Manual circular saw. For real men!

A manual circular saw is an excellent alternative to a well.Known hacksaw, which is very convenient to saw the boards across, but along. These are real flour. But the circular will make this lesson very fast, and the result will be much better.

This device appeared, thanks to Tabita Babbitt, which realized that sawing with an ordinary saw is effective only in one direction, so it created the idea of ​​a round disk spinning in one direction. And such thoughts crept in her during observation of men, like they, strong and healthy, spend 50 % of their abilities, moving the saw canvas back and forth, and work is standing and waiting. All this happened as much as 200 years ago, today a manual disk saw on wood has undergone many improvements and “overgrown” with various devices for the convenience of work.

This tool looks like an acute-toothed disk that can be installed on any more or less powerful unit with a torque. But due to the popularity of the use of this idea in repair and construction, an autonomous machine is now available, which serves only for the saw, and besides the disk there are all sorts of amenities for work, for example, fixers and stops. Such a disk saw with a guide holds the correct trajectory, you can even cut at an angle. There is also a device for collecting and releasing sawdust, which certainly form under the disk, but do not always fall down, but fly up, scoring important “organs” of the tool.

The modern market is full of models of this device for the economy. A stationary circular saw will look good in your workshop if you often engage in lumber cutting. And if you work all the time at various points of your site, or completely traveling around the objects, then your needs will fully satisfy your mobile copy, which has small sizes. A small circular saw can even become the result of your skillful hands, there are many instructions on how to make it yourself.

Criteria for choosing disk saws

Studying the technical characteristics of the models presented on sale, each master wants to find the best disk saw in quality and price. In this case, the tool must comply with the conditions of its operation, carry out a smooth cut in specific situations.

For each saw model, a certain disc diameter is selected

The main parameters that need to be evaluated when choosing a circular include:

  • Class. Saws are classified into household, semi.Professional and professional. The former are designed to carry out repair work at home. Their power (up to 800 watts) is enough for cutting plastic, wood and other soft materials. Low price is due to limited functionality and a small period of continuous operation. Semi.Professional models are quite universal. Their power allows for household and more complex tasks. Professional disc saws are designed for use in production conditions. Able to cut metal, stone, work without a break about 1 hour. Due to high power, they have large size and large weight. Therefore, they are inferior in mobility to the previous options. Characterized by a long service life, expanded functionality.
  • Source of power. Network models attract with high power, but they work only from the outlet. Carrying the material with such a tool at a height is problematic. In such cases, battery models are used. They will also be an excellent choice for the construction of buildings, when there is no electric network in them.
  • Type of design. In the production conditions (furniture workshops), stationary circular saws are used due to their high performance. Table options are more compact, mobile, designed for the average volume of work, so they are chosen for home workshops, construction work in the country. If it is necessary to cut holes with jewelry accuracy use submersible models. Hand units are considered the most convenient for work on construction sites, in the house.

After you have decided on the right type of circular saw, experts recommend evaluating the technical characteristics of the selected model. The main ones include engine power, the diameter of the saw disk, the spindle rotation frequency, drank depth, dimensions and weight. The convenience of operating battery models depends on the capacity of the power source.

The power of the electric drive affects performance, the highest rates (from 1.2 to 5 kW) have professional models. The diameter of the cutting disk can determine the permissible thickness of the processed material. Powerful tools are characterized by great weight. Therefore, using them in hard.To.Reach places or at a height will be difficult.

The cut depth is 1/3 of the diameter of the cutting element. A 165 mm disk is capable of cutting material with a thickness of 55 mm. If a circle diameter is 190 mm, then the cut depth is at least 65 mm.

Tools operating at high speed are characterized by the performance of a flat cut. At the same time, they are quickly warming up, so they cannot be used to cut some materials. The best circular should have a system for adjusting the speed of the disk, which will allow the master to independently install the parameter for the type of raw materials. The higher the battery capacity, the longer the tool can work without a break for recharging. This issue is less relevant in the presence of additional battery in a set.

Important selection criteria include the safety of operation and the ergonomics of the disc saw. Among the necessary functions, the engine brake, smooth start, adjust the inclined cut, blowing sawdust, protection against accidental inclusion are distinguished. Convenient and reliable grip guarantees a rubberized coating of handles.

The exact cut provides the ability to work with the guide tire, which excludes the deviation of the cutting element from the intended cut line.


The possibility of performing the sawing of not only wood, but also metal, concrete;

Good accuracy of the cut line due to the reliability of positioning the cutting element;

which, manual, circular, better

Using the unit, the master can carry out longitudinal and transverse cuts;

The best mini disk saws provide comfort for the work even in hard.To.Reach places, at a height;

Rapid processing of a large volume of materials;

High.Quality cut into the surface without the need for subsequent handling of the edge.


The impossibility of performing curly clippings;

higher cost in comparison with units that perform similar functions;

The disadvantages of the unit are often determined by its type. Stationary models are characterized by large dimensions and weight, the difficulty of setting up additional options. Desktop saws are characterized by increased engine noise, tangible vibration. When using submersible models, problems arise when cutting on the width of the workpiece, since this parameter has a small value.

Circular saws are sawn both wood and other materials

Submissive circular saw

When choosing which circular saw is better to buy, pay attention to a universal tool. He is able to start sawing from the workpiece, or rather its center. T.E. It allows you to make through holes in it. In the event that it is necessary to carry out just such a segment of work, then look at the below indicated top.

Makita SP6000 SET

Saw from a professional segment. Allows you to regulate the depth, as well as change the desired angle of cut. A disc is used for work 165×20 cm. In depth, the cut is 56 cm, and the inclination of 45 degrees is 40 mm.

The tool can be used to work on walls or floor. The cut can be made at a distance of 18 mm. It should be noted that such a device is suitable for installers who are engaged in the assembly of furniture. The thing is that it is distinguished by high accuracy and good cutting quality.

  • Equipment of electronic contents at the level;
  • Engine braking option;
  • It is possible to adjust the momentum;
  • There is a smooth launch option;
  • Equipped protection against overheating;
  • Quality corresponds to the price;
  • Engine power characteristics. 1.3 kW.
  • Weak characteristics of the sole. If the saw falls or is very hooked, then the mount may fall off. It is supplemented with 4 self.Tapping screws;
  • Good discs for a circular saw should look. It is better to take the kit together, paying attention to the fact that the move is even;
  • The use is more designed for carpentry purposes, but when sawing solid wood, it will not please the result.

Elitech PD1255P14

A device for accurate work is suitable. The configuration has a guide canvas, as well as fixers. All this will allow the tool to work on the processed surface. It will also be possible to cut in the intended area. All this is especially useful in the case of symmetrical work.

In size. This is a compact device. The handle is length. Due to this, the unit can be used using 1 hand. Part of the device from the upper part is covered with stripes with a rubber surface. Also in the presence of the second supportive handle.

The engine is equipped. In terms of power characteristics, it is 1200 watts. This is enough to cope with different types of materials. There is a special discharge where you can connect a vacuum cleaner.

  • The casing is made of durable metal;
  • The diameter of the drive is 160 mm, which is enough to perform cuts in a depth of 55 mm and 41 mm with angle;
  • The backlash in the places of the main attachment are not seen;
  • Shafts in the area of ​​bearings rotate;
  • The case is compact in size;
  • The size of the disk occurs on the market often, if necessary, it can be easily replaced;
  • 5500 revolutions at 1 minute enough to do the work.
  • High;
  • There is no rubber coating on the second handle;
  • Weight 4.8 kg, which is uncomfortable with prolonged work;
  • There is no brake disk;
  • Drinking tires can find a gap that needs ending;
  • 2 m cord, which is uncomfortable when moving in work;
  • Revolutions are floating if you change the type of load;
  • Lack of smooth launch;
  • An uneven sole comes across.

Bosch GKT 55 GCE

This tool belongs to the category of professional. He has an excellent set of options, both of the main and additional nature. Here it will be appropriate to indicate the possibility of smooth start, a system for supporting speed during operation, as well as adjusting their number. It is also convenient that this saw allows you to make a cut, both under an inclination and in perpendicular variation.

The manufacturer of the tool is the German company. Assembly quality and structural elements at the highest level. The Germans did not let down this time.

This is a very good model with high speed, excellent accuracy and ease of work. Everyone who had a tool with the tool notes that they can recommend it for acquisition.

  • The cut is even, clean;
  • The line of adjustment of the depth drank and the angle of inclination are set as accurately as possible;
  • In the case of registration of the tool in accordance with the serial code on the website of the manufacturer, the warranty on it will be up to 3 years;
  • Tires from other manufacturers can be used successfully.
  • You have to buy the guide tires, as it is inconvenient to work without them. The dimensions should be 800, 1600 and 1100, and it is better to pay attention to new elements;
  • The adjustment of the angle is not accurate;
  • The price is high. She will pay off if you use the tool professionally.

TOP-10 best hand disk saws in quality and reliability

When choosing a circular saw for a home, you can study a review of the most reliable models. The user rating contains instruments with moderate price, but good quality characteristics.

Hammer CRP 1500 D

The battery circular saw for the house copes well not only with wood, but also with metals. Suitable for the workshop and for garden work, has a performance of 1.5 kW, equipped with a laser that ensures the accuracy of the cut. The lock button from random start is responsible for the safety of the tool, you can connect a vacuum cleaner to the device so that the sawdust does not fly away in all directions.

Makita HS7601

The popular manual saw of 1.2 kW is suitable for cutting vertically and at an angle. Maintains a speed of 5200 rpm per minute, copes with both wood and metal or gypsum. The width of the disk is 190 mm, when working, the device does not make noise as loud as other circular models. You can connect a construction vacuum cleaner to the saw.

Among the advantages of the tool, users also note a cast metal base, rubberized handles and the absence of backlash. Included with the model are 2 additional disks and parallel emphasis.

Military DS1250

Inexpensive circular saw for processing boards, wooden bars and soft metals has a power of 1.25 kW and comes with a 185 mm disk. Food receives from the mains, weighs only 3.4 kg, it is easy to transfer it from place to place. During operation, it almost does not vibrate, but the model has a minus. Blocking from accidental inclusion on the case is not provided.

Bort BHK-185U

The circular saw with a 185 mm disk copes with wood and other materials up to 64 mm thick. Convenient to control, has an ergonomic case with a rubberized handle. Supports maximum speed 4500 and quickly carries out sawn. The disadvantages include a weak fastening of the screw responsible for adjusting the depth of the cut.

Status CP90U

A universal saw has a capacity of only 0.6 kW, but operates at a speed of 5500 revolutions per minute. The diameter of the disks is 89 mm, the tool is suitable for both wood cut and metal processing to a depth of 3 mm. The model is equipped with a laser sight and parallel emphasis, they improve the quality of work and help to observe the clarity of the lines.

Blackdecker CS10004

High.Quality and easy to manage the circular saw is suitable for processing wood of any hardness. The device weighs only 3.6 kg, eats from a household network and has a power of 1.4 kW. A wide disk nozzle can cut not only vertically, but also at an adjustable angle up to 45 ° C.

Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit

Medium.Budget circular saw with a low capacity of 0.45 kW supports 6,000 revolutions and is equipped with a disc with a width of 85 mm. Can cut to a depth of 23 mm.

Important! The model is very miniature and almost does not take up space in the apartment, it can be freely placed on the balcony or in the pantry.

Interskol DP-210/1900 m

The circular saw has high.Quality assembly without signs of backlash. It comes with an aluminum base, receives power from the network and supports 5,000 revolutions at a power of 1.9 kW. The model is capable of carrying out both straight and oblique cuts with a disk canvas with a width of 210 mm. Among the advantages, it is worth noting the presence of a smooth start that protects the engine from premature wear.

Diold DP-0.55 Matt

The domestic production unit is suitable for wood and metal. It differs very small mass. Only 2 kg. With a small power indicator of 0.55 kW, it makes 4500 revolutions per minute, and the width of the disk is 85 mm. The tool is capable of cutting a depth of 25 mm.

Smooth start and maintenance of constant speed, the model does not provide. But it can work with a guide tire that significantly increases the clarity and accuracy of the cut.

Bosch GKS 190

A small circular saw with a 190 mm disk easily copes with a dense woods. The device is equipped with a 1.4 kW engine and has a high nozzle rotation speed. 5500 revolutions. Can perform inclined cutting up to 56 °, is equipped with a turbinator to clean the working area from chips and sawdust.

Circular saw rating with smooth start

Smooth start ensures safety and convenience in the process. When starting, the current is limited, the turns are gradually gaining. This excludes the output and jerking of the tool. Which disk saw with a smooth start to choose for home? Below is the TOP models that will help make the right choice.

Makita HS301DZ

The rating of disk saws for the house includes this saw makita. It is suitable for transverse, longitudinal and rectilinear sawing of wood. There is a degree scale that set the angle of cut. There is a spindle lock, a holder for a mounting key on the case, an ergonomic rubberized handle. There is no charger and battery in the kit.

Disk size. 85 mm;

The diameter of the landing hole is 15 mm;

How to prevent circular saw from kickback

Display depth (90 °). 26 mm;

Tilt angle. 45 °;

Rotation speed. 1500 rpm.

Makita DCS552Z

Drinking device in blanks made of soft steel. The risk of injuries is minimal, since there is a protective casing on a working base of the disk. There is a handle with an anti.Slip coating, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner, engine brake, smooth start and backlight. No charger and battery.

Disk size. 136 mm;

The diameter of the landing hole is 20 mm;

Circular Saw Safety

Sprinking depth (90 °). 50.5 mm;

which, manual, circular, better

Rotation speed. 3600 rpm.

Parma 255d, 2300 watts

Tool for longitudinal and transverse cutting and cutting at an angle of 45 °.90 ° blanks made of wood and plastic. Reinforced cast metal soles provides a long.Term operational period. There is a connection of a vacuum cleaner, a random inclusion block and a smooth start. The possibility of installation in a stationary position.

Disk size. 255 mm;

The diameter of the landing hole is 30 mm;

Display depth (90 °). 90 mm;

Rotation speed. 2300 rpm.

Makita SP6000, 1300 W

Saw for neat and quick sawdust in plastics, wood of different breeds, chips oriented massifs, wood.Based laminated slabs. The model provides for damper that minimize the level of noise and vibration. There is a connection of a vacuum cleaner, smooth speed control, engine brake, electronic motor protection, smooth start. Complete set. Key and sawing disk.

Disk size. 165 mm;

The diameter of the landing hole is 20 mm;

Display depth (90 °). 56 mm;

Rotation speed. 1300 rpm.

Using a good circular saw for the home, you can increase the performance and speed of repair and construction work. The main thing is to choose the optimal model. And this will help to study the characteristics and rating of the best modifications.

Manual circular (disk) saw. Which saw is better for home and cottage and why it is better than a corner grinder

Those who make repairs work in the workshop know how various assistants-tools are needed. Manual circular saw is a reliable and safer tool for rectilinear cutting of metal, wood, polymers, etc. Materials.

Disk saws differ in type, purpose, work from the network or battery, and the type of materials. Household tools are designed to a depth of 65 mm. Professional models for a depth of cut up to 140 mm.

Hand disk saw. Light, comfortable tool. Can be quickly transferred to any place. It is sometimes impossible to cut leaf materials on a stationary machine, and a hand tool is just suitable for this.

Battery models are suitable where there is no way to connect to the network. For example, roof work. Network saws are more powerful and weigh more.

Tools differ in type of material processed. There is a metal. This is a more universal tool that is suitable for cutting metal profiles, sheets, pipes, etc. Suitable for wood, plywood, plastic. You need to use a special disk for steel.

Unlike corner grinder, a circular disc can be cut at an angle. When cutting, does not heat the material and makes a cut without burrs. Due to this, a manual circular is more productive than an angular grinder. This is evidenced by the reviews of the owners.

Disk circular for wood is used for sawing different wood. Choose a disc with a large number of teeth (it will last longer, and drink it will be even, without chips).

There are tools with a capacity of 800-1200 watts. Good for working in your own workshop. Drink depth can be up to 65 mm. If you choose a tool for a home workshop, then only with such characteristics.

If above 1200 watts the depth of the cut up to 150 mm. Not used in a home workshop.

The tools are equipped with overload protection. If this happens, then the saw turns off, which helps to avoid overheating of the engine. Some models have a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner or dust bag. So work in the workshop will be cleaner, without dust and dirt. This is another difference from corner grinding and electrician.

Smooth start will relieve any jerks during initial work and extend the motor resource.

Before buying, you should look at the power, speed of rotation, the depth of the cut, which wheels need to be bought, is there any way to work under the slope. It is better to choose with a cut depth of no more than 50 mm.

Prefer a universal disk saw preference.

The best disc saws in many reviews: Makita HS7601, Bosch GKS 190, Interskol. Relatively inexpensive circular saw DEXTER Power.

Types of circular saws

There are many types of circular saws depending on the type and size of the processed wood, location of the device, as well as the frequency of its use.

Depending on the place of use of the tool, it is divided by the type of constructive performance:

  • Stationary machines. Installed in workshops, production workshops or on sawmills. Designed for prolonged work and harvesting of a large amount of material.
  • Desktop. Machines convenient during transportation and device at a construction site, for work throughout the time the building is erected, such saws are also called end.To.End.
  • Manual. Compact circular saws used to ensure fast cutting of piece materials from wood with small volumes of work.

Depending on the purpose of use, the tool has a different work resource, engine power and the strength of the main elements of the case.

  • Professional. Reliable expensive equipment intended for prolonged continuous operation, for example, in the implementation of commercial activities in the trade material trade.
  • Household. Can be used in gentle mode at home or in the country, work without interruption for several hours a day with interruptions in order to avoid overheating of the motor. The performance of such saws is lower than that of a professional tool.

Before buying a circular saw, you must verify the quality of the disk as the main working body. Teeth and steel from which it is made must correspond to the type of material processed. If the condition is not met, this accessory is purchased additional.

We previously already considered:

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

When buying a circular disc saw, it is enough to focus on the main parameters of the tool:

  • Power. Selected taking into account the thickness and density of the processed material. Power is small-up to 0.8 kW, average-0.8-1.2 kW and large-more than 1.2 kW.
  • Weight. Always on weight, so it is more convenient to work with a lightweight model.
  • Sprouted depth. Depends on the disk. For household tasks, there is a 40-50 mm indicator, for professional-from 60-70 mm.
  • Speed ​​- affects the performance and possibility of cutting different materials. The higher the indicator, the more dense materials can be sawed.
  • Work at an angle. Most of the tools are used for direct sawing and floor with an angle of 45 degrees. There is a model with a rez under 60 and 90 degrees.
  • Diameter of the discs. From 130 to 250 mm.
  • Additional functions. Facilitate the work with the tool. Among them are smooth start, laser marking, sawdust collection, engine blocking from random launch, stationary chips removal system.

Overview of the characteristics of the saw with the battery

If you prefer autonomy, then it is best to choose a battery model, but you should be prepared for less performance. Among other things, the rotation frequency will also be much lower than in electrical circulators. Such models do excellently cope with wood of small thickness and low density. As practice shows, the battery’s charge may be enough for 30-50 minutes of work, after which the battery will need to be charged. This can cause certain inconvenience, since charging sometimes lasts up to 4 hours.

You will have to use 10,000 equipment for the model in conditions of de.Energized buildings, which most often relates to construction sites. The speed of rotation is 5000 revolutions per minute, and the diameter of the circle used is 165 millimeters. The weight of the tool is small and equivalent to 3.2 kilograms. Among the features, one can highlight the adjustment of the angle of cut and the depth of cutting. The master will be able to carry out a quick replacement of the disk. The tool is equipped with a support magnesium sole, an indicator of the charge level, as well as built.In backlight. The operator will be able to connect the vacuum cleaner to maintain the workplace clean. During operation, it will be possible to use one or at once with two hands.

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