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How to properly work with an angle grinder: step-by-step instructions

Diverse jobs require safety precautions when working with an angle grinder. The machine is not without danger. During operations with different materials, sparks, abrasive particles, pieces of metal and broken discs can fly out, which is why the rules of work must be strictly observed. The angle grinder can escape from the hands as a result of jamming or disc breakage. Observe certain rules necessary before, during and after work.

  • Protect body parts. You must wear protective clothing, a mask or goggles, a respirator, gloves, in some cases, earplugs are needed.
  • Remove flammable objects and substances from the room. They should not be near the worker and along the flying sparks.
  • Check the disc for proper function. To do this, rotate it at maximum speed.
  • Secure the material to be treated with special devices or set on special supports. Never use your feet or hand to hold it.
  • Secure the safety guard of the angle grinder (install and adjust).

During the operation it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements

  • Hold the angle grinder firmly in your hand;
  • Stand out of the rotation plane of the disc;
  • Wait until the disc has stopped spinning completely before replacing it
  • Disconnect from the power supply after completing work and during breaks in operation;
  • Protect your eyes and face with goggles and a mask;
  • Wear protective gloves only.
  • Wait for the disc to stop turning;
  • Place the angle grinder with the disc upwards;
  • Disconnect from the power supply;
  • Make sure there are no ignition sources in the room or on site.

Where to use an angle grinder

I got a little distracted from what I wanted to write. About what you can and what you can’t cut with an angle grinder. And for what else can be used angle grinder (angle grinder).

Angle grinder are used for cutting and processing hard materials, as well as for grinding and polishing surfaces. Special tools are used for this. Few people know that there are bits for grinders, with which you can cut round holes, such as in ceramic tile.

In home improvement and repair, angle grinders are most often used just for cutting materials. It is also an excellent tool for sharpening drill bits or other cutting or cutting tools such as axes, knives, and chisels.


As I said above, it is up to everyone to choose which way to cut. There are no certain rules, and if one person feels comfortable for himself, it does not mean that the other should also be so convenient. Imposing your opinion on others is very wrong and selfish. In general, I think the idea conveyed, it is very interesting to hear your opinions on this subject, so write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев! ))

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As I said above, everyone has to choose which way to cut. There are no definite rules and if it is convenient for one to do it for himself it does not mean that it should be so for the other too. It is wrong and selfish to impose your own opinion on others. In general, I think the idea conveyed, it is very interesting to hear your opinion on the subject, so write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев! ))

One of the basic power tools, available in the arsenal of many men at home, we can call “angle grinder” (or angle grinder). This excellent multifunctional device, supplemented by a large number of attachments, can be used in almost any field. However, the main purpose of the angle grinder is the function of cutting. Below we understand what kind of tool it is, how to work properly with an angle grinder, what method of cutting is the most correct and what safety standards should be adhered to in this.

History and varieties of the tool

The origin of the angle grinder (angle grinder) dates back to 1954, and it was created by designers from Germany. The main purpose of the tool was grinding, cutting and deburring of various products (mostly metals). In the then Soviet Union, the machine was imported from the country of origin, Bulgaria. Hence the interesting name of the tool.

Angle grinders are classified according to size and power. There are:

What you can do with an angle grinder

Angle grinder, in common parlance angle grinder, can do many things.

The stronger the engine, the higher the professional class of the device. For ease of use, high-quality models are equipped with handles that can securely hold the tool during operation. Household models operate from an ordinary mains. Prof tool will need a three-phase power supply of 380 V.

Angle grinder can work with different materials: concrete, metal, wood, brick and ceramic, stone, plastics.

The versatility of this tool is justified by the introduction of various nozzles, each of which is designed for its own type of operation

For convenient operation, the angle grinder can be permanently secured to the work surface with a special fastener. Some models are equipped with disc speed control.

Circular saw blade with a small number of teeth

On a circular saw blade, the manufacturer has marked the maximum allowable RPM on the surface.

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A huge distance between the teeth makes working with wood more safe

which, angle, grinder

Such discs, except for wood, manage well with aerated concrete blocks.

Chain drive or cutter

This option of nozzle has a device that allows you to rotate the chain block even if it jams, eliminating the possibility of an unexpected jerk.

This cutter can be used to make notches in a log, remove bark, and cut complicated relief on the surface

In principle, you can saw with a chain disk, if it has a cross section of 23 cm, but such a tool will cost a lot.

General safety rules

To reduce the possibility of injury when working with an angle grinder, you need to handle this tool correctly. The following safety precautions should be observed:

  • Personal protective equipment must always be worn. The health of the operator must be in good condition.
  • Check that the cowl is securely in place before use to keep it from falling off and causing sparks to fly at the operator.
  • Use only whole discs without defects (cracks, chips, breaks) and strictly according to the intended use for a particular material.
  • A faceplate should be placed between the operator and the grinding wheel to provide protection if the wheel breaks.
  • Check idle runnability for about 1 minute before use: rotation uniformity at maximum speed, no vibration.
  • Inspect any attachments prior to use to determine their suitability for use.
  • Use asbestos or a damp cloth to protect from sparks anything that could ignite: oily rags, fuel and lubricants, paper, solvents, ropes.
  • Always hold the tool firmly in place to prevent it from coming loose.
  • If it is possible to regulate the speed of rotation, you should set the speed recommended for cutting or grinding work material.
  • Be very careful when cutting wood, because getting caught on a limb can cause the tool to jerk out of your hands.
  • Do not use circular saw heads because they are designed for a different spindle speed.
  • The tool must be held with both hands.
  • Before beginning work, remove all unnecessary material and make sure there are no objects on the cutting plane other than the workpiece to be machined.
  • Take regular breaks during work.
  • Switch off the tool immediately if the working tool jams.
  • Maintain a stable (balanced) body position.
  • The power cord must be kept away from the rotating part so as not to cut it or cause a short circuit.
  • Only when the wheel has come to a complete stop may you let go of the tool.
  • When moving around the workplace should turn off the angle grinder, you must also do this when turning off the supply voltage.
  • Cutting must be done only at full speed.

The safety measures outlined above have been developed by the manufacturers of angle grinders as well as by special organizations (services) involved in occupational safety activities.

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To ensure the safety of work, it is better to buy not the cheapest, high-quality materials from reliable manufacturers.

The person working with the angle grinder must be adequate and in a balanced psychological state.

Protective equipment used

The following personal protective equipment must be worn by the user while working with the angle grinder:

  • Mask or goggles that cover eyes on all sides;
  • Gloves made of thick cloth or leather;
  • Special footwear (solid, stable) and work clothing;
  • A respirator that will provide protection against the penetration of small particles into the respiratory organs when cutting concrete, glass or ceramic tiles, bricks, porcelain tiles, foam block, stone and other dusty materials.

Protective equipment is mandatory when working with an angle grinder. This helps to work more safely.

Safety Technique

To avoid injury during the working process with the angle grinder you need to adhere to the list of rules.

which, angle, grinder

Basic safety requirements:

How to cut granite using a grinder and diamond blade D I Y

  • Before starting work, it is recommended to check the ability to rotate the disc.
  • Check the sharpness of the bit. In the case of bluntness of the wheel, it should be replaced immediately, otherwise the tool may be subject to destruction.
  • Even with short-term use of the angle grinder, you should not neglect to equip your face and body with special protection. Especially it concerns the safety of the eyes, so you always need to work in goggles.
  • Avoid simultaneous contact with other people during the sawing process if possible, because if you get distracted there is a great risk of damaging your hands.
  • Do not immediately start cutting into the tiled surface. Wait for the wheel to turn at full speed.
  • The disc in operation should be directed in the opposite direction from the person making the cut.
  • It is not allowed to pull on the wire, so the distance must be controlled. It must not be more than half a meter.
  • Keep in mind that if the tool is correctly installed, it is capable of making the cut itself. Therefore, strong pressure on the cutter is avoided.

Working principle

No matter how different the angle grinder may look, but they operate on the same principle.

As soon as the start button is pushed, the motor is energized and the rotor is set in motion. From there, the rotation comes to the gear on the rotor shaft. The last one turns the axle ninety degrees through the big gearwheel. The gear wheel is locked inside the gear housing. It is the pinion that drives the cutting wheel through its rotation.

which, angle, grinder

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