinning gear are composite fishing lines. The most easy to manufacture, and therefore the cheapest of many types of composite forests are ordinary monovolonon threads covered with a special protective layer. It is known that 60 % of the strength of the fishing line is concentrated in its surface layer. Therefore, by increasing its wear resistance, you can create an excellent high.Strength fishing line for a trimmer without the use of special expensive technologies. This is what most manufacturers do. What do they not add to the polymer protective layer: carbon, metals, and silicon. And all additives justify themselves. With an increase in the cost of 15-20 %, the strength of the fishing line increases by 1.5-2 times.

Indeed, fishing lines with protective coating are resistant to abrasion, for a long time retain a smooth surface, almost do not split. With intensive operation, they withstand the season and two. They do not absorb moisture, quite strong on nodes, almost completely devoid of extension. But there is no perfection in the world! All of them, without exception, are too tough. The most durable of them are more like a soft wire than a fishing line for a trimmer. And a hard fishing line for a trimmer spoils the bandwidth and a flange of a spray, they, in turn, spoil the fishing line for the trimmer. In addition, hard fishing lines have excessive “memory”. When dropping a fishing line for a trimmer from a spool, remembering its shape, forms a serpentine, does not fit into the rings and confuses or, if not confused, lies on the water with a dense spiral. This suffers from the range and accuracy of the casting, the quality of the hook, the sailing increases. When winding the fishing line for the trimmer, it straightens and does not fit well on the drum, spring and jumps off it. And the color of the forests with a protective coating is specific-black, gray or dark brown, often does not correspond to the conditions of fishing.

Now let’s go back to the “dream” of the fisherman. Two or three years ago, second-generation composite fishing lines appeared on sale. Their manufacturing technology is complex and contained in secret. It is only known that they consist of microscopically thin fibers, sweaty and soldered into the thinnest pigtails, covered with a protective layer,

Containing monomolecular metal hairs. Randomotically intertwining among themselves along the entire length, the pigtails are immersed in a polymer, which is both the basis of the fishing line and its protective coating.

The breakdown load of the new items is 4.0 kg with a diameter of 0.1 mm; 10.0 kg with a diameter of 0.2 mm; 15.0 kg with a diameter of 0.25 mm and T.D. Nodes reduce the strength of this fishing line by only 2-3 %. It does not get wet at all, its specific gravity is close to the specific gravity of water; With significant loads, it is stretched by 5-10 %, and after the termination of the deforming effect is returned to the original state. In addition to everything, it is quite soft and completely devoid of “memory”. In the air it has a greenish or bluish, slightly fluorescent color, and in water it becomes almost transparent! Here it is. The dream of a fisherman! The cost of “dreams” once exceeds the cost of a simple composite forest of the same length and thickness. The dream is good to say!

Trimmer or disks fishing line?

In stores, there are often trimmers models in which metal discs are used instead of fishing line. There is an explanation for this:

  • The cord with the fishing line is in demand when it comes to mowing grass and vegetation in the territory where there are various obstacles in the form of stones, pillars or the same fence. With the help of flexible equipment, it will be possible to avoid a collision with obstacles during operation and reduce the load on the tool;
  • Metal discs are designed for mowing grass in the field, as well as in large parks, squares. They do a great job with thick vegetation, as well as with grass, which has thick stems.

The disadvantage of the disks is that in a collision with obstacles, their teeth quickly grind, which is why they have to be changed. In addition, such an accident leads to an increase in the load on the power unit.

A popular line of fishing line for grass is a round cord of small thickness. Such a fishing line for a trimmer will effectively cope with the mowing of lawn grass, and also help eliminate undesirable vegetation on the site and even trim the old branches of trees, shrubs.

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