Cutting machine drawings. Materials and tools

Buy a single-phase or three-phase electric motor 1.5-2 kW. You also need two pulleys, a shaft, bearings 204 or 205, a metal angle, sheet steel 2-4 mm thick. When all this is assembled, the actual fabrication of the machine begins.

In this article we will look at the construction of a machine based on an electric motor

Blueprints can do yourself, using material from the Internet, or use ready-made, such as these. But experience shows that it is better to adapt the drawings to those materials that you have in your possession. As a rule, the design made by your own hands, works best when you “fit” them to you. Naturally, it is necessary to observe certain rules and requirements, which are put forward for the tool of increased danger, such as a circular saw or a pendulum saw, both homemade and industrial.

Most metal cutting machines, which are made by their own hands, belong to the pendulum type. Belt machines are more complex in the manufacture, but they can be made in a small workshop or metalworking shop. For now, let’s focus on the most convenient kind of cutting machine. a circular saw. The general design can be seen at

It consists of several basic units:

How to choose a crosscut saw?

In order not to make a wrong choice when choosing a crosscut saw, it is necessary not only to compare technical parameters, but also to understand how this tool works. The gearbox is responsible for the transmission of the motor’s rotary motion. There are three variants: toothed gearing. Disadvantages: noise, appreciable tool vibrations, repair only in the service center. Belt drive Plus: less noise and vibration during work. Disadvantages: belt breakage is not included in the repair of the warranty, the consumable will have to find and change by yourself. Saws without a gearbox Pros: duration of work. Disadvantages: Low torque. Engine The installed engine determines many things: speed, maintainability, and overload level. Asynchronous motor Pros: less noise, long working time. Disadvantages: low power, high weight. Collector motor Pros: high torque and performance. Disadvantages: regular maintenance. Reciprocating motor Pros: high torque, quiet operation, long service life, no reaction to moisture, dust or other external factors. Cons: High price. Power Power is a key technical parameter. There are models from 800W to 2500W on the market. The most popular. trimmers 1600W and 1800W. They have enough power for both home work and production work. What gives more power to the saw:

  • Thicker and harder workpieces can be taken to work;
  • The risk of overload or overheating is reduced;
  • The more power, the bigger diameter of the saw blade;
  • the weight of the tool itself increases, what reduces the mobility of the tool.

RPM A high RPM gives a clean cut without splinters, chips, and chipping. Professional package crosscut saws have a speed of 4000-5000 rpm. Especially popular are the models with adjustable rpm. This makes the tool more versatile and less prone to overload or overheating. Circle size Each package crosscut saw has its own drive diameter for circular saw blades: 16, 20, 25.4, 30, 32.The saws are also designed for specific maximum outside diameter of the disc: you can buy crosscut saws 210, 255, 305 mm. The thicker the workpiece, the larger the diameter of the saw blade.

  • Trimmers with disc up to 250 mm are designed for home DIY and DIY applications.
  • Blades of 250 mm and larger for professional use in industry or construction.

Features of operation

For ease of use, it is recommended that a work table or workbench be set up in advance. It is desirable that such a table is adjustable in height, had sufficient space for storing workpieces and sawn parts.

Even for compact home models the working table area should be around 8 square meters. м. Approximate size. 2×4 meters. This makes it possible to saw workpieces up to 3 meters in size.

When using the pendulum saw it is necessary to monitor the safety, close the safety shutters and use personal protective equipment. This is very important, because when sawing wood or metal from under the blade the fine wood or metal chips fly out. When sawing metal pieces keep easily inflammable liquids and materials away from the work table, as glowing metal particles can cause a fire.

DIY metal pendulum saw

Pendulum saw for metal with their own hands. very simple and great

pendulum saw saw, socket saw is a circular saw mounted on a frame and driven by electric current. Factory products have in their own design a special turntable, which allows you to use the saw as a jigsaw. the loaf has long been the prerogative of large farms, and the queen of the fields of small farms and homesteads. potatoes; instructions for making with their own hands an opener for potatoes on a mini-tractor. But this function is not always needed, that’s why the homemade pendulum saw can do without the turntable.

Handmade cutting machine. pendulum saw for metal.

Handmade cutting machine. all questions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

To work with different materials, you need to use different cutting elements. For example, to work with metal, you need to use a special cutting disc, which can be taken from an angle grinder, and for sawing wood you need a disc from a circular saw. Homemade pendulum saw, made by the craftsman with his own hands: photo, detailed description, as well as video, which shows the saw in operation. Photo of a band saw for wood, If sharpening or perform repairs with their own hands on. That is, you don’t need additional equipment to work with different tools, for example, from a saw by metal quickly turns out pendulum Wood saw. with your own hands you can replace the cutting element in minutes.

How to make a pendulum saw their own hands?

First of all, you need to buy a motor. It can be any 1-phase electric motor, for example, from an electric grinder. It is also possible to take a 3-phase, but its power must be higher than that of a 1-phase. STIHL chain saw 180 and DIY Repairs. Rotation of the engine to the spindle of the cutting unit can be transmitted by belt transmission, for example, a car V-belt.

Wood pendulum saw

Previously made a wood-cutting machine, but I would like the same but for wood. Really, this tool is irreplaceable for work with metal with a cutting wheel, but to work with wood it is necessary to give to the saw also a longitudinal movement. So I had to make another version.

The design of the second pendulum saw, in comparison with the first, has the following additional possibilities:- longitudinal motion is carried out;- the electric motor is fixed on a bracket and is capable of moving along the frame in order to carry out belt tensioning and not to depend on one size of the belt length;- the saw can be turned around the axis and set the angle from 0″ to 45°, which is sometimes necessary during the manufacture of some types of joinery studs;- the saw can be fixed from rocking in any position;- there is a stop that allows to set the sawing depth.

Drawing of the wood pendulum saw

Figure 1 shows a general view of the pendulum saw without the belt guards and circular saw.

The machine consists of the following main units:- Frame (pos.1) is installed into the bushing of the carriage and fixed after balancing (the balancing should be performed with the electric motor and protective guards installed).

Figure 2 shows the assembled carriage consisting of: body (pos.1). strut (pos.2), axis (pos.H), clamps (pos.4, 2 pcs.), bushings (pos.5, 6 pc.), angle bars (pos.6 and 7, 2 pcs.), bearings N180501 GOST 8882-75 or N80203 GOST 7242-81 (pos.8, 6 pc.).

The carriage body (Fig.З). welded. Frame consists of a base (pos.2) 240×240 mm dimensions, made of 5 mm steel sheet; the strut (pos. 4, channel, 5 L=210 mm.); support angle (pos. 3); bushings (pos. 1 ) and angle bar (pos. 4), designed for fixation of the frame fixation clamp of the piepa.

Components for the carriage body and post (Fig.4), as in the figures of some other units are not shown, because all dimensions are given in the “assemblies”.

BOPT M12x14 (photo).4, pos.4) serves as a limiter of the cutting depth.

In the photo of the screen you can see the protective shields of rubber, preventing sawdust from getting on the guides of the machine.

wood, pendulum, their, hands

Drawings 2, 3, 4. You can not download files from our server Download link for wood pendulum saw blueprints.

Creation of a pendulum machine with their own hands

It is enough to make a frame from a channel and angle bar, as a working tool you can use an ordinary circular saw, fixing it on the bed.

The saw frame is easy enough to cut, install the two T-jointed profiles, connecting them in pairs. To them weld the base of the pendulum. Often a solid 12 mm thick metal plate is used as the substrate, in which case the hole for the saw blade is simply cut or drilled. You need a drill press.

After that, it is necessary to make rims under the bearings for the pendulum, for this purpose it is best to apply to a lathe shop. After turning you also need welding.

You will also need a milling machine and a drill press during the construction of the pivot and pendulum parts.

Do not forget about the shrouds, for their manufacture it is best to use sheet metal thickness of 0.8-1 mm. Cutting is made by prefabricated patterns, and then spot-welded.

It is worth calculating all the necessary operations and metal consumption in advance.

In the course of machining and workpieces are used:

  • Gas cutter, cutting base metal, blanks of pendulum and frame.
  • Screw lathe, for turning pins and cages.
  • Milling machine, to process the edges of the workpieces and milling some parts of the pendulum.
  • The drill press.
  • Welding transformer.

In general it turns out that the cost of independent production of the frame for the pendulum saw is high, it would require the efforts of the whole repair-mechanical workshop. In some cases, it is worth it, sometimes not. The price is too high.

Sometimes it is easier and more efficient to buy a prefabricated tool. This would save time and money.

A dugout in the woods with your own hands. Stove made of clay and stone

Making the frame for the saw

For the base we used a 10-mm-thick fiberboard. First we used the jigsaw to cut a circle 20 cm in diameter and deburred the edges.

Connecting the feet

The four legs serve to elevate the base above the surface. Each one was made of 1/2″ PVC pipe. For a more elegant appearance, each leg has been cut at a 24-degree angle.Then all four legs were evenly glued to the bottom of the wood fiberboard frame.

Preparing the base for the cutting arm

A wooden block serves as a base for mounting the lever. It is 2.5 cm thick, 5 cm long, and cut at a 25 degree angle. This block was then sanded and glued to the bottom of the frame.

Support for the cutting arm

We used a 10mm square aluminum tube. Two pipes were cut at an angle of 25 degrees and their length was 60 mm.They were then fastened to the wooden bar with centimetre wood screws.

Cutting lever and handle

The handle is made from the same aluminum profile tube. First prepare a 25 cm section. Then, one of its edges is ground rounded inward, so that the PVC pipe handle can be firmly glued to it.Then the cutting lever is fastened between the supports with a screw, screwed through the drilled holes. The other end of the bolt is secured with two nuts.


Trimmer. an effective tool in woodworking. As it is easy to make “bevel joints” with these saws, they are called mitre mitre saws. They are used in baguette shops, furniture factories. Cut-off model with a replaceable saw blade can be used to process not only wood but also plastic and non-ferrous metals, particularly aluminum. Cutting wood, aluminum and plastic at different angles is required in interior finishing and construction.

  • Base your choice of mitre saw on its power. High power ensures uninterrupted operation. But more power always means more weight and more space. Manufacturers choose the optimal ratio. That’s why 1.6 kW is more than enough power for most models.
  • The next characteristic. rotational speed. The best speed is close to 6 000 rpm. RPM of some saws is adjustable. This ability gives excellent results in different materials.
  • Like all circular saws, these saws differ in blade size. The size of the blade affects the cutting depth. Cutting depths from 40 to 130 mm. kerf width can be from 70 to 363 mm, this figure, except the disc diameter, is influenced by design features of the working table of a crosscut saw.

they are divided into professional and home use. Their depend on the capacity and producer and you can find the right tool for any requirement in our search.

Before you do any work on the saw, make sure it is switched off and unplugged.

Trimmer saws are a class of circular saws. Their cutting tool is a disk. But they are quite different from the disk ones. First of all, the disc is fixed on the machine. Guide and auxiliary devices of the machine turn the blade at the required angle. Cutting blade can be rotated horizontally or vertically.

Carpenters know that when making skirting boards and mouldings they need to cut at an angle or crosscut. This work must be carried out with great accuracy, because we are talking about making a connection to the miter. A crosscut saw can do the job. Profiles. including wide workpieces. are no problem.

The mitre saw is often called a crosscut saw. You may also hear such a name. trimming and mitre saw. This tool is used primarily for work with wood. If appropriate attachments are used, it is possible to work soft metals, plastic, thin sheet iron. What such processing implies? Sawing workpieces at right or specified angles, as well as at an angle. That is, the part can be sawn in half, the end of the board can be cut at a certain angle and its end can be aligned. In addition, it is also used for tapping from the material. It is used today in assembly and finishing work. In joiner’s workshops it is used to make door cases, window frames or furniture, not to mention the factories that specialize in their production. Cutting of finishing materials: moldings, skirting boards, baguettes is also a task of trimming. It is often used for laying floors. Using a metal trimmer, cut profile pipes. Wide range of applications results in a huge range of models at various price levels. About what characteristics to pay attention to, we will talk in this article.

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