Shock force: the 12 best peorators for the house

What the repair quality depends on? From experience, selected materials and tools. This also applies to peorators. You can’t do without this tool, whether you work with electrical wiring, whether you fasten the frame ceiling frames or mount the plumbing. Beginning masters often cannot find the peorator suitable for them in price and quality. Which type of tool is better for your work, and which 12 peorators we consider the best. Read in our analysis.

First of all, when choosing a tool. Not only a pedorator. It is worth answering two questions: how often will you use the tool and why do you need it.

If you want to make home repairs and do not plan in the future to often post holes in the walls, then it makes no sense to spend money on expensive professional equipment. Otherwise, professional masters can safely pass by shelves with “household” devices, since they are not intended for daily and difficult work.

Like other repair tools, peorators can be divided into three types:

  • Household. A distinctive feature. Insignificant weight, within five kilograms. Used for home repairs and simple work. Often, for the sake of savings, manufacturers abandon additional functions and complex settings.
  • Semi.Professional. A border option that is suitable for both amateurs, not a limited budget and professionals. Such peorators are more powerful and, accordingly, heavier than household models.
  • Professional. The most serious cars. Powerful and heavy. A professional peorator can weigh more than 9 kg. Often has increased impact power. Withstand high intensity of work, do not require frequent breaks in drilling.

Advise the peorator for the home. The energy of the blow

The penisrator has the efficiency of the processing tools of the processing tool depends on the energy that the striker passes to the drill, peak and so on. Joules are used to measure this parameter. With an increase in its value, the probability of executing larger holes increases.

In this case, it is not recommended to look for a device with maximum impact energy. After all, the choice of a home.Made pedorator should be based on common sense. Thus, an electric device with an energy of 27 J will greatly resemble a jack of a hammer that is used during road construction and weighs about 12 kg. If you need to drill holes with a diameter of a maximum of 30 mm, an electrician with a blow to 2.5 j to 2.5 j is suitable.

Impact force and other technical characteristics of the electrocurator source source NIX.Ru

If you select a power tool with a small impact energy, then the hole will not break through, but drill out. This will lead to rapid wear of the equipment. In addition, you have to completely forget about high performance.

On a note! The energy of the impact of the electrocurator does not depend on the strength with which the master presses on the handle of the tool. At the same time, with an increase in the parameter value, the service life of the device decreases, since high loads negatively affect its refractory inserts.

The frequency of strikes

This parameter allows you to find out the number of piston strikes in the boiler in 1 minute. With an increase in its value, the speed of the hole drilling increases. The performance of the devices depends on the frequency and strength of the shock.

Leading manufacturers harmoniously combine both parameters. Therefore, they produce effective electrical tools that have a long service life. They usually lead the rating of peorators by reliability. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference precisely the products of well.Known brands.

Shock frequency and other technical characteristics NIX source.Ru

The frequency of rotation of the shaft

The peorater spindle rotates slower than that of the electric drill. Manufacturers produce shock machines with a rotation frequency of 600-1500 rpm. Reducing the parameter occurs with an increase in productivity and power of electrical systems.

So, productive models rotate slowly installed equipment, because they have a large diameter. Although the rotational movement is performed, by and large, only to remove dust, which is formed as a result. Boors of small diameter rotate faster compared to large equipment. Otherwise, the latest consumables with working edges decrease wear resistance.

Electric deviations for drilling and breaking bricks, concrete and other similar building materials according to this parameter are conditionally divided into three categories. Small models pull a maximum of 4 kg. Medium-sized devices weigh 4-5 kg, and large-5-10 kg. There are also heavier models.

Heavy electrician source Enkorliski.Ru

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On a note! The lightest peorator is practically no different from an electric shock drill. It can be understaffed with a fist cartridge, which will allow to clamp the drill. The result will be a universal device. They can drill most of the materials, and drill not too dense concrete building structures.

The easier a shock machine, which also provides the rotation of the working equipment, the more convenient it is to use it. However, with weight loss, the energy of the impact decreases. If you do not need to drill holes of large diameter, then a light shock machine is suitable for work. For example, a device weighing about 2 kg will allow the use of drills with a diameter of a maximum of 18 mm, since its impact force will be approximately 1.4 j.

A light model for drilling and piercing holes Asset Source.Conrad.Com

Types of cartridges

For attaching drill, shock-revolutionary electrical devices are equipped with three types of cartridges. If you have to choose a peorator for a home whose weight does not exceed 4 kg, it is recommended to give preference to the model with SDS-Plus. A drill tool in such a configuration will make holes with a maximum diameter of 30 mm.

Caliber EP-800

When choosing a home or professional tool, you should pay attention to several factors at once. The first is the power of impact. In this case, it is 2.8 joules. The average indicator for such a tool, but the home is quite enough. The second is the frequency of strikes. At the caliber, she stopped at a 5.5 thousand mark. This is the best indicator, but without a speed of rotation, this parameter does not matter. This peorator rotates at a speed of 1150 revolutions per minute, with a power consumed 800 watts. An economical model, but too weak for serious construction, because we will attribute it to the models for the home.

And the main advantage in this case is the price. This is the best inexpensive tool in the market, and this is due to the fact that the manufacturer is Russian, and it produces all products at its own factories, and not in China, as often happens. As the reviews say, there are no complaints about the quality. If a factory marriage is found, the manufacturer changes the tool without unnecessary questions or returns the money spent. Of course, a market for such giants as Bosch or Makita this brand is still far away, but if you often use a peorator, this is a great option for home.

The difference between the penetrator and the shock drill

Electropeorator and shock drill-electrical screwdriver have a common line: they are equipped with a shock mechanism, they can be drilled with a blow. But in this case, what is better to choose for working with dense surfaces: concrete or brickwork? We will figure it out more.

Аккумуляторный пеоратор Makita DHR 202 / Cordless drill Makita DHR 202

The strike mechanism for drones is implemented due to rates: they create a reciprocating movement in the cartridge. The method is bad in that gives extremely small impact energy. To achieve at least some results, a shock drill with an electrical screwdriver will have to be pressed with an effort to the processed material.

Even the cheapest home.Made peorator will more effectively cope with stone and concrete structures than an expensive industrial shock drill. The case is a more perfect shock mechanism. The electric engine drives the shaft on which the swinging bearing of the cylinder is recorded. Directly in the cylinder itself is a layer of air, which shares the wall and piston. The latter recorded a fight, which interacts with the equipment.

Interskol P 22 620 ER. 3443 rubles

Absolutely all the works with which you will have to deal with your own house and at the cottage are subject to the Interskol P 22 620 ER. The only thing that can somewhat overshadow the mood of the user. 2 tools of the tool. But it should be understood that the absence of a detection regime is critical for a professional (it is not possible to carry out strokes for wiring and expansion of openings in reinforced concrete slabs). An amateur, in order to independently finish his home and subsequently support the room in a presentable form, the capabilities of P 22,620 ER are enough:

  • Revolutions of revolutions and reverse allow you to abandon the use of a drill, without any problems to extract the equipment clamped in concrete.
  • The fixation of the gashter is responsible for convenience in the process of kneading the solutions.
  • The safety coupling protects the hands and face of the master from unexpected blows during the jamming of the drill.
  • The SDS system provides a quick replacement of drill (chisel, peaks) in the cartridge.

Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR

A device that the manufacturer itself positions as a model of the Professional class, which shows its ability to long continuously. Its electric motor with a capacity of 800 watts produces 900 revolutions per minute, with the possibility of electronic adjustment of their frequency, there is also a reverse function. In the mode of the pedorator, 4,000 shocks are made on the working surface for a minute, but the device can be used as a drill or an electric screwdriver. The adapter for conventional drills is included. Boers are used with a diameter of up to 26 mm.

  • Reliability. Without failures, even with constant non.Compliance with operating conditions. With frequent overheating.
  • Universality. Several operating modes and a shift cartridge for drilling allow you to use it for any work.
  • Durability. According to numerous reviews, users even with intensive use of the peorator practices at least 3 to 6 years.
  • The convenience of use. Rubber overlays and protective system absorb most vibrations.
  • Additional warranty. When registering on the website of Bosch, the warranty period increases to 3 years
  • There is no line on the depth limiter.
  • The drilling cartridge does not tolerate concrete dust sticking. It is advisable to store it under the appropriate conditions.
  • Dear repair. If the peorator breaks and this is not a warranty case, then the repair will not always be appropriate.

Such a device will be a reliable assistant in frequent small operations. Suitable for domestic and professional use. The main thing is not to try to use it in cases where a very powerful peorator is needed. He will probably cope with such work, but this will greatly affect the overall service life of the device.

Makita HR2470

Universal trinemine peorator for concrete work and similar materials. Ergonomic pens execution absorbs vibration as much as possible. Equally, the device is convenient for use by lefts and right.Handedness. Electric motor power 780 watts. Rotation speed 1100 rpm per minute. There is a speed adjustment and reverse. 4,500 beats on the working surface are carried out in detection mode.

  • Low level of vibration compared to competitors.
  • Unpretentious to working conditions, in particular, he shows himself well with great dustiness.
  • High.Quality cooling. When overheating, it cools even without turning off. At idle.
  • A large number of consumables in free sale at relatively small prices.
  • There is no cartridge for drilling in the factory configuration, although the possibility of installing it is provided for the design of the device.
  • There are complaints about the backlash of the cartridge, because of which it is impossible to accurately drill a hole of small diameter or work with long drills-it is advisable to check this moment when buying.
  • With overheating, it may begin to squeeze out the lubricant from the mechanism of the cartridge.

Makita dhr202rf как ваш оптимальный аккумуляторный старт в 2020 году на линейке 18в Makita

The peoporator is primarily intended for easy work. It is in these conditions that he demonstrates all his positive aspects.


Medium-power multifunctional peorator-720 watts with SDS-Plus cartridge for drilling with a diameter of up to 24 mm. The speed of rotation of the electric motor is 1,500 revolutions per minute with the possibility of adjustment and reverse move. The number of blows on the working surface is 4500/min.

Types of peorators

Peorators are usually divided according to two main characteristics. The class class and engine location.

Tool class

Depending on the purpose and intensity of use, the peorators are divided into three classes:

Household (light). Tools for periodic use in domestic conditions, these models are characterized by small (up to 4 kg) weighing and power up to 700 watts, while the maximum impact energy does not exceed 3 j. This is an option for a home master, using such an instrument you can make holes in the concrete wall to hang shelves in the apartment, replace the wiring (you need to make a short small.Size stroke), install a distribution box;

Semi-professional (medium)-more powerful (up to 1000 watts) and massive models weighing 5-8 kg, in which the energy of the blow can reach 7-8 j. Such a peorator can not only hammer concrete (creation of openings in the walls), but also destroy the reinforcement flooded in it, it will come in handy for riding ceramic tiles, cheapening cement growths;

Professional (heavy). Peorators with a capacity of more than 1.5 kW, which can develop the energy of the impact up to 20 j. These are heavy (over 8 kg) models, the design of which is designed taking into account prolonged continuous work, they have special working nozzles, which allow you to destroy not only reinforced concrete, but also natural stone, and using crowns to make holes with a diameter of 40. 120 mm. This is an expensive tool, the costs of which are justified only with its frequent use.

By location of the engine

Depending on the design, two types of peorators are distinguished:

Lines. Visually resemble a conventional drill, their engine is located horizontally. Such a layout is characteristic of household (less often. Semi.Professional) models that are not designed for prolonged continuous use. Their main advantage is compactness, it is convenient for them to work in constrained conditions. In addition, they have less weight, but due to the horizontal location, the shock load on the engine increases, and the heat is difficult to divert

Vertical (barrel, L-shaped)-models with a vertical location scheme of the electric motor. These are powerful professional models, quite bulky, but at the same time, due to an increase in the cooling area, they have a very effective cooling system. This allows the use of the barrel peorator for a very long time, almost without a break, without the risk of overheating of the electric motor. With the vertical location of the engine, the crooked-shaped mechanism has an elongated piston stroke, which can significantly increase the force of impact. In addition, such models have a smaller level of shock vibration.

How to choose a good peorator?

A peoporator is an indispensable thing on a construction site and during the repair of brick and concrete buildings. Combines the functions of a drill and a chipping hammer. Distinguish between two tools.

  • Vertical (barrel-shaped)-the engine is located perpendicular to the axis of the drill (L-shaped structure). It is difficult to lubricate with the complexity of the mechanical parts and increased weight. Due to effective cooling, they are more reliable and manufactured than horizontal. Professional models are able to break through concrete partitions, make strokes for wiring and openings for sockets.
  • Horizontal (pistol). Electric motor is located on the axis of the drill. Direct transmission of torque contributes to a high drilling rate, but also limits the energy of the impact. Relevant for household instruments: they are light, do not need to care for, but quickly heat up. Capable of drilling holes in concrete and brick, carry out small dismantling work.

Impact energy depends on the engine power and the efficiency of the shock mechanism, ranges from 1-12 or more j. When working with concrete and natural stone, more energy is needed, relatively soft and fragile materials like brick or foam block, it can destroy to the base. To roll off the excess, cause cracks.

  • Up to 1-2 J-drilling holes up to 14 mm, fine dismantling, for example, allows you to remove old tile glue
  • 2-7 J-dismantling, drilling holes for sockets and distribution boxes, pipes.
  • From 7 J. Drilling of brick and concrete walls, drilling large holes, complex dismantling.

The frequency of strikes is the number of progressive movements of the box in 60 seconds. It is regulated by the force of pressing the trigger and reaches 4000-5000 beats/min. The indicator is lower than that of the drill, and productivity is achieved through a high impact force.

The rotation speed of the equipment. The indicator almost does not affect the speed of drilling concrete walls. If you need to drill metal. Take the model with ~ 1100 rpm.

Rotation speed regulator. For a home pea is not an important parameter. The presence of this element allows you to work with different materials. After all, softer requires a lower speed of rotation, unlike hard stone.

Number of modes: a modern peorator may have 2 or 3 modes. This is the usual drilling, shock drilling or dollars. Different mode modes are suitable for different types of work performed.

The maximum diameter of the drilling is indicated separately for each type of equipment (drill, core, crowns) when working with concrete. If you need to drill the sockets, for the crown it should be from 68 mm.

There are designs with a quick replacement of the cartridge. Installing a fist for a cure with a hexagonal and cylindrical ending.

Power. Starts at 600 watts and exceeds 2 kW in professional models. For constant operation, massive equipment needs a power of 1 kW. If you need to break through the brick wall, make holes for fasteners or get rid of old tile glue-there is enough device with an engine of 750-900 W.

Pay attention to additional opportunities:

  • The smooth launch of the electric motor will exclude vibrations at the start, increase the accuracy of drilling, extend the service life;
  • Antivibration system;
  • Depth limiter. To control the depth of immersion of the working tool;
  • Reverse. A reverse rotation to extract stuck sovers;
  • Management of speed modes.

Metabo Uhev 2860-2 Quick

The Metabo Uhev 2860-2 Quick Peotabo is in the modes of drilling, shock drilling, duties, allowing you to make holes in various building materials.

In this model, the SDS-Plus cartridge, designed for shock equipment, can be replaced with a fast-and-packed cartridge for wood and metal drills.

The peorator attracts with a well.Thought.Out ergonomics, expressed in an optimally located center of gravity, comfortable handles, simplicity of a change of cartridge.

The main technical indicators:

  • Built-in SDS-Plus cartridge;
  • The mass of the penetrator. 3.3 kg;
  • Consumed capacity. 1100 watts;
  • Shock force. 3.4 J;
  • Frequency. 4500 beats/min;
  • The speed of the penetrator is 2100 rpm.

Makita HR4501C

The Makita HR4501C Peorator is designed to drill or drill concrete of different classes. The fact that work with this material will be effective is indicated by the power of 1350 watts, the force of the blow of 12.5 J, as well as speed of 2750 beats/min.

The frequency of strikes can be adjusted, and the depth of drilling can be controlled, which contributes to jewelry accuracy of the work.

The anti.Vibrational system of the device works for this, with which it will be easier for you to hold the tool.

The main technical indicators:

  • Built-in SDS-Max cartridge;
  • The mass of the penetrator. 7.8 kg;
  • Consumed capacity. 1350 W;
  • Shock force. 13 J;
  • Frequency. 2750 beats/min;
  • The speed of the penetrator is 280 rpm.

Dewalt D25134K

The Dewalt D25134K Peotor is a good assistant in the implementation of construction, repair and other works.

The tool allows you to work in 4 modes: D some, drilling, drilling with a blow and in the option of an electric screwdriver.

An increased level of convenience when used is provided thanks to the anti.Vibration system and the presence of a rubberized handle.

The main technical indicators:

  • Built-in SDS-Plus cartridge;
  • The mass of the oratoror is 3 kg;
  • Consumed capacity. 800 watts;
  • Shock force. 3 J;
  • Frequency. 5540 beats/min;
  • The speed of the penetrator is 1500 rpm.

Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE

Bosch GBH 5-40 DCE-compact tool. Its reduced dimensions and a special layout positively affect the comfort of working with equipment.

Supports the proposed device of two basic modes: drilling with a blow, dollars.

His power is 1150 W. The ashorator has an anti.Vibration system.

It extinguishes the emerging vibrations during operation, which positively affects the comfort of the use of equipment. Hands will get less tired, and the accuracy of the penetrator is increasing.

The main technical indicators:

  • Built-in SDS-Max cartridge;
  • Anti.Vibration system;
  • Peorater mass. 6.8 kg;
  • Consumed capacity. 1150 watts;
  • Shock force. 8.8 J;
  • Frequency. 3050 beats/min;
  • The speed of the penetrator is 340 rpm.

Makita HR2630

The Makita HR2630 Peorator allows you to carry out chopping, drilling, shock drilling and provides a solution to most of the household problems.

It provides for electronic setting of rotation/shock frequency and a safety coupling, which protects the gearbox in case of stamping jamming.

The reverse system contributes to the easy release of the drill or drill. Thanks to the additional handle presented in the set, it is convenient to keep the peorator during operation.

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