Shock force: the 12 best peorators for the house

What the repair quality depends on? From experience, selected materials and tools. This also applies to peorators. You can’t do without this tool, whether you work with electrical wiring, whether you fasten the frame ceiling frames or mount the plumbing. Beginning masters often cannot find the peorator suitable for them in price and quality. Which type of tool is better for your work, and which 12 peorators we consider the best. Read in our analysis.

First of all, when choosing a tool. Not only a pedorator. It is worth answering two questions: how often will you use the tool and why do you need it.

If you want to make home repairs and do not plan in the future to often post holes in the walls, then it makes no sense to spend money on expensive professional equipment. Otherwise, professional masters can safely pass by shelves with “household” devices, since they are not intended for daily and difficult work.

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Like other repair tools, peorators can be divided into three types:

  • Household. A distinctive feature. Insignificant weight, within five kilograms. Used for home repairs and simple work. Often, for the sake of savings, manufacturers refuse additional functions and complex settings.
  • Semi.Professional. A border option that is suitable for both amateurs, not a limited budget and professionals. Such peorators are more powerful and, accordingly, heavier than household models.
  • Professional. The most serious cars. Powerful and heavy. A professional peorator can weigh more than 9 kg. Often has increased impact power. Withstand high intensity of work, do not require frequent breaks in drilling.

If you need a good peorator that can please with the excellent quality of the assembly and reliability, then for this it is not necessary to choose a model from a professional segment. Famous manufacturers today offer good options for medium.Sized power tools (800. 1200 W), even in the average price segment, and their capabilities to the average buyer will be enough even with a margin. In this category, we also selected 3 of the most attractive devices from well.Known brands that will be a great option for buying.

Krüger KBH-1400

The Kruger Peorator from the German brand has an increased capacity of 1400 watts, so it copes with a wide range of work on drilling holes, breaking concrete, dismantling various building materials. Kruger Peorator is equipped with various functions, for example, reverse. That is, if the drill is stuck, the operator can easily pull it out.

The ergonomic rubberized handle provides a reliable grip of the drill, prevents the sliding of the hand. Small weight. 3.1 kg. Guarantees the convenience of operating the device. You can work with the Kruger Pearator for a long time.

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Another advantage of the Kruger peorator is a rich equipment of the apparatus. It is supplied with high.Quality depthmer for drilling even holes of the same length, an additional cartridge, which can be replaced by one pressing. There are also three drills, drill and peak in the kit. The device is placed in a convenient compact case for comfortable transportation and storage.


One of the best of the reliability of the penetrators can no doubt call the KH 27 E model from the world.Famous AEG brand. The power of the device is 825 watts, which provides 1,500 revolutions per minute at idle and 4500 beats/min. The strength of the latter is 3 J, which can be called an excellent indicator for the device of this class. In the reviews of the KH 27 E pedorator as its advantages, a low weight and a good set of delivery are often noted as its advantages. The maximum permissible drilling diameter when using this model is 13, 26 and 30 millimeters for metal, concrete and wood, respectively.

Dewalt D25144K

Choosing a manufacturer of the penetrator, many buyers stop precisely on the Dewalt brand. The products of this brand have proven itself in different classes, including professional solutions. The D25144K model at a small price of 9000 offers the consumer 900 W power with a blade frequency at 1450 per minute. The peorator can function in 3 working modes, including detonation. He is able not only to sell holes, but also, when replacing the cartridge, turn into a drill-electrical screwdriver. The device has an excellent impact force as 3.2 j, which is easily enough to drive durable concrete.

  • High quality materials;
  • Frequency and power of impacts;
  • Equipment and functionality;
  • Fast change of cartridges;
  • The best price ratio and characteristics.

Makita HR2470

Makita peorators today are considered one of the best in the market. In terms of quality, the products of this Japanese company are superior to most competitors, although the cost of the power tool of the famous manufacturer is at a very affordable level. The HR2470 model equipped with an engine with a capacity of 780 W was no exception. The possibilities of this solution from Makita are very impressive: three operating modes, drilling diameter up to 24 millimeters (for concrete), the frequency and force of strokes 4,500 per minute and 2.4 J, respectively. HR2470 is a high.Quality and universal peorator with good set and a 4 meter cable, which allows you to work with it on a large area. In this case, the weight of the device is only 2.6 kg, which means that the load on the hands when using it will be low.

  • Network cable length;
  • High build quality and reliability;
  • Sits comfortably in his hand;
  • Protection against jamming of the drill;
  • Good dust protection.

When choosing a manufacturer of the peorators, remember that with the same functional capabilities of models of different firms, the tool of a better known brand can cost an order of magnitude more expensive. The main parameters that are worth paying attention to when choosing a tool are power, impact energy, ease of use and reliability. For a tool used in everyday life, it is recommended to choose a peorator with at least three working modes. And, as a rule, it is worth paying attention to the presence of a protective coupling and adjusting the speed of rotation of the shaft.

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It is impractical to buy expensive models for home, since the bulk of the functions will not be used. Not everyone has to regularly demolish brick walls or drill holes in them.

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As for budget peorators, there is no doubt about their reliability-the devices will last at least 5-7 years. Consider the best inexpensive models.

TOP-4 Best models in terms of price, quality, reliability for home.

Makita HR2470 (2.7 J)

Convenient device from a proven brand with a basic set of functions.

For household household quite a powerful tool. Allows you to work in large areas, thanks to a rather long cord. The weight of the unit is small, so it will be possible to engage in repair work for a long time.


  • Modes. Drilling, detected, combined;
  • Power. 780 watts;
  • The frequency of shock per minute is 4500;
  • Rotation speed per minute is 1100 rpm;
  • Dimensions. 370x214x84 mm;
  • Weight. 2.6 kg.

Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR Case (2.7 J)

A good option for using both at home and in production.

The device is designed to work with metal, wooden, other solid materials. Powerful modes allow drilling concrete, brick, stone.

Adjusting the number of revolutions, you can drill a hole up to a millimeter. The pedulator is convenient when working at a height or in large rooms, thanks to a long cord.


  • Modes. Dollars, drilling, combined;
  • Power. 800 watts;
  • The frequency of shock per minute is 4000;
  • Rotation speed per minute is 900 rpm;
  • Weight. 2.9 kg.
  • High.Quality assembly;
  • Pleasant to the touch rubberized parts of the case;
  • A large case for storing a penetrator and components;
  • 2 years warranty;
  • Powerful reverse;
  • Long life.

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Bosch PBH 2100 Re (1.7 J)

A multifunctional unit with a pleasant exterior and a lot of opportunities.

Convenient peorator with a spacious case for storage. Cable length allows high.Rise work and drilling in large.Scale rooms. The case and components are made of high.Quality materials.


  • Modes. Drilling, detected, combined;
  • Power. 550 watts;
  • The frequency of shock per minute is 5800;
  • Rotation speed per minute is 2300 revolutions;
  • Dimensions. 384 × 111 mm;
  • Weight. 2.2 kg.
  • Convenient case for storage;
  • Long cord;
  • A light weight;
  • Ergonomics;
  • High speed allows you to quickly drill holes.

Bosch GBH 2-28 F Case (3.2 J) 32 N m

Super.Powerful unit in its price segment.

The brand proven over the years makes it possible to carry out work on the surface of solid materials, such as metal, natural stone. Can also be used by professionals. A thought out design makes the unit very convenient to work.


  • Modes. Dollars, drilling, combined;
  • Power. 880 watts;
  • The frequency of shock per minute is 4000;
  • Rotation speed per minute is 900 rpm;
  • Weight. 3.1 kg.
  • High power;
  • Convenient case for storage;
  • High.Quality assembly;
  • Long network cable;
  • Can be used as an electric screwdriver.
  • A fairly high price for householding;
  • Weak equipment;
  • Weight is not suitable for long.Term work;
  • There are no linings in the case, during transportation everything rumbles.
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Rating of professional peorators

The industrial tool is designed for prolonged functioning, differs in a margin of strength, performance and wear resistance.

Quiet Punch Review, Boxing/Fitness Training Tool

AEG PN 11 E (20 J)

  • Operating modes: Dolling, drilling
  • SDS-MAX cartridge
  • Anti.Vibration system
  • Case included
  • Weight 11.8 kg

Aggressive productive apparatus is able to break through concrete partitions to stroke them, mount switches, sockets and distributions. A powerful low.Cost engine of 1.7 kW generates up to 20 J energy capable of destroying anything. Constant electronics maintains rotation speed at any load. Smooth start provides accuracy of sprinkling and detonating. Self.Disconnecting graphite brushes prevent the injury of the operator, and the indicator displays the degree of their wear.

  • Limited idle speeds;
  • Antivibration system;
  • The coupling protects the peorator and its owner when jaming the tool;
  • Needs regular lubrication;
  • A smooth start.

Dewalt D25761K

A tool weighing 9.9 kilograms and a capacity of 1,500 watts with a SDSMAX cartridge. Maximum, drilling in concrete. 52 mm. The maximum number of revolutions per minute is 250, beats. 2300. The impact force reaches 15.5 j.

The best professional model designed for detection. The peorator is overall, but it has a very strong blow that instantly copes with any surface. The drilling is much worse. Buyers include the presence of a safety coupling and electronic rotation speed to the pluses of the model.

Dewalt D25601 K

Professional tool weighs 6.8 kilograms, has a capacity of 1250 W and SDS MAX cartridge support. The maximum diameter of concrete drilling is 45 mm. In a detection mode, it demonstrates an indicator of 2840 beats/min, drilling. 415 rpm. The impact force is 8 j.

Another detachment apparatus. But this device can also be used as a drilling tool, as it works in 3 modes. The device does not make noise and easily copes with concrete. The indisputable advantage of the model is the quality of the assembly.

Makita HR5001C

Peorator weighing 10 kilograms for 1500 watts. Works with the SDS Max cartridge. The maximum diameter of concrete drilling is 50 mm. The speed of drilling is 240 rpm, and the frequency of strikes is 2150 beats/min. The impact force is 17.5 j.

Powerful and reliable tooling tool. Incredible impact power allows you to cope with any surface. But bulky and heavy case limit the maneuverability of the penetrator. In any case, the device fully complies with the requirements of the professional device.

For most domestic purposes, a budget peorator is enough, and for a summer house or private house you should look closely at the battery models. If you are constantly engaged in decoration and repair, spend money on a professional tool.

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