Husqvarna 2021 best chainsaws ranking

Husqvarna 455 Rancher. one of their best-selling models and probably the best known all-purpose saw in the ranking.

It runs on a 3.5 liter engine.с. With a 20-inch long bar and a top speed of 9,000 rpm, it’s the perfect professional-grade saw, but it’s also suitable for high-complexity domestic jobs.

The ergonomic handle and LowVib system make it a great tool for extended work, because these features make your hand less fatigued and allow you to hold the saw for longer periods of time.

Like most Husqvarna chain saws it has the X-Torq feature, which lowers exhaust emissions and boosts fuel injection.

It also has a centrifugal air-cleaning system that keeps out most large dust particles, which will reduce the need for frequent filter cleaning, as well as greatly increase engine life.


  • Conveniently located chain tensioner
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Minimal exhaust emissions
  • Reduced vibration
  • Ergonomic front handle

How chainsaws differ

STIHL and Husqvarna are without a doubt the industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing and selling chainsaws with gasoline engines. Due to serious competition, each year each company develops many new technical solutions that make their tools easier and more comfortable to use. For example, STIHL has technical innovations such as:

  • The STIHL M-Tronic system makes it easier to start the STIHL chain saw thanks to its fully electronic ignition system. The system differentiates between cold and hot starts. Also M-Tronic accurately sets the ignition timing and regulates the amount of fuel mixture at the moment of starting the chainsaw;

stihl m-tronic system

If you look at Husqvarna’s technical innovations, you can also highlight some interesting systems:

    Air Injection (air cleaning system) is a centrifugal air cleaning system that extends the cleaning interval of the filter element;

If you take two similarly sized STIHL and Husqvarna chainsaws, the only thing they have in common is the internal combustion engine, bar and saw chain. But all, even the typical elements of these chainsaws differ in size, shape and the materials from which they are made.

Thanks to the efforts of the engineers, STIHL chain saws have a greater maximum output with the same cylinder volume, which is clearly visible when comparing individual chainsaw models.

The household series is designed for home and garden owners, private landowners, farmers. Engine power is enough for utility work. The bar length reaches 40~45cm, chain pitch is 0.325 inch.

Gasoline engine capacity 39~55cm³. Power output of regular and all-purpose saws is in the range of 1.4~2.6KW. Work to be done: Trimming and thinning wood, removing branches, felling medium-sized trees, construction applications.

Husqvarna 135 9667618-04 is the least expensive

Household class power saw capable of performing small-scale operations: taking care of woody plants in the garden and garden plot, cutting firewood, sawing small logs and boards.

The tool is equipped with a fuel-saving system that simultaneously reduces harmful emissions. Easy starting is ensured by a fuel-injection pump and an efficient air filter.

Husqvarna 236 9673264-06. optimized for cottage construction

Lightweight, easy-to-use tool. Supplied with additional saw chain.

Powerful enough, qualitatively assembled and tuned engine allows you to cut down small trees, to carry out sanitary cutting of forest plantations, to prepare half-finished material for the construction of a bathhouse, barn or other outbuildings for summer cottages. Provides inertia brake.

Husqvarna 240 9673260-01. easy to start

Petrol saw for domestic needs. for making firewood, taking care of trees in the garden, carrying out occasional operations when sawing logs for construction needs. Anti-vibration system and rubber inserts on handles ensures comfortable operation.

Ergonomic body and inertia brake for increased safety. Engine features high torque and reliable operation.

Husqvarna 440e 9671558-45. A versatile tool

All-purpose chainsaw for many applications: felling trees, bucking, lumbering, maintaining urban parks and gardens. Used in construction of wooden structures, farm buildings, roadwork. for clearing overgrown roadsides.

Chainsaws have a reliable, high-speed and economical gasoline engine. Easy start.

Husqvarna 455E Rancher AT II 9667679-15. The most powerful model in the series

Chainsaw for year-round use. Powerful two-stroke gasoline engine. Electronic control unit controls and maintains operating parameters.

The system stabilizes in response to fuel mixture, temperature and humidity, and contamination of the air filter. Safety features include an inertia brake and an auxiliary deflector.

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What is the difference between chainsaws

Tools from STIHL and Husqvarna. leaders in the production and marketing of chain saws with gasoline-powered motors. It is difficult to say for sure which chainsaw is better. STIHL or Husqvarna, t.к. thanks to competition with each other, each manufacturer annually introduces new technologies, developments that facilitate and improve the work of the tool.

Let’s compare chain saws on some basic parameters that affect the performance of the units.

Engine type

STIHL and Husqvarna machines are equipped with classic two-stroke engines that have a drawback: their combustion chambers are imperfect. Approximately 20% of gasoline ends up in the exhaust pipe along with the products of combustion. A chain saw cuts through the air and wastes fuel.

Some models of Husqvarna are improved and equipped with X-Torq technology, which provides almost complete combustion of gasoline. The result is less pollutants in the exhaust gases, high torque due to the complete combustion of gasoline.

If you compare the motor power, this parameter is equal to 1.5 kW in the most popular models.

Chainsaw air filtration system

Popular German STIHL models have a synthetic felt plate that serves as an air filter. The filter plate receives ambient air through the rectangle-shaped openings on the cylinder head, so to ensure trouble-free operation of the unit, clean the filter after 1.5 to 2 hours of operation.

Husqvarna machines feature a dual-stage Air Injection air filtration system. First stage: The air is sucked in by the flywheel with dust and fine filings. Second stage: The air is drawn into the upper cylinder along the spiral channel and the filings swing out to the side due to the centrifugal force so that the filter is filled with clean air.

Anti-vibration system

Husqvarna saw models are equipped with metal springs that effectively absorb vibration and do not conduct it to the hands of the person operating the tool.

STIHL machines have anti-vibration buffers made of rubber. Working with this tool causes fatigue faster than with competing products.

Systems for easier cold engine start

To start a cold engine, it’s necessary to pump gasoline from a fuel tank into the chainsaw’s system. Most STIHL saws pull the starter rope 7-10 times, and Husqvarna machines have a fuel pump to make it start. The pump makes it easier to start an unheated motor.

STIHL machines have M-Tronic, which differentiates between hot starting and cold starting. Electronic ignition system makes it easier to start the machine and regulates the amount of fuel supplied when the machine is running.

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Husqvarna or STIHL chain saw?

We are namesakes for our saws. Owned a STIHL MS 180 Freulein half a year ago, had a Husqvarna 236 for 3 seasons before that. Husqvarna is a good machine, I’ve just broken the rule “don’t give no one technique”, in short I sold it for half price to the head guy, who spoiled it and continues to finish it off. With almost the same characteristics the 180 is noticeably lighter, easier to start (no pumping), nicer ergonomics is like comparing a blown Landcruiser 200 or Sequoia with an angular Mercedes Helic:. Gasoline and oil burst the same, the same chain tension loosens when cutting horizontally. STIHL start with my hands on the weight, and Husqvarna could not. Another thing, if I bought Husqvarna blindly, the Stihl I went for, knowing that it is one of the best-selling models through the years, and I took the German one, because Husqvarna was made in China. PS. People have a practice to fill in the waste instead of oil for the chain that can destroy the lubricator. Better to buy the cheapest, but oil.

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Husqvarna brand chainsaws instruction manual

In order to extend chainsaw operating life and reduce the wear of its main parts, it is necessary to carefully study and adhere to all the advices given by the producer in the Instruction Manual. Below we list some of the most common questions related to the operation of Chinese and Swedish Husqvarna chainsaws, and give detailed answers to them.

What kind of gasoline to put in a Husqvarna chainsaw?

To prepare the Husqvarna gasoline mix for your chain saw it is necessary to use fuel grade AI-92. It is extremely rare that the instruction manuals for newer models of this brand indicate that you can use 95-percent gasoline to prepare the mixture.

As practice shows, it is better not to do it, because the producing country of Husqvarna garden tools is Sweden, where gasoline is of much better quality than in post-Soviet countries.

What oil is suitable for a Husqvarna chainsaw??

Parts in construction of Husqvarna chain saws can serve for quite a long time, if the owner of the tool will not save money on engine oil, but it is better not to do it due to the country that produces gasoline.

Mineral or synthetic oil can be used to dilute the fuel mixture. The second option will always cost more, but the effect will be several times better.

Gasoline to oil ratio for a Husqvarna chain saw

The ratio of petrol to oil depends on the power of the chain saw. If the power of the tool is less than 2 hp. с the ratio of gasoline to oil is 1:40. In other words, you need 25 ml of engine oil diluted in 1 liter of fuel. If your Husqvarna chain saw has more than 2 liters of power. с., then dilute gasoline for a chain saw Husqvarna need a ratio of 1:50, that is, in 1 liter of fuel dilute 20 ml of oil.

Husqvarna chain saw running in

Run-in service not only before using your Husqvarna machine for the first time, but also after each long period of storage. If you have a Husqvarna chain saw, you can start with the following procedure:

  • Start the chain saw and let it run for 2 to 3 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to cut branches or logs;
  • After that, proceed to sawing off small limbs;
  • After another half hour you can start sawing large logs.

Always follow these instructions to help maximize the life of your engine and carburetor.

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How does the Husqvarna chain saw work?

A typical Husqvarna chainsaw assembly diagram is almost identical to that of competitors. The main nodes of the chainsaw, are:

Each of these parts, in turn, is assembled of multiple parts that differ in appearance and functionality.

Husqvarna chainsaw engine

All Husqvarna chain saws are equipped with a two-stroke engine with an electronic ignition system.

The carburetor has a diaphragm and can be operated in any position in space.

Husqvarna housing parts

Husqvarna chain saws have a shatterproof plastic housing. It is not afraid of temperature fluctuations and is adapted to the harsh Russian climate. In the front, on almost all chainsaws, there is a tank for chain adhesive lubrication.

Important! On some Husqvarna models the engine housing is factory installed, making it inconvenient to overhaul the engine.

The starter is mounted on the flywheel side and is part of the housing. The chain brake cover is installed on the right side, it also presses the saw headset.


Every Husqvarna chain saw has two handles that the operator uses to hold the saw while he works. The front one is usually made of aluminum with a plastic coating. Rear where the controls and fuel tank are located.

The front handle is rigidly assembled to the main body, and the saw is mounted with self-drilling screws. The rear is connected to the chassis by metal shock absorbers, a scheme that reduces vibration.

Husqvarna chainsaw design does not differ from the classic design scheme, but has a number of advantages in the form of technological features over its competitors.

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Why do they consider Husqvarna chainsaws among the best models?

Not going too deep into design features and technical specifications, most of the consumers are interested in what and which company’s chain saw is the best? When making your choice, you should consider what you intend to use the tool for, your personal preferences and your financial capabilities.

Most of the domestic gasoline chainsaw market is divided between the big European players. Chinese manufacturers are not far behind, and they do an excellent job of producing any kind of machinery.

Today you can find a chainsaw in almost every home.

Cut wood while doing repairs, tend to the garden, cut branches during a kebab or split a bundle of firewood to make a fire in the country house. This indispensable tool helps in everything.

It will simplify your tasks to a minimum, making your work quick and interesting. So yes, if you have not yet bought a chainsaw, be sure to do so.

We recently talked about the best chainsaws of 2021, but their main drawback, the attachment to the socket. You can’t do anything in the woods with a chainsaw. A chainsaw will help in any place, under any conditions.

There are no perfect tools, and each manufacturer strives for perfection. Husqvarna, STIHL, Partner, and Makita compete in the same class on the chainsaw market. This top-of-the-line equipment. The choice is wide, and you need to know the specifics of the brand so you can’t go wrong.

The Husqvarna range of chainsaws offers many improvements to make your work easier and more comfortable. First fitted to professional models, later added to hobbyist configurations. These options include:

  • X-Torq engine, which reduces emissions and saves fuel, increasing torque;
  • Automatic carburetor adjustment for workloads with the Auto Tune system;
  • Air Injection, a centrifugal cleaner before air intake, makes filter changes less frequent;
  • the vibration damping system on the handlebar is represented by dampers, Low Vib absorbers;
  • The use of primer, an easy start system;
  • The chain tensioner is located on the side;
  • use of a single key for frequent operations;
  • The saw’s sprocket sprocket has a hole for extra grease in addition to the automatic grease supply.

Not a complete list of improvements is presented, in some models of Husqvarna chainsaws there are additional changes.

To avoid counterfeit of the well-known brand, we published a list of countries where the above mentioned models are produced. If there is a different country on the marking, it is a copy of. The production facilities are located in:

  • in the USA. 132E, 142E;
  • Russian brands, g. Khimki. 254XR, 257, 262XR, 262XRH;
  • Brazil. 55, 61, 288XP, 268, 272XP:
  • Other brands are produced in the main production facility in Sweden.

Therefore, the saw manufactured in China is no longer a branded product, it is inexpensive, the repair has a specific.

The advantage of chainsaws is the availability of a sufficient number of service centers, where you can buy spare parts for Husqvarna chainsaws. Seemingly complicated machine can be repaired at home. It is important to understand the mechanism and the interaction of all components. After the warranty period some of the operations can be performed by yourself.

Here’s an overview of our most popular models

Husqvarna AB produces a wide range of petrol saws, making it easy to choose a tool for a variety of tasks.

Husqvarna 137

Husqvarna 137 belongs to the class of household chainsaws, but it is equipped with a fairly powerful engine 1.64 kW and has a fuel tank of 410 ml. Recommended guide bar length of 33 to 38 cm with a H30 brand chain and 1.3 cm drive link thickness. Equipped with an easy-start mechanism and advanced ignition system. Machine weight without guide bar only 4.6 kg.

The saw is excellent for cutting limbs, thin trees, and thin wood.

Husqvarna 140

Another amateur class model. Engine output 1.6 kW with a tank capacity of 0.371 ml with a bar length of 35-40 cm allows you to easily perform the work of sawing knots, small trees in the countryside, cutting firewood and sawing timber. Total weight 4,4 kg curb weight.

Husqvarna 142

Formal technical characteristics of this model make it a domestic petrol saw, but it is well worthy to be called a semi-professional tool due to its reliability and endurance. With an engine capacity of 40.2 cc, it develops 1.9 kW. Fuel tank capacity 0.41 litres, tire length 38 cm. The design of this model was focused on extending service life and maximizing operator comfort.

Features include durable forged steel crankshaft, twin-ring piston, clutchless starting and a highly ergonomic design.

Weighing in at 4.6 kg, it is suited to a wide range of applications in the construction of a timber house or for making firewood.

Husqvarna 240

Low-maintenance and rugged saw capable of working efficiently for 3 to 4 hours a day. 1.5 kW engine and 300 ml fuel tank capacity allows operation with a guide bar up to 40 cm long. Enough to clear limbs and old trees from a yard and cut standard-diameter logs. At 4.7 kg the operator feels no fatigue or discomfort due to the well-balanced machine and comfortable, low-vibration handles. This model is equipped with a reinforced cylinder piston group, economical engine, electronic ignition, primer and chain catcher that reduces the risk of chain breakage injury.

Husqvarna 365

This model is a professional petrol chain saw designed for many hours of daily work without long breaks. Weighing just 6 kilograms, it generates 3.4 kW. It is successfully used in logging and other jobs that require high cutting speed. The 0.77 liter fuel tank has a clear fill level indicator for easy monitoring.

The heated carburetor allows use at extremely low temperatures.

The engine casing and efficient air cooling system reliably protect the engine from overheating at maximum loads. Husqvarna 365 is equipped with easy starting and vibration damping systems. With a bar length of up to 70 cm, even large trees can be cut.

The following is not a complete list of Husqvarna chainsaws and shows just how versatile this popular machine is. Due to its high quality construction and long service life, it is not a cheap saw. That is why it is better to buy the model you like from reliable dealers cooperating with the manufacturer’s official distribution network.

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