Which way to unscrew

Many would agree that the unscrewing of the hub nut refers to such activities, which can be punished in court, too uncomfortable, it is difficult even a physically strong person with all the necessary tools set. Nevertheless, since it is not always possible to choose the easiest (option One, aka Main!). Sending the car to the service station, where they not only unscrew it, but also make the subsequent repair. Then you’ll have to deal with the task at hand, using the easiest and most effective way possible.

Yes, it is very possible that you are one of the lucky ones who will not need any extra effort, as the problem with unscrewing the hub nut may be simply a matter of choosing the wrong direction.

So, take a thumb screw and when your car is not new, try, if the nut is not secured, on the left wheel. Unscrew the nut clockwise, and on the right. Clockwise. On modern makes, you usually have to unscrew the hub counterclockwise both on the left and on the right.

Before proceeding to unscrew the hub nut, do not forget that it comes off when the car is standing on the wheels, and stops are placed under it. On the side where the nut will be unscrewed, a stop is securely installed.

If, however, the nut is deep and the brake disk is ventilated, you can try to unscrew (by fixing it with a strong screwdriver) and so on, but only if you make sure that the machine is securely backed up. Remember about personal safety: protect your eyes, do not be too zealous, because in the heat of passion you can accidentally hurt or damage the body of the car.

Unfortunately, in most cases it is not enough to use a thumbscrew with a big lever, you have to use additional tools and special mixes. Let’s consider other options.

Features of the location

To begin with, it should be said that the majority of cars motors are in the same position, so that they rotate correctly. And, the order of work will be common. In order to avoid rotation of the pulley generator, many recommend the use of improvised metal tools, which are inserted into the hole pulley and the oil pump.

But, it may also happen that the specified pump has such an arrangement, in which it can be damaged by certain parts in the process of removing the pulley.

In addition, it is made of aluminum and has very small dimensions, but the effort in work should be considerable. So you have to be very careful not to break the pulley.

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Grasp the wire cap with your hand as close to the engine as possible and pull gently toward you in order to remove the terminal from the plug. Do not yank, so as not to damage the cap or wire. Take the prepared socket wrench with extension cord and spark plug head, and use it to unscrew the old spark plug from its seat.

Only screw in the spark plug by hand so that you hit the thread exactly. Application of grease (graphite, copper, etc.) is not recommended. Д.) on the threaded part of the spark plug, because as it heats up and cools down, the presence of grease can help the threads get corked.

When you start working with a tool, the question always arises how much oil to add to gasoline for a chainsaw or grass trimmer. It is important to remember that for two-stroke engines the ratio is 1:50, t. Е. There is 100 ml of oil for every 5 liters of fuel.

How to unscrew a hub nut. A delicate method

  • Clean the threads of dirt, using a brush with metal bristles. Now soak the hub nut with penetrating grease. For example, WD-40.
  • Soak the hub with penetrating compound. For 10-15 minutes you can have a rest, and then you should put the spanner head on the nut and repeatedly hit it with a hammer, gradually increasing the impact force. Only do not overdo it: the meaning of this action in order to produce a slight deformation of the nut, due to this it will be easier to remove it. And immediately after the strokes, you should try to unscrew the hub nut on the VAZ or other car brand.

Put the wrench head on the hub nut, insert a screwdriver and put the tube on the handle. Slowly increasing the pressure applied, unscrew the part.

As experienced masters-automobilists say, not any hub nut will be able to resist for a long time, if you use “zilovskiy” balonik!

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Which way the camshaft bolt is unscrewed?

Most of the bolts and nuts in a car are very easy to unscrew. All you need to do is apply force, and the result will be a completed job. But, the situation can become much more complicated if we are talking about how to unscrew the crankshaft pulley bolt.

Which way to turn?

That is why, a lot of car enthusiasts are wondering which way to unscrew the crankshaft pulley bolt. If you also suffer from this dilemma, then now we will consider in detail the solution to this problem.

Unscrewing the pulley can be quite difficult

Peculiarities of the location

To begin with, it should be said that the majority of cars engines are located in the same position, thanks to which, they rotate correctly. And, the order of work will be common. In order to prevent the alternator pulley from turning, many recommend the use of improvised metal means, which are inserted into the hole of the pulley and the oil pump.

But it may also happen that the pump in question has an arrangement in which it can have certain parts damaged during the removal of the pulley.

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Besides, it is made of aluminum and has very small dimensions, but it requires a lot of effort to work. So, you have to be very careful not to break the pulley.

Classic methods

In fact, the standard methods of disassembly suggest two main ways.

The first method

In the first case, we will have to make a significant physical effort, so you need to focus on your own strength. We are talking about putting stones or special chocks under the wheels, which would not allow them to move during the work. The gear shift gearbox, if possible, should be set to maximum gear. The higher it is, the easier it will be for you to do the job. In third or lower gear, making a turn with your hands is next to impossible. But it is the hands that unscrew everything. To make this task easier for yourself, it is appropriate to use a lever that will reduce the effort required. In some cases, the length of the lever can be up to one and a half meters.

The second way

As for the second method, it involves putting the vehicle in neutral gear. Next, you need to install on the bolt a suitable size head with a piece of pipe, which, in turn, rests on the asphalt or concrete. Regular ground won’t be able to hold it. And here is the bolt itself is already unscrewed by means of the starter.

This saves a lot of effort and makes it possible to cope with the task the first time. The main thing is to take into account a reliable fixation of the pipe, so it does not pop out and not to damage anything around.

Take care not to lose the pulley key

But, in any case, the thread in this nut is correct, so unscrew it counterclockwise, with some exceptions, which we will now consider.

Reversing it can make it much more difficult to disassemble

But, it also happens that the motor runs, as they say, “in the other direction”.

It’s all about putting the motor with the belts to the right. So, they will turn in the opposite direction, that is, counterclockwise. This difference may seem insignificant, but it makes it very difficult to know how to unscrew the crankshaft pulley.

All the more so that a similar procedure may be required every hundred thousand kilometers of mileage. We are talking about the need to replace the timing belt. And this does not apply to extraordinary situations, such as packing replacement or other repair work.

For example, a bolt for seventeen can be tightened with up to one hundred and eighty-five Nm, which can be considered just a huge figure.

And to unscrew it, you will need even more force. The second method described above will not work, since the starter will rotate the engine in the other direction, tightening the bolt. The same result will be produced by the pressed brake pedal, since the transmission will be springing, but the bolt itself will remain in its place.

On some car modifications, there may be a window opposite the flywheel crown, through which many try to lock the system with an assembly tool or an ordinary crowbar with a thin tip. But you can blow out the crankcase or injure yourself badly.

The pulley itself has a special cutout for the proprietary hex key. But, such wrenches are quite expensive, because they need to be ordered, not just purchased at the market.

After that, you can proceed to further work, for example, the replacement of the timing belt

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Making a tool

But nothing is impossible. You can build the right tool yourself. You need to buy a heating locknut for 54, so that the internal thread diameter was thirty-nine millimeters, and the width did not exceed ten millimeters. Now it is important to grind its edges by one and a half millimeters, and then weld a flat handle, the length of which is near the mark of twenty centimeters. That’s it, the tool for work is completely ready.

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Some pulleys have corners that have edges with a slight rounding, so that it is possible to saw a little bit on the nut, which are reciprocal parts.

Many drivers weld a piece, which was previously sharpened, to VAZ spanner for crankshaft nut, to get a universal tool, suitable for most modern cars. In addition, such a handle is quite convenient to lean on the drive shaft of the front axle wheel.

Having unscrewed a bolt with a standard seventeenth head with an extender and a strong thumb screw, continue the work. Let’s not forget the basic safety rules. So, in order to prevent the wrench from slipping, you need to put the extension cord on a stand that won’t pop out and break. Sometimes, you don’t even need to dismantle the wheel when working like this. Exceptions appear only when the car is equipped with large-diameter tires (as indicated by inscriptions on the tires), which exceed the dimensions of the regular. Then they take up more space in the arches. And, you will have to remove them, or use a wrench with a cardan joint.

Which way to unscrew the nuts on the wheels

At first glance, the problem of how to change a wheel on a car does not seem complicated. However, here, as in any multi-step process, there are stages, nuances and necessary tools. Seasoned motorists, of course, know how to unscrew a car wheel and change it, while novice drivers only acquire the skills to solve this problem.

Preliminary steps and tools

Knowing how to change the wheel on the car by yourself is necessary, because the help in this process is not always around. For example, if a puncture occurred on a country highway, maintenance and repair of cars with the help of car service centers is not available.

The first preparatory stages depend on where the wheel is replaced. In any case it is necessary to check if the car is with handbrake, otherwise it is called a parking brake. If the car is on the road, you should first roll it to the side of the road and put up a sign of an emergency stop. It is also advisable to shift to first gear for safety and sound the alarm.

What the driver must have in his luggage compartment?

In addition to the above actions, there are a number of preventive measures in case you need to replace the wheel:

  • In the trunk or on the body of the car must be present spare. Its absence can cause a lot of problems, especially in a deserted place.
  • As the tools will require a jack and a wheel wrench.
  • A pump is needed to inflate the tire, and a pressure gauge to measure the tire pressure is also needed.
  • It is useful to have wheel chocks or wheel chocks, a hammer for them and protective clothing (gloves, coat) as protection against dirt.

All devices, especially the jack, which will be under considerable strain, must be of high quality. It should be noted that the tools that came with the machine when it was purchased are not always of proper quality.

Steps before replacing a wheel

Having made sure that the car stands firmly and is not going to move anywhere, it is necessary to fix its position with clamps or chocks, which are installed under the wheels, which do not require changing. For this purpose, you can use pieces of brick or stakes. If the car is on the ground, the wedges are hammered in with a hammer.

The solution to the question of how to unscrew the nuts on the wheel, has its own specifics. The thing is that before lifting the car with a jack you need to loosen a little thread fastening with a ballon key literally a half-turn. The spare wheel is placed next to the car, but not leaning against it due to the increased likelihood of scratches on the body.

The jacking-up is one of the crucial phases. The main misstep of the beginners during this procedure is incorrect installation of the upper support mechanism. There are special recesses at the bottom of the machine for the jack’s support. Their position and shape vary from model to model, so consult the manual if you have any difficulty finding them. If they are not used when lifting, the procedure will inevitably lead to damage to the threshold. Then you will have to visit a service station or a straightener. The lifting process takes place until the wheel is lifted off the pavement, when nothing interferes with its rotation. The classic height is five centimeters between the bottom edge and the surface.

Wheel replacement and reinforcement stage

After the lifting process is complete, the question arises: how to remove the wheel? Unscrew the nuts or bolts with a wheel wrench and tighten them back on after replacing the old wheel with the new one. The main thing. Carry out the process, not hurrying and accurately, so there is no displacement of the car from the jack. Important! There must not be any passengers in it. Do not fully tighten the nuts until the car is lowered. A wheel that is to be mounted can be aligned in different ways during fitting: by means of studs or guides.

The old tire is put in place of the new one, for example in the trunk. After removing the wheel retainers, use a manometer to check the pressure in the tire, which should not be less than 2 bar. If not, it must be inflated. Then the nipple is checked for air leaks. To do this, the hole is poured with water, the indicator of its tightness is the absence of air bubbles coming out.

It should be noted that the dismounted wheel can still be useful. For consultation, it should be taken to the service station, where a specialist will decide on the possibility of restoring the rubber.

Often the novice motorist has the problem of which way to unscrew a wheel bolt or nut. Confusion in this matter arises rather women, always forgetting about the application of the rule of the drill in practice: unscrewing generally occurs counterclockwise, although there are rare exceptions.

About wheel removal and the peculiarities of the spare

So, when solving the problem, how to change a tire on the car, the responsible moments are the correct installation of a jack and the replacement itself. Naturally, the spare must match the size of the car wheel. Many models are equipped with the so-called dokatku, which at low speed (no more than 80 km / h) can be used to drive to the nearest service station.

If you understand in detail how to remove the wheel, it immediately becomes clear that a number of nuances depends on the specific mounting of the disk. For example, if you have special caps, you must first remove them. It should be noted that it is useless to do it in the air, because the wheel will spin, which makes it much more difficult to work with a tight joint.

What to do if you can’t remove a wheel?

Sometimes a wheel gets stuck after all connections are unscrewed. In this case, you need to put one of the nuts back in place and tap it with a hammer. Then try removing the wheel again. By removing it, the tire and the old rim are removed. It is secured to the hub with clamping nuts. The process of working with a wheel wrench is as follows. At the stage of loosening the nuts or bolts, you need to put a slight pressure on the tool with your foot, if the unscrewing is tight.

When a wheel must be changed?

Sooner or later, if you use your vehicle a lot, you will have to replace the wheel. If you want to save finances, time and / or be calm in extreme situations, you need to know the rules of how to change a tire on the car, as well as the signs of a punctured tire:

Knocking out the nut

This method is similar to the previous, only you can use a suitable metal rod or chisel. After locking the head of the spindle, tap on the edges of the clamp holes in the direction of the wheel. Slightly moving the retainer from the dead point, you will be able to unscrew it by hand. However, the method is not the most harmless for the tool. The mounting holes for a standard wrench are damaged.

It will not be difficult to remove the damaged disc with the help of a wrench made of a nail. According to experts its optimum size is not less than 100 mm. First the nail must be bent into a U-shape. It is important that the distance between its ends corresponds to the two holes in the flange.

Then use a hacksaw to carefully cut the head and tip out of the “honeysuckle”. Now you can insert a self-made wrench into the flange, fix the spindle and unscrew the mount. If it so happens that the nut is too tight, you need a larger lever. It is necessary to insert between the two vertical ends another “honeycomb”.

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After you have purchased a trimmer for grass and began to use them intensively, at some point there will be a question of replacing the line, as this is the most wearing element in the tool, the intense use of trimmer for grass will lead to frequent substitution of consumables.


Now consider ways for those who do not rely on the help of physics, but wants to solve the problem with chemistry. In your lab should be: kerosene, white spirit, acidified sulfuric acid, zinc, plasticine, a hammer, water, sandpaper, a wrench, a chisel.

We moisten the nut and bolt with kerosene (experienced people recommend to make a mixture of White Spirit and kerosene), putting a swab to them, no difference, cotton or gauze. After some time, from an hour to a day, and with repeated attempts, you may find that the hub nut can be unscrewed easily. But even here you can not do without force: at a minimum, you will probably have to work with sandpaper to clean the parts of rust. If it still does not work, use a hammer to tap on the flanks of the hub nut.

If even in this case you are not successful, make a small container of plasticine, fix it on top of the hub nut, pour water with sulfuric acid in it, put zinc in the container. A chemical reaction sets in, which works very well on the rust. Usually a day is enough to make even an old rusty part disappear. Finish it off with a wrench. But this method is valid only if the reason is that the nut is permanently stuck and/or corroded, and if it is elementary overtightened, neglecting the required tightening torque (to “be sure”), then you only need to mend it.

What’s the bottom line.

As you can see, unscrewing the hub nut is not an easy task, but it can be done. Note that you should first try to save the hub nut by using penetrating liquids like Vedeshka. The physical effort to twist the hub should be moderate. And you should of course refrain from strong impacts and red-hotting with a torch, as they can destroy not only the nut but also the bearing.

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