Oil for an electric chain saw

As in the case of gasoline saws, garden chain tools with electric power units must be lubricated. Oil in technology of this type is necessary only to ensure the operation of the cutting headset. Without the required amount of high.Quality lubrication, the tire and the chain will begin to wedge and will quickly fail. In order to prevent this, the owner of the tool must constantly monitor the level of the liquid, as well as rinse the parts responsible for the drive of the headset in time.

In most cases, the factory organs of lubrication of the headset of an electric saw include:

  • Tank for periodic introduction of fluid;
  • A mesh filter that cleans the liquid of outsiders of solid fractions;
  • A short hose made of technical rubber through which the composition comes from the tank to the moving organs of the tool;
  • Oil pump. Under its action, the liquid is pumped from the tank to the rubbing elements of the tool drive;
  • Gear. Through it, the force from the electric motor is transmitted to the oil pump oil pump.

A key role in this node is played by a pump. As soon as the power crankshaft rises, the built.In gear gets an effort that is enough to drive an oil pump. Working, the pump increases the pressure inside the lubricant system. As a result, the air pushes the liquid from the tank towards the bus. Once in the place of contact of the saw and guide crankcase, the liquid flows into the groove, which is needed to lubricate the tire. The final link in the lubricant system becomes a chain, in the links of which grooves or holes are also provided. Through them, chain oil for electric saws spreads along the entire length of the cutting organ.

Choice recommendations

Choosing the right option is not so difficult. To do this, it is enough to study a few criteria:

  • Buy oil lubrication oil can be bought by different compounds. To choose the right one, you should study the description of the model itself, for this you need to open the instruction. The working conditions should also be taken into account. If the saw is not needed in winter, it is allowed to purchase an inexpensive mineral or semi.Synthetic tool.
  • As a rule, the oil for chain power saws is made by the same manufacturer as the tool itself. This is the best option, because you can trust a well.Known brand and have no doubt as a composition. Such funds have good adhesion, that is, they reliably adhere to the surface and do not flow from it during operation.
  • You also need to know which oil for chain saws will not work at all. First of all, these are worked out compounds, which contain a lot of impurities. You should not buy little.Known means produced by a artisanal way. You can save on price, but then there is a risk that the composition will harm the saw itself.

How to replace?

Any other oil with good adhesive properties is no worse than the oils for electric saws. These do not include any oils intended for car engines. They have a low adhesion value. Such oil will not stay on the teeth of the chain, but simply will fly off it at the time of passage of the chain link along the driven tire star, especially at high speeds.

Poor adhesion oil is very poorly kept on the chain

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As a result, it turns out, the saw saws on the “dry”, because of this, the chain, tire and even the leading star wear out quickly. Engine wear is also increased and electricity consumption increases.

Extremely not recommended to use.To. It clogs the oil pump pump. At first there will be good savings, but after a certain time it will lead to expensive repair of the chain lubrication system.

If you want to save, buy Stihl or Husqvarna, cheap analogues from caliber, oregon, bison, instead of branded oils.D. The difference in price is 2, or even 3 times.

What kind of oil to pour into a electric saw

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The effectiveness of the chain saw largely depends on how easy and free the chain moves. To improve this indicator, lubrication is used. In addition, the oil engine itself requires oil, if it is gasoline.

Lubrication function

It is much easier to determine which oil is used for electric saws, if you know what functions it performs. Chain lubricant provides smoothness of the chain, which directly affects the efficiency of the saw. The lack of lubrication is fraught with the following negative consequences:

which, used, electric, saws, mineral, chain

  • Increase in engine load. As a result, its overheating and accelerated wear.
  • Increasing the load on the employee. The deterioration of the direct functionality of the saw leads to the fact that the user needs to make more efforts to cut any object.
  • Accelerated wear of the chain. The lack of lubrication also accelerates the process of erasing the teeth of the chain, promotes oxidation and other negative factors.
  • Increasing the risk of incidents. This item is a direct consequence of the previous one, since the worn chain can break, jump off and otherwise make you nervous.

How to lubricate?

Modern models of electric saws have a special injection mechanism that starts when starting a saw. Its task is to ensure portioned oil supply to the chain from a special tank. Accordingly, the oil is poured into the tank.

In old or cheap models, a forced mechanism may not be completely absent. In this case, the oil is periodically applied manually to the chain using a syringe or a special oil.

The type of system (forced or manual) does not particularly affect which oil is used to lubricate the electric saw circuit.

The choice of oil

Consider which oil to pour in the electric saw:


It comes with a saw or is sold with a label “chain oil”. Its specialization is manifested in the presence of additives that reduce the likelihood of oil insurance from the circuit during operation.

Chain oil, in most cases, is made of plant components and is considered environmentally friendly.

There are branded oils (produced by saw manufacturers) and third.Party. What kind of oil is poured into a chain saw. Unprincipled, since they are approximately the same in terms of properties, except that branded stamps are more expensive.

Please note that grease based on plant materials can settle on the chain and in the lubricant system. To eliminate such residues, it is necessary to flush the system with the following types of oil.

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Chainsaw Bar Chain Oil “Summer vs Winter Oil. What Should I use? Teaching Apprentice Dave

Motor and transmission oil

This option (with the exception of mineral types) can be used in the absence of specialized oils.

Refined vegetable oil

One.Time use is allowed, provided that the system is subsequent with subsequent flushing. It is not recommended to use vegetable oil if the lubricant system covers not only the circuit, but also the engine cylinders.

Wheelled engine oil

The extreme option, when there is not even vegetable at hand. Due to the high contamination of the waste oil, the lubrication system is quickly clogged, which worsens its work. In addition, the appearance of your saw can change beyond recognition.

Selecting a suitable lubrication of electric saws

If there are no special instructions and recommendations in the technical documentation, then the products of reliable companies should be used. Such materials have high quality and meet the requirements. Typically, manufacturers recommend the brands of lubricants corresponding to the brands of the tool itself, they are the most suitable. However, their cost is also high, it will also have to take into account. The correct selection of lubricant for electric saws is the key to obtaining the required result of the work and preserve the device.

As an example of an inexpensive and quality product, you can cite the brand champion. It is suitable for work in various temperature conditions. On sale you can find packages of 3 and 10 liters. Apply it easy and convenient. Another famous brand is the Husqvarna brand. This oil is very effective. Its cost is also moderate.

Forest Plus and Bio Plus also produce material for lubricating the chain electric saw. The latter also differs in that when it enters the soil, it decomposes quickly. Under suitable conditions, the shelf life of these materials is 3 years. However, you can use them at an air temperature not lower than.15 ° C.

Sunth plus brand oil is suitable for use in fairly severe frosts, before.25 ° C. It is made on a synthetic basis. Even high loads during the operation of equipment tolerates well. This brand is one of the best.

Do not trust artisanal products, the price of which is very low. They are not only ineffective, but can even cause serious harm to the tool. This also applies to the developed product. It pollutes the electric saw and mechanism.

How to Oil a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

Disadvantages of lubricants

Household or professional chain saw Electric saw when refueling a lubrication system with cheap surrogate may require replacing a regular headset long before the production of its prescribed resource. According to proven data, the use of non-infected oil reduces the service life of a saw mechanism by an average of 35-40%.

  • The spent car oil contains microparticles of metal, combustion products and acid-base compounds, which negatively affect wear and tear of the metal mechanism.
  • It is also not recommended to be poured into electric saws with chain headset automobile and tractor motor oils. Such refueling can initiate a decrease in performance and even breakdown of the oil pump drive of the lubricant system.

Only in the absence of other options, for one.Time work, you can refuel the system diluted to standard density. A car or dizl.

Monitoring the serviceability of the oil system

Lack or absence of lubrication in the tandem “Tire-Pip chain” is manifested by an additional load on the electric motor and a characteristic smell of burning wood. In this case, the work should be stopped to determine the cause of the refusal and eliminate the malfunction.

To check the system of standard or automatic supply of lubrication, it is enough for a short time to hold the headset of the saw with the engine on over the sheet of paper. By the size and density of the oil spot, it is possible to judge the real productivity of the oil pump and the serviceability of the system as a whole.

Why is the lubrication of the circuit on the electric saw?

The cutting node of the electric saw works in direct contact with the processed materials.

Lubrication in such conditions is quickly erased, and without it the cutting node is subject to very rapid wear. The chain is pulled out, its step ceases to correspond to the step of the teeth of drive gears. Working with the tool becomes not only hard and unpleasant, but also dangerous.

High revolutions of electric saws in the absence of lubrication on the chain can lead to an instant failure of both the chain and tires.

To avoid this, it is necessary to use a special oil for the electric saw circuit and monitor the presence of lubrication on the circuit.

Oil addach system. Nuances of care and maintenance

The oil rotary part of the structure of the electric saw, as well as the whole unit, needs to comply with all the requirements prescribed by each manufacturers individually for a particular series and its modification.

Often during the use of electroplays you can encounter a problem when oil does not enter the electric saw chain, which can significantly affect the condition of the working elements that are rubbing against each other. This can be due to several reasons, such as:

  • The failure of the oil pump and its gears;
  • The moves in the oil filter are clogged, along which lubricant acts;
  • A hole in the tire was clogged;
  • Depressurization of the most oil capacity.

As you can see, versions, because of which the oil is not supplied to the electric saw chain, may be a lot, which can be understood on your own, but it is much better to resort to the help of experienced specialists.

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