TOP-20 best motoblocks: rating 2021-2022 in price/quality

The uniform tractor is universal equipment that, in addition to the main task (soil cultivation), can be used to solve the rest of the problems on the land. The choice of units is now very large, however, it is very high to encounter a poor.Quality product. We studied the recommendations of experts and compiled a rating of the best motoblocks for 2022, which took into account customer reviews, the advantages and disadvantages of each model, as well as its technical features.

The best weightlifts of heavy class

The best diesel motoblocks

The best budget motoblocks

Types of motoblocks for the garden and garden

The walk.Behind tract is understood as a mobile energy.Sized installation placed on the frame and installed on the wheels. The main purpose is the performance of work on the site. In this case, the operator is located on the back of the device, moves after a pitch motorized technique. Only when installing a trailer cart is possible, located in the seat.

Choosing motor vehicles for use in the garden and in the garden, the potential owner determines the circle of tasks that it involves to perform with its help.

The same.Based tractor itself has only an engine and wheels. The work is performed by hinged and trailed tools. Therefore, when solving the question of which one.Toe tractor to choose, they consider the types of equipment that can be used with a particular model. A rather important criterion is the price. The desire to buy inexpensive, but a good unit is natural for many buyers.

Internal combustion engines installed on mobile equipment can be of two types.

  • Gasoline. With a small weight of the motor can have a fairly high power. When working, the noise is quite easily reduced by the simplest silencers. Managing such power devices is quite simple, you do not need special preparation.
  • Diesel engines are noticeable efficient efficiency. The speed of the crankshaft rotation is about two to three times lower than gasoline, therefore, the reducers are set less complex tasks to reduce speeds on movements. The acceptance of such motors allows you to overcome large overloads that can occur with deep soil processing. The exhaust gases do not contain carbon monoxide (CO), they do not have heavy metals used to increase the octane number in gasoline.

A very useful option is the presence of a power shaft (VOM). There may be several of them. The presence of this device significantly expands the functional features of the power unit. Embroidery work devices are attached to the VOM: mowers, colleagues, snowpock devices, looser and other equipment.

Energy.Sulca installation management is carried out on levers. The buyer often has the question of which mechanism is better with belts or gearboxes. The belt drive works softer, gear gearboxes can transmit considerable power and torque.

  • Light, their power usually does not exceed 4.5 5.0 horsepower (l.With.);
  • The middle class of installations has an engine whose power does not exceed 7.5 8.0 liters.With.;
  • Heavy motoblocks have a mass of more than 100 kg, they put 10 liters of motors.With. And more. When aggregated with some types of equipment, they are more reminiscent.

How to choose a single tractor. Criteria for the right choice

Motobobloks, motor cultivators, minitors or electronic analogues help to cultivate the Earth, simplify the implementation of garden work and are not mentioned to ennoble the areas.

Naturally, you can take a shovel and dig a site to obtain physical activity. But even more pleasant and useful to painstakingly process the garden using a mechanical unit.

Pallet Forks for Compact Tractor [DELEKS]

What can the same-based tractor: the capabilities of a mini-tractor

Dreaming of a walk.Behind tractor, summer residents are mainly calculated with its help to cultivate land. But this technique has much more functions.

Land work

Naturally, the main functions of the walk.Behind tractor are land work, and more specifically.Plowing, harrowing, hilling, cutting rows, etc.D.:

  • Plowing. Plow the earth with a plow, which is hung on the unit, and powerful models can raise the target. This function is especially useful for novice gardeners and gardeners, who must first bring the land to a normal state, so that then to plant something on it. The same.Based tractor, unlike a motor.Cultivator, lifts the deep layers of the soil, shortioning and stirring the soil, and thereby saturates the earth with oxygen, makes it more air. In this soil, both humidity levels and air circulation are much better than in a busting under a shovel.
  • Harrowing. Harrowing is carried out by a separate nozzle with teeth. The purpose of this work is to destroy the crust on the surface of the soil, which is formed as a result of drying the upper part of the soil under the sun. Due to the crust, oxygen access to the root system of garden crops is disturbed, and moisture is not preserved in the soil. In addition, weeds are effectively removed with the help of harrowing.
  • Hilling. For the owners who plant potatoes in the dachas (hundreds 4-5), the same-based tractor will be useful as a cupboard. A special nozzle will help raise the furrows to give tubers the opportunity to better ventilate, and save them from excessive moisture. Hilling is useful and strawberries, especially if it is grown in the lowland, where increased moisture causes damage to the berries with gray rot.
  • Duck and planting garden crops. With the help of nozzles such as potatoes and potato traitor, one.Legged tractor will facilitate you landing and cleaning the second Bukhankaa. The volume of the hopper includes about three buckets of planting potatoes, which can be filled with either Lander himself or his assistant. To plant seeds, cloves of garlic and onion, a seeder is used.

The harrowing is carried out while the potatoes barely appeared on the surface of the earth to help it break through the dried upper layer of the soil. Potato.Residents contain a different amount of planting material, but the most common option is that about 3 buckets are filled up.

It is convenient to plant grain crops under the fall, which usually fertilize the soil and save it from weeds. In spring, green sprouts are smelled.

which, tractor, choose, same

Lawn care and flower beds

In addition to excavation, the one.Based tractor is able to perform lawn care. To do this, the rotary mower is in completeflies to it, which cuts the grass no worse than a trimmer for grass, capturing at once about a meter of the lawn. And if you also buy the surplus a surplus, then your lawn will receive additional power supply with oxygen and will grow thicker.

Using the nozzle, “lawn rake” can be collected by mowed grass and at the same time pass the soil to give more oxygen access to the roots. A useful addition can be called a grinder that will change all garden garbage for laying compost. The grinder can be used to create green compost from plant waste, as well as grind the cut branches of trees and shrubs. For watering the garden and flower beds, a motorcycle is connected to the walk.Behind tractor.

Winter chores

In winter, the same.Based tractor will not stand idle either. It turns into a snowplower machine, thanks to special devices:

  • Brushes that clean the paths from soft, only fallen snow;
  • A snowpock shovel with knives, which cuts off and removes the cervical snow;
  • Snowman, who scoop up snow with blades to a depth of about 20 cm and throws it outside the track.

Transportation of goods

For complete happiness, the owner of a walk.Behind tractor must also buy a trailer. Then it will be possible to proudly sit on your own equipment and drive around the garden, collecting garbage, cut branches or delivering manure, fertilizers, bags with potatoes, etc. With the help of a trailer, you can even bring bags of cement from the nearest construction store or collect stones on roadside fields for the construction of a fence. Thus, you will reduce the load on your own back and hands, entrusting the transportation of goods by the technique.

The trailer makes a full-fledged mini-tractor out of the walk-behind tractor, on which you can sit and transport different heavy cargoes around the site. All of the above nozzles, except the cultivator and wheels, do not go with the walk.Behind tractor in the kit. They are purchased separately, taking into account the power of the technique. And the more “horsepower” in the unit, the more functions it can perform.

Hyundai T 2000

If you are looking for yourself the lightest cultivator, we recommend that you pay attention to the Hyundai T 2000. Its weight does not exceed 30 kg, so that even an elderly person can easily roll it out of the barn. At the same time, he copes with his work perfectly.

  • A good electric engine with 2.72 liters.With.;
  • Decent diameter of cutters (280 cm);
  • Chain gearbox;
  • Not very high cost;
  • High reliability;
  • The depth of plowing is 25 cm.

Reviews on the Hyundai T 2000 show that it is only if there is a very small site to purchase this creation of North Korea. Like it or not, the electric motor brings its characteristics to the device.

And the minimum power forced the creators to solve the problem: “Make Accent at a depth of plowing or processing width?”. As a result, the choice was made in favor of the depth, while the width of the soil processing was only 55 cm. Needless to say, with this parameter, processing a huge site will cause quite definite problems?

How to choose a single.Axle tractor. Recommendations of specialists

First of all, you need to pay attention to the engine. Some motoblocks are equipped with gasoline, while others are diesel. The former, as a rule, are less powerful and allow you to work autonomously. At any distance from the house. But the latter is more hardy and heavier, the degree of their performance and endurance is much higher.

which, tractor, choose, same

When choosing, it is also worth paying attention to the mechanism of transmission of torque. In the walk.Behind tractor, it can be implemented due to the power of power selection or belt transmission.

You also need to pay attention to power. It is impossible to give a unique advice here. It all depends on the requests of a particular user.

Finally, we must not forget about the functionality. One buyers only need to plow the land, while others would like to purchase a more multifunctional technique that helps with different types of work.

What to look for when choosing a walk.Behind tractor

Having decided on the weight category of a walk.Behind tractor, it is necessary to pay attention to its other parameters. Among the existing variety of models, choosing the best is not as simple as it seems at first glance. They evaluate the possibilities of this, quite complicated device, according to a number of criteria, the most important of which are:

  • Engine power;
  • Type of transmission and the ability to block differential;
  • Gearbox type;
  • The presence of a power selection shaft (VOM);
  • Track width;
  • The location of the center of the mass.

The manufacturer’s brand is also important. After all, often it determines the quality of manufacture, as well as the reliability and efficiency of the walk.Behind tractor.

Power unit

When choosing a single tractor, first of all, you need to pay attention to the engine, namely to the brand of its manufacturer and to the engine declared by the latter. It will also not be superfluous to find out where the nearest service engineering service center is located.

Most often, motors of well.Known foreign manufacturers are installed on motoblocks of any class, such as:

The engines of these companies are highly reliable and significant (from 500 to 2000 mothers). Lifan engines are especially popular, which, ceteris paribus (at least 1,100 mothers declared by the manufacturer) are also inexpensive in operation.

The long-term engines of Yamaha can be installed on premium motor blocks, the declared motorized resource of which is from 3 to 5 thousand mothers.

Chinese engines Zongshen, Loncin

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers construct motoblocks using the line of Chinese engines Zongshen and Loncin. These engines, as well as Lifan, popular in Russia, are copies of motors produced by the Japanese company Honda. All these engines manufactured at famous Chinese enterprises have a fairly decent motorized resource and good reliability. All this is due to the use of the most modern technical solutions that contribute to an increase in their life, such as, for example, as:

  • Cast iron liners of cylinders;
  • Oil level control sensors automatically turn off the engine when the last level falls below the minimum;
  • Taking crankshaft processing high frequency currents and t.D.

At the same time, Chinese motors are much cheaper than original Japanese or American engines. It is enough to say that the repair of the latter can in some cases exceed the cost of Chinese engines. Therefore, many experts recommend purchasing motoblocks with Chinese engines. Over, the difference in their value compensates for the acquisition of the second same engine.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to carefully take the acquisition of Chinese engines, which have in the title of the marking GX. Most often, it is found on the engines installed on Chinese walk.Behind, Shtenli, Groff, Spec, Stark, Fermer, Alikak, Skiper, etc. All of them are produced at one Chinese factory, and their engines with a capacity of 8.5 to 18.5 liters.With. Have nothing to do with Honda engines and differ in low manufacturing quality. At the same time, the GX marking indicates that such engines are only a copy of a copy of the Honda motor. At best, they work out no more than 500 mothers, and most of them fail after 300 mothers of work. Another characteristic drawback is the loss of 85% of the power after 2 seasons of work.


On motor blocks you can find gearboxes such as:

which, tractor, choose, same

Additional information. Gearboxes consisting of a worm mechanism and gears were installed on the motor blocks of the previous years of release. This design was characterized by a high efficiency of useful action, but could not withstand high loads. So, for example, even working with a cigns or a light plow led the gearbox mechanism to overheating and failure. Currently, walk.Behind engines with a worm gearbox are practically not found.

Chain gearbox. Chain gearbox is a reliable and at the same time simple design, consisting of a chain and a set of gears. It is used in light and medium.Sized motoblocks with small and medium.Power engines. Easy to maintain, differs in simplicity in repair. Provides reliable operation in small areas, however, the applied attachment equipment is very limited (light plow, cupcach).

IMPORTANT! Over time, the chain can stretch and it must be changed in a timely manner. In the event that the gearbox body is unlimited, then the entire node is changed.

Gear gearbox. A gear reducer is considered the most reliable and unpretentious in operation. He is able to work on any soil, and in the most extreme conditions. Install the gear gearboxes on heavy walk.Behind engines with VOM, working with heavy attachments. Almost eternal gearbox, the main thing is to change the oil in time.

One of the main disadvantages of gear reducers is a high noise level and its cost.

Gear-chain gearbox. The most common gearbox. The gear-chain gearbox is found only on motor blocks of domestic production. Produced by single.Speed, two.Speed and more. The design provides high elasticity during operation (ideal revolutions of the output shaft 80-120) and is characterized by a small level of vibration. Very high resource and reliability of the gearbox. Constructively, it is most complex and is not able to withstand heavy loads. The development of this gearbox was caused by the need to increase the number of anterior transmissions (to and the rear (up to 4) strokes.

Types of devices and their brief description

Each model is evaluated by weight, power and performance, so they stand out:

  • Light units. Power. Not higher than 4 liters. With., Earth cultivation to a depth is no more than 20 cm, weight-20-30 kg, purpose-plowing small garden and garden plots;
  • Medium. Power. Not higher than 6 liters. With., The depth of processing is no more than 40 cm, weight. From 40 to 60 kg, purpose. Plowing large areas, cleaning of root crops and snow;
  • Heavy. Power. Up to 13 liters.With., plowing depth. 90 cm, weight. 100 kg, purpose. Universal use.

which, tractor, choose, same

Also, motoblocks are divided into two more types depending on the consumed fuel.

These are gasoline and diesel machines. The second type refers to expensive, but the price of fuel and dignity of operation will quickly recoup the acquisition.

Which company to choose?

Kulkatov Sergey about Zubble MTU-350: a powerful unoic tractor, I use it for cultivation and connect to the snowman. It is convenient that two speeds for moving back, and six liters climb into the fuel tank, you do not have to refuel the car every hundred meters. With a sufficient level of oil there is no noise from the engine, the case does not vibrate, which means that the hands do not get tired.

Mikhail with OO HUTER MK-7500: strong mills, knives do not need to sharpen after each use. The same.Based tractor does not stick in the roots, very maneuverable. I had to puff when assembling, since the instructions are very compressed information. The device does not jump on the pits, it is convenient to use it around bushes and trees.

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