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Having enough desire, time and straight arms, you can easily create a cutter for a walk.Behind tractor. Active cutter for a walk.Behind tractor with your own hands can be made with your own hands. The cutter of the walk.Behind tractor is attached to the trailer device, like any other attachment, like a harrow.

The purpose of the equipment

Using a single.Axle tractor with an active cutter, you can process soil processing of different types. Frases, in this case, affects the following factors:

  • Final quality of plowed land;
  • How convenient it is to manage the motor block;
  • How efficiently the power block works;
  • How reliable the transmission is.

Both manufactured in factories and the cutters made independently-this is the working body of a walk-behind tractor when something is required to plow. Knives called “Goose paws” are very common. They can be placed to loosen the soil, create a certain structure for a specific layer of earth. They can also destroy weeds right during the processing of arable soil, the main thing is not to forget to grind.

It should be remembered that the material that served as the basis for knives installed on a single tractor directly affects how good and deep the soil will be. If you do not know how to make a good cutter or how to install the cutter you created on a single tractor.

It is generally accepted that hinged cutters for motor blocks created using forging with a self.Stream. Better than the rest. You can create a similar mill yourself, using stamped sheets of steel as a basis. Such mills will have a cutting edge, which will need to sharpen.

Common varieties

Most often from such sheets, cutters of goose paws for motoblocks are created. But there is another type, it is called “active” or “saber.Shaped” milling. They are considered the most suitable for most work with land, their effective work is confirmed by many years of research in the field of agriculture. In order to make a cutter for a walk.Behind tractor, you will need high.Quality carbon steel, which has an increased coefficient of strength.

Active knives have a collapsible design, which distinguishes them from other varieties of milling. This feature will traditionally allow you to collect and set active cutters in the most record time: within a few minutes.

High-carbon steel from which such active knives are made can not be welded in any way. To increase the characteristics of the mechanical strength of this type of product, a thermal cutter is used during their creation, they are also processed with high.Frequency electric current.

Frases, nicknamed by “goose legs”, is used in cases where it is required to plow rocky and uneven soil. There is an average value of the permissible speed of working with milling cutters and a cultivator. From two to five kilometers per hour, otherwise no one can guarantee a long milling service.Remember that if there is clay soil on the site that you are going to treat with a carbon steel mill, then the knife should be regularly inspected for defects.

Assembly features

The assembly of cutters for a walk.Behind tractor requires to prepare the corresponding drawings of the device in advance, because if you collect the cutter incorrectly, then when working, the motor.Cultivator begins to deviate from the selected line line. As a result, land cultivation will be significantly difficult. Freze blades must be inserted into the nests specially created for this and fixed in them using bolts.

Especially a lot of attention should be paid to the process of placing the cutting edge of the petal. The installed element must be placed in the direction of movement so that the sharp end can unhindemically penetrate the soil and leave behind a good trace. A properly installed cutting element will help you avoid typical errors, which usually pursue beginners using a rotary uno.Based tractor on their site.

An additional section of the knives should be fixed on the main section, using the pin for this. Also, a metal disk must participate in the design of a heavy motor block, which must be connected to the frame using the bolts intended for this.

How many blades your walk.Behind tract will be determined in advance and choose their number wisely. So. With an eye on the power of the motor block motor. You can assemble cutters on a single tractor by applying more than one axis, but several. When collecting a four.Seized mill, remember the sequential location of the knives on the left and right.

Personal manufacture

To independently create a cutter for a walk.Behind tractor, you will need to take:

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  • A pipe with a diameter of 42 millimeters of metal, which has already been mentioned above;
  • Welding device;
  • Corner grinder, that is, a grinder of the corner variety;
  • You will also need a scheme that you will use by collecting the cutter.

If you want to create a single.Axle tractor with a milling mill, you can use the former plate from a car spring as a basis. When you make a blade, fit it in size and bend it at the angle that you need. Using a welding machine, weld all the cutting parts to the tube. Sharpet cutting of a walk.Behind tractor occurs when you collect everything together. When the design is assembled, you should dock with the hitch of the walk.Behind tractor, and adjusting it. Already during the trial launch.

Types of milling plants for Neva

First of all, the question arises before buying cutters, and what are they actually they are? Now the most popular two types of mills:

They have their differences in purpose and form. Let’s dwell on more on what their differences are?

Sable.Shaped mills

This type is considered a standard option for cultivation. Sable cutters successfully passed the test of time, and proved their effectiveness.

It should be noted that in the standard configuration with the Neva walk.Behind tractor, this type of milling is going on.

Raw materials in the manufacture of saber.Shaped mills. High.Quality steel with high carcade. This metal itself is very durable. But to achieve even better metal density, it is additionally stabbed and undergoing electric shock at high frequencies. Thanks to this, the final product is strong and reliable.

Sable.Shaped milling mills. Because this steel is not susceptible to welding. Therefore, all compounds occur using bolts.

This is how the cultivation of the Neva with saber.Shaped mills occurs:

Frases to the walk.Behind walkway “Goose paws”

This model has recently gained its popularity and is applied along with the “Sable.Shaped cutters”. It is mainly used in the cultivation of more solid soils.

A distinctive feature is that this milling cutter is solid, not collapsible. This gives her additional strength and allows you to work with virgin lands and successfully fight a lot of weeds.

In its standard form, it has the following dimensions:

With such dimensions, the weight of such a plow is about 16 kg. And the maximum soil processing speed is 5 km/h.

The disadvantage is the material from which “goose legs” are made. This is ordinary carbon steel of which the density is not large. And it often breaks or bends when working with increased loads. But on the other hand, with such strength, the plow is easily welded and further repairs.

This is how the cultivation of the Neva by the “Goose legs” cutters occurs:

Protective disk on cutter

To ensure the safety of operation at the end of the cutter, a protective disk must be installed.

Thanks to it, you can clearly adjust the area of ​​the processed surface and prevent the accidental cultivation of plants or flowers in the garden, or other crops.

Freak complete with a walk.Behind tractor

You can choose a single.Based tractor with various technical characteristics, engine power, types of fuel consumed, and even a cooling system. But choose the type of milling cutter in the kit. You can’t choose.

Almost all air cooling motoblocks and cultivators are sold with such a milling cutter, the difference is only in its size.

Axis, with welded plates, in the amount of several pieces;

Such a milling cutter can consist of several sections with knives interconnected by a bolt connection. The number of sections and, accordingly, the width of the capture can be adjusted.

How to make cutters on a single tractor with your own hands

For the manufacture of soil.Graders, a small set of tools and materials will be required. It includes:

  • Welding machine;
  • Corner grinder;
  • Metal pipe with a diameter of not more than 40 cm;
  • A sheet or pieces of metal (preferable to steel) for cutting plates.

Features, controls general use of Grillo G110 walk-behind tractor

The size of the knives is selected individually depending on the conditions of soil processing. Agricultural manufacturers recommend making cutters whose diameter does not exceed 50 cm. In this case, the risk of breaking the home.Made design during operation will be lower. The blanks are pulled, and then welded to the metal pipe. The phased scheme for the manufacture of saber.Shaped milling cutters is as follows:

  • Causing blanks are cut out of the steel sheet. To do this, the finished drawing is printed on the sheets of paper, cut out and glued to a metal sheet. The first part is cut along the contour, and then used as a template for the remaining knives.
  • The resulting flat parts are pulled: the first half on the left side, and the second. From the right. Make sure that the parameters of all cutting elements coincide.
  • The blanks are bent according to the drawing. To do this, use the assistant device consisting of a pipe parallel and angular stops.
  • The conductor is made, and then welded into a solid structure, additionally attaching the studs and fixing the workpiece with a clamping plate.
  • Flanges weld to the shaft, creating the right and left blocks. They are placed at a distance of 10 cm and at an angle of 45 ° in relation to each other.
  • The last stage is the assembly of law and left-handed knives using nuts and bolts.

In the manufacture and operation of milling plants, they must comply with safety precautions and rules prescribed in the instructions. Before starting work, the cutting plates are located above the ground. In the process of work, the knives should be immersed in the ground slowly and smoothly.

Soilofors. An important part of any motorcycle unit. They are bought in specialized stores or manufactured independently. In any case, the structure has to be assembled independently. If you do not make errors during the assembly, installation and operation of such components, they will cultivate the soil more simple and fast.

Which mills are better

Sable.Shaped nozzles are suitable for any soil. For plots with stones and large roots, it is recommended to use hinged mechanisms with high operational indicators. In active mills, knives do not break due to the quality of manufacturing material. The cutting elements are characterized by maximum reliability, strength and durability. Installation of cutters is carried out on cultivators.

Goose legs are characterized by a large patency of the cutter in virgin lands, untouched by agricultural equipment, as a result of which the soil is easily and quickly processed, earthen lump is thoroughly crushed, mixed at a depth of 30-40 cm. They are convenient for cultivating the earth of rocky and solid types, weed fighting and are installed on both motor cultivators and motoblocks.

The disadvantage of the gun is less strength. During operation, knives must be constantly inspected for damage and repair. The material of goose legs has not such high strength characteristics as alloyed or high.Carbon steel, nevertheless, is well lend itself to welding processes. With a breakdown or crack of cutting elements, the product can be repaired at home with minimal costs. This quality is the main advantage when choosing a cutter.

Pros and cons of cutters “virgin”

The disadvantages can perhaps include a slower work, but this is not sacred, you won’t accelerate on the virgin lands. As a disadvantage, one can also note that in the process of cultivation, the soil is pushed away from the center to the edge. Not a large groove is formed and the land will require subsequent equalization.

The pluses are difficult to overestimate:

  • Better than other existing mills cope with the virgin.
  • Great depth of cultivation.
  • Perfectly loosening the soil.
  • Very reliable and strong design.

So, we can safely conclude that for better processing of your land plot, do not opt ​​for a factory cutter. If you go to increase the productivity, reduce the load on the unoic tractor and save time and effort. We recommend choosing the “Goose legs” cutter. If you have a severe development of a virgin site. Your choice of Grontofrey “virgin”.

Motoblock cutter diagram and device

Thanks to the saber.Shaped form, the cutters for the walk.Behind tractor are safe in operation. If the one.Axine tractor ran into the root or stone, the cutters lift it like the wheel of the car, while continuing to continue processing. If the cutters are straight, then they can catch on an obstacle and overturn the one.Axle tractor. The consequence may be the loss of equilibrium by the operator and a possible fall into cutters.

Knives are attached to the plates that are welded to the shafts at different angles. Thanks to this, cutters enter the soil smoothly, in turn. This favorably affects the transmission of the walk.Behind tractor. Carbon steel is used for the manufacture of knives. If there is access to the forge using the springs, you can make such knives. For the manufacture of other parts, the following steel brands are used: ST-25, ST-20, ST-10, which are easy to welcome to welding.

We collect mills for the uno.Based tractor correctly

Most component models are disassembled. Not everyone can assemble them correctly. We give the instructions. For small.Sized technology, collecting knives will not be difficult. Put and fasten the blades into the installation holes with bolts. When assembling the cutting part, place in the right direction. They have a factory marking. L. Deployed to the left side, r. To the right. Fix the next part with the previous one using a pin and hairpin. Using a bolt, fix a cutting disk. Since the technique differs in power, the number of sections varies from 24 to 40. Sets of four petals are collected in stages. To simplify the installation process, distribute them to the right and left parts. To assemble mechanisms consisting of three blades, it is necessary to fix the first blade with a bolt on the axis. To fasten the next, it will be necessary to remove the bolt. Install the first plate on the outer edge, the remaining two should be fixed from the internal. Each line has a marking r and l. The quality of the work performed depends on the correctness of the collected cutters for the walk.Behind tractor. Will dwell on the assembly of three.Lobed mechanisms.

The combination of fragments of the cultivator with three flanges can be divided into three stages:

We begin to construct from the right compartment. We select the cutting parts of the right side from the kit, the shaft, prepare the fixing tool. We place the shaft on the table so that the outer edge is from above. Put the knife on the shaft so that one of its faces coincides with the side of the flange and covers the hole located in the center. The next tesak is at an angle. The holes must coincide. Now we make the resulting design with a bolt, washer and nut. From above two knives, at an angle from the second we fasten the third. The holes must match. First, make the assembled design using fasteners, then tighten it with the keys. We go to the middle. We put the cutter on the flanz so that it is in the middle of two identical elements of the first level. There should be no parallels between the cutting parts of the middle and first level. The rest of the knives are attached to the identifically collected cutter. Start the assembly of the internal section with the location of the first knife. It should be parallel to the first row and figuratively separate the space between the middle knives in half. Install the remaining dies and secure the result with tools. Using the instructions given above, you can collect motor block cutters in a short period of time and without someone else’s help.

Is it necessary to sharpen mills on a single tractor. We understand together

It is quite difficult to give a definite answer to this question in view of several factors. Firstly, the recommendations of the manufacturer of the milling. Some companies engaged in the production of high.Quality equipment for plowing soils do not advise sharpening cutting elements, as this will lead to a deterioration in the effectiveness of the milling and the loss of a guarantee for their maintenance. Other manufacturers, on the contrary, recommend that the milling mills be sharpened before each season of operation of the walk.Behind tractor.

The second important factor is the result that can be sharpened milling cutters. The only, but very important plus that this procedure gives is lightness in the process of cultivation, because pointed cutting knives will be much easier to delve into the ground and effectively plow it. The minuses of sharpening are the need to carry out the dismantling and installation of equipment on a single tractor every time. Another very important drawback is the ability to grind the roots of weeds deeply hidden in the ground, which will lead to their intensive vegetative propagation throughout the area of ​​the garden.

The third factor is the type of processed soil. If the soilfire on the walk.Behind tract is used mainly in order to process hard clay soils and virgin lands, then sharpening cutting knives will help to plow such earth faster and better. If the soil in the garden is soft, then to sharpen the set of the mill used, as a rule, you do not need.

All listed by the Council for the manufacture, installation and sharpening of devices are suitable for operating equipment in pairs with motor blocks Neva MB-1, MB-2, as well as agricultural machines of the MTZ, virgin lands and units of other imported and domestic manufacturers.

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